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Good Morning TECH Monday

In Communication, Griot, News on January 24, 2022 at 4:04 am


Good Morning TECH Monday! What is the recipe for today?
Sure we’ve got a bit a work to do, but there’s always time to play.

The weekend was long, it made me strong; I covered quite a few miles.
Today comes with ease and a warm breeze. Today I’ll focus on “those automated smiles.”

Come sit with me a while. Today, I am in a zone, indeed.
I’ve got family and love —  as well as favor from the Man above
it feels good to be Qui.

Ooo wee, and then there’s “thee.” I did miss you so.
Tell me whatcha been up to, the destinations of your to and fro.

How’s life treating you today and what have you got planned for tomorrow?
I’m brimming with sunshine, and drunk off life, like it’s wine –
If you need electrifying energy, I’ve got quite a bit that you can borrow.

Hey-ey! Good Morning TECH Monday. I welcome your motions, dear baby.
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