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Perhaps we met in a past life…

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What is it that keeps us attracted to a persons spirit long after our physical relationship has ended? What then keeps you connected and caring for them years after you have both gone your way?

I ponder such things because one of my closest and most dear friends within whom I trust, was initially my boyfriend when I was 15, in the 10th grade and we are tight today – as if 10th grade yesterday. Like myself, he was an honor student and I had a crush on his brain. Today, I am happy to report that his brain is still quite attractive and somehow he is still single. We broke up because he was insubordinate to one of our academic instructors and stormed out of the building during a standardized testing session. I threatened that if he exited those doors, it would be over between us. He proceeded to exit and we were officially over.  We weren’t romantic so I was referring to our friendship. Boy, was I ever wrong?

So, the other day I was talking to him (whom I refer to as a best friend), and I casually inquired as to ‘why we get along so well,’ he confidently responded, “because we met before, in a past life.”

Do what? What an interesting thing to say, and what’s more, I think he may be right. We have an unspoken vibe. I am not a person that trusts easily, and I always lead with my gut. My solar plex is rarely disturbed when he is in my presence via phone or in person. I don’t ever have to “put on” for him. I’d like to think that he’s ultra fantastic and that’s why we click like we do. But I know several ultra fantastic people and I do not click with them like I click him.

What is this “past life” business? Do you ever wonder if you had one?


I have been with the same partner since I was 17-years old.
We learned of each other when our self-worth was weightier than gold.

We knew no shame so we bared our true souls.
I wonder if we had a past life, that my conscience doesn’t know?

He’s a cool dude and we have the most innocent of begins.
He’s also cool with my ex-beau being one of my best friends.

I feel an Infinity spin.


Not long ago I met a man at Senior Taco who was about eighty years old,
I chatted-him-up like I knew him; he called me an old soul.

Before I left the restaurant he asked me if we knew each other followed by wide eyes.
I responded off-the-cuff, “Perhaps we did good sir – in another lifetime.”

He stood in awe. I smiled, got into my car an drove away.
That run-in has vividly stuck with me until this very day.

What made me say that? I didn’t foresee it.
What made him stand there in recollect? As if he did believe it.

Hm. Interesting indeed. Yesterday draws  a smile and yields me wide-eyed,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, on you I am sweet. Perhaps we met in a past life.


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FAMILY News can be a CIRCUS

IRANIAN officials shot down a U.S. drone?
Weren’t we forbidden to fly in their zone?
Dear Mr. Air Force… what has gone wrong?
They’ve got a drone in their clutches —
Is it one of our own?

Moving on –> it is noted that Herman Cain is throwing in the towel
After “the blow up” in his face about being “mistress buck wild“.
Ooo child – he thought it was cute and leaked the story himself:
that he approached and conquered pussy by flashing restaurant wealth.
Common game – but not stealth.

Oh well — we live and we learn.
Newt G is the latest UP for a burn.

A leader is all that the GOP yearns,
though 2012 isn’t looking like their comeback turn.

Mitt is fighting Newt; and Newt is in the shade.
His poll numbers are up and seemingly out of a rut,
so he’s drinking his own kool aid.

The election is definitely a sport and the Cowboys lost yesterday.
Though I’m here in The Zone,
where the Cardinals roam

I wore my Cowboy gear anyway.

It’s a new week already and I’m truly feeling good
I hooked up with my 20-year-old daughter this weekend in my hood.

She brought with her a girlfriend in tow,
They’re pretty constant in dating – “an item” you know?

And so we had a blast! My ex boyfriend from TX also stopped by
as if Arizona was around the corner — I appreciate him coming nigh.

We had breakfast at THE GOOD EGG and I picked up the tab.
The service was quirky, the utensils were dirty and the food was bland & drab.

It’s all good, I need to cut my fast food calories in half anyway.
I’m Qui
All IN the FAMILY‘S business & bidding you a PROSPERITY FAT day.