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Surprise Mother-For-Ya

In News on March 23, 2015 at 8:52 pm

Yes, I’m always up for a good laugh
however, today I almost ran out of gas.

Not out of gas in the vehicle but out of energy in my tank.
I’m grateful to God that we’re cool, though Murphy’s Law is to thank.

Today I hoped to hop a flight from this Bore-Folk, Virginia scene
back into Phoenix, Arizona — to a “homier me,”

but that didn’t happen.
No SOUTHWEST bird was flappin’

and me and my crew are duly stuck.
We didn’t get the news until we turned in the rental truck.

Seems our pending layover in Chi-Town was overrun with snow,
and there ain’t no flight out of Norfolk for us — no ‘mo.

airplane divider
Oh no!
I do love Surprises!

I’m good. We have tomorrow or the next day to journey again,
I’m Qui
Always up for a good laugh, because Murphy in VA is my friend.

School is OUT – Again

In Communication, Griot on June 3, 2011 at 9:49 pm

Yippee! Hooray!
I get to see my kid all day. lol!

Okay, I’m happy –it’s true,
but teenage conversation (sometimes) is like: Ooo.

She’s 13 going on 14 and ready for 9th grade.
She’s moody, cranky and blinking out on: behave.

Sounds like menopause, but I assure you – she’s just getting started.
And going a few conversational rounds with her, is not for the serenity hearted.

So School is OUT – Again, and work is just picking up.
I’m down for sharing the filming duties and divvying her a cut.

Murphy’s Law has crept back onto the scene, and is slow to exit right.
My guys car broke down a week ago and my mom’s car broke down tonight.

My own car is on the fritz — suffering from “no gas’itis“.
I don’t “Gas Station budge” – so the ride won’t nudge;
therefore, I do not drive it. lol! 🙂

Thank God School is OUT – Again and I do not have to car port.
Like I said before, buying gas is a chore & I am a resistant sport.

The good news is: it’s FRIDAY NIGHT and what’s forbidden is to ‘wince on a whim’,
I’m Qui
Feeling good about the future in my hood – for tomorrow I’ll be knee deep in film.