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Yes it’s been a while – but the news kept on going
Politics are still being made: GOP Caucus sewing.

It’s not looking good for the elephants home team:
Ron Paul leads the polls, by a hair and a seam.

But the seam is not tight and could unravel at anytime –
Which would surely bode well for Mitt Romney to shine.

Newt G. wants back in – and Rick Perry’s going to sue
If Virginia doesn’t add his name to the ballet spew.

He didn’t meet the criteria – he didn’t get enough signatures.
But he did bring his lawyer in tall hat and boot spurs.
Ahh the nerves of the privileged… Had you ever heard?

Korea is all up in the news because Kim Jong Il has passed away. 
They’re broadcasting grieving (tho it looks deceiving) – is this propaganda’s face?

Are the Korean people up against the wall in sorrow?
Will it be chalked up to an ‘ensemble display’ tomorrow?

I really don’t know.
But the broadcast views are one heck of a show.

And so, the US Warns Iran on Straits of Hormuz.
I had to do a little research to understand what all goes through…

Goods are being shipped through the straits of that port.
And if IRAN wants to be defiant, the US NAVY‘s a sport.
I don’t think this is a the battle that Iran wants to court.

President Obama and family are out in the H-I.
I’m so proud of the union between he and his wife.

It brings new light to the darkness of American domestic blacks.
Please believe my familial ease is so comparable to that.

The daddy hunts the food and the mommy cooks it up.
The kids are cared for and the politics are rough.
Yep! That’s us.

There’s not too much in the news past Christmas shopping and returns.
There’s not much in the news passed GOP politics and character burns.

There’s a little bit going on in Arizona with Sheriff Arpaio:
He’s being called out by the latino devout to just resign – YO!

SYRIA is doing something crazy. They’re under observation today
Opposition reports 39 lives killed across the country since Tuesday.
Whatchu say?
This is not the place you’d want to visit today.

The Young & The Restless is back on track – I am truly glad to see
that we’ve gotten Jeanne Cooper back as Mrs. Katherine C.
It wasn’t complete without the feisty she.

This is also the 100th Anniversary of the Titanics erection rank.
We also know of it’s fate – how the legendary monstrosity sank.
God bless those that stayed on the bank…

All news ain’t good news, I’m just reporting what’s on the wire,
I’m Qui
Sending sympathy
to the Connecticut woman who lost her family in a fire.


In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, Sports on December 5, 2011 at 9:47 am

FAMILY News can be a CIRCUS

IRANIAN officials shot down a U.S. drone?
Weren’t we forbidden to fly in their zone?
Dear Mr. Air Force… what has gone wrong?
They’ve got a drone in their clutches —
Is it one of our own?

Moving on –> it is noted that Herman Cain is throwing in the towel
After “the blow up” in his face about being “mistress buck wild“.
Ooo child – he thought it was cute and leaked the story himself:
that he approached and conquered pussy by flashing restaurant wealth.
Common game – but not stealth.

Oh well — we live and we learn.
Newt G is the latest UP for a burn.

A leader is all that the GOP yearns,
though 2012 isn’t looking like their comeback turn.

Mitt is fighting Newt; and Newt is in the shade.
His poll numbers are up and seemingly out of a rut,
so he’s drinking his own kool aid.

The election is definitely a sport and the Cowboys lost yesterday.
Though I’m here in The Zone,
where the Cardinals roam

I wore my Cowboy gear anyway.

It’s a new week already and I’m truly feeling good
I hooked up with my 20-year-old daughter this weekend in my hood.

She brought with her a girlfriend in tow,
They’re pretty constant in dating – “an item” you know?

And so we had a blast! My ex boyfriend from TX also stopped by
as if Arizona was around the corner — I appreciate him coming nigh.

We had breakfast at THE GOOD EGG and I picked up the tab.
The service was quirky, the utensils were dirty and the food was bland & drab.

It’s all good, I need to cut my fast food calories in half anyway.
I’m Qui
All IN the FAMILY‘S business & bidding you a PROSPERITY FAT day.