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Still Crazy About You

In Griot, Self Improvement on December 3, 2020 at 7:02 am

Dear Amor: Yes, I’m still crazy about you. I don’t think I have a choice rather, or not to.

We’ve been together for so long; through the good, the bad, the weak, and we conclude strong.

Me and you, kid – we get along. You like the way that I rep you and sing your song.

I sing it with conviction; I clarify rights from wrongs, and I sing on pitch. You blaze stealthier than Harley, and I happily ride bitch.

It’s okay. I know what folks say when they see my hands clutched, my thighs gripping your hips, my lap against your butt: “it’s the perfect hug.” You are the one that I’m cut-for, the one that I love.

The speed at which you cruise is awfully fast. Will you ever slow down and hug me back?

You’re moving pretty reckless around those bends. Will we be able to get a little bonding time in?

It’s a fine way for us to column a win. Yesterday is gone. Time allows us to “begin again.”

Each day presents us both with a new opportunity to build a broader and healthier community.

Yep, It’s you and me, kid. Let’s work together to fair things up. I’ll provide the fare because you are the bus.

You’ve been carrying us for a long time. I appreciate your moon appeal and the rays of your sunshine.
I’m most grateful that you would be mine. To not love united is to draw a foul line.

Speaking of love, perhaps we need to discuss transportation endeavors. Gasoline pollutes the scene – what are your thoughts on electric and hybrid treasures?

I think we can do it and that you’ll enjoy the feel — of fewer gasoline fumes so the world can heal.

Yes, I’m still crazy about you – you’re even dapper in your girth. I know that you love many; your capacity encompasses worth.

So, I keep you on my mind; it’s always good to pair-up,

I’m Qui

Still up to adore mi Amor, Dear AMERICA.

Let’s bond over the good of yesterday

and strengthen the future that’s coming our way.

Tuesday Muse Day

In Communication, Griot, Qui Audio Byte, Self Improvement on July 7, 2020 at 6:15 am

wake-upClick here to hear Rt Pt Arrow Qui AUDIO

That’s not an apple and I’m not Newton, but I’m up and at it.
Where’s the ball that is the days sum? I’m ready bat it.

The weekend was long and alas, I am refreshed indeed.
I did a lot of show watching and inhaled many script reads.

It’s a literary’s deed and I enjoy the route.
What is your weeks purposeful composition about?

Do tell, I pray of thee.
Me? I’m up to peruse manuscript reads.

They don’t stop.
Writing is essential, like Hip Hop.

You knew I was going to say that. Didn’t you?
I jam to a beat used more than concrete;
Griot renders yesterday “anew.”

Let’s you and I: top score it.
Opportunity is at hand? Let’s go for it.

Are you ready? It’s Day 2.
I’ve got my pen, what’chu want to do?

Do it and I will chronicle the resonation for current surface.
Legacy is to be recorded; how you utilize your purpose.

Do it. Today is the perfect Muse Day.
Monday came and went; welcome dear Tuesday.

Let work and play be our ruling force.
You can’t get to the party if you don’t have a horse.

Which one is your horse? Which skill do you posses in spades?
I’m Qui
a word-witty she and Tuesday is my Muse Day.

Purposeful excite is expressed through my writes.
I’m excited to write about you, shining your light.

This day is about me and you,
let’s use the exponential 2.


The number 5 is all the way live… especially with an exponent.