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Doing BAD all by themselves

In Communication, Griot, Politics on December 19, 2011 at 1:03 pm

So Newt’s no longer new; he’s reached the point of slipping in the poles.
The entertaining Herman Cane lasted longer at reigns – truth in politics to be told.

It all looks like fools gold.
The game is to be sold and not told;

Thus President Obama’s administrative game is still in tact.
It’s about the wisdom of a man and not whether he’s white or black.

But Congress is divided down the middle in party sums.
The Dems yield compromise and the Republicans give none.

Those elephants are bent on making a wise man a ‘one term player’.
In their attempt to tie his hands – he emerges the ignorant slayer.

Well HEYA! – this morning Ron Paul is heading up the poles.
His vision is consistent… If only it could seriously be sold.

Repubs are playing musical chairs with their candidates (who are) seeking to lead:
Surging poles, deflate and swoll in likeability from week to week.
Ooo Wee. Who will it be?

Mitt is playing and still waiting to take the lead someday.
He’s hoping he’ll be the last man standing on nominee day.

However, Mitt will have to be patient. It’s all about patience y’all.
For Mondays polls clearly show – the party is now digging Dr. Paul.

Will Michele Bachmann come back around? Perhaps Jon H. will?
Do the Republicans know what they want? Really. What’s the deal?

The switching of the FRONT RUNNER title – isn’t fairing well,
and will likely shoot the Republicans chances of winning straight to hell.

They don’t need a Democrats PAC Team or anyone else to cause political campaign hem,
I’m Qui
their in-house counter attacks of character lack are being hurled by: them – to: them.