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About The 80’s

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80s MusicI lived through them. I remember the period like it was yesterday,
the span was 1980-1981 and I was in the 5th grade.

When Ronald Reagan was president and Richard Pryor was still LIVE,
when going to a Drive-In Movie Theater was still a cool weekend vibe.

Yes, I remember a lot ABOUT The 80’s and I remember it well.
When “Girls just want to have fun’ was an airwaves spell.
When MTV’s music was limit-free and the channel: revolutionary,
it’s breakout beginning lead us to Rap being introduced by Fab 5 Freddy.

I do remember – yes! I was there.
We rocked jerry curls and curly perms – I loved big hair;
it was a time when cigarettes lawfully burned amidst the indoors air.

It wasn’t fair, but the 50’s made it seem cool,
to request a ‘no smoking’ section then – was to be ‘acting a fool.’

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay would do it to the max,
and I was hospitalized for wheezing and asthma attacks.

Things have changed since I was a grade school adolescent lady,
I can’t help but break a smile when I think ABOUT The 80’s.

There was Boy George, Lisa-Lisa and Cult Jam and Michael Jackson hype.
There was Salt n Pepper, Big Daddy Cane and my main girl MC LYTE.

I remember when a prerequisite for rapping was a unique vocabulary.
I was queen of words for all to have heard – things I loved ABOUT The 80’s.

Girls were popping and boys were girl-crazy.
Music was romantic and we dreamt of making babies.

Now that’s the part, I’m glad is gone – the music industry was crazy.
Sex stayed on our mind. Those darn romantic 1980’s.

YO! MTV Raps hit the scene in the 80’s and knocked a hole in the rock video game.
I was impressed with the Rap address, but the loss of rock and roll – I felt, was lame.

Yes I was a stone cold rocker. I liked it all. If it rebelled, I rocked.
But when MTV took on rap – it wound up rocks TV clock.

There used to be one commercial that would start my school morning beat,
where various music stars would decry: “I want my MTV”.

There was nothing like head banging music – MTV would call out to my eyelids.
Rock and Roll would wake me up – no coffee cup… I had the coolest of parents.

Salt n’ Pepa formed my high school years and of course I became a rapper.
My words so clean; intellect mean– screw fashion, my mind was dapper.

Dapper is a word yielded to men that are high end in their fashion style.
My mind crossed barriers so clean and so tough, even they admired my wields.
Oooo child.

It was all About The 80’s. I graduated from high school in 1989.
Bold in taste a literary in your face, I entered society and all was fine.

College followed immediately after, but not before I fell in love – yo!
For in 1990 cupid yielded my honey deep in love with my HS beau,
and so…

WhenI think About The 80’s. The Thriller of good music comes to mind,
fonder days that have passed away, still bear a brand new shine.

No matter where I am in life, or what I’m doing on my grind,
I’m Qui
and when I think About The 80’s nothing but good comes to mind.

If you missed the 80’s because you weren’t born, feel free to fashion the day.
Life is meant to be purposeful, sure, after a good run of love and play.

Speaking of re-living the 80’s, let it not involve politics.
While the music and cable shows were amazing – that other stuff was lame and sick.

Let’s get back to the days of surplus!
Let’s get back to EXPRESSING ART and free hugs.
You can start with big hair but most importantly let’s start with showing more love.
Me first:


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Quenching Dry'ness

MTV is not the only “G” filming parties — Qui Films is reeling “no forgetters”.
This weekend we filmed Crazy HYPE scenes at a Black Light Quinceanera.

You’ve never been to one before? They’re quite the ‘party hard‘ spark.
TEENS jammin’ – SWAG slammin’ and HIGHLIGHTER writing in the dark.

Graffiti ruled the walls, as did a bus load of dancing flirts.
We didn’t get lost (in the dark), the writing was on their T-shirts:

DaBrat wasn’t at the party, but she kept it ‘rock steady
No doubt we jammed her new joint: “FAB 5 FREDDY”.

Had you heard of it? We’re jamming it right now.
Click HERE (if it doesn’t auto play) – then bump it loud!

Norris J wasn’t at the party, but we still delight in giving him love.
Norris J went to Altanta last week in support of the FOX’s: DOVE.

He showed up and rocked the Pre Party and all in the building had to agree,
By the end of the night – comments did highlight: Norris J is “THE COOLEST” MC.

Oooo Wee!

How REFRESHING was my weekend? My weekend was dope,
I’m Qui
GOOD TIMES always come in three and not one sip of Coke.