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Sipping MONDAY Slowly

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, Self Improvement on April 23, 2012 at 8:50 am

I awoke this morning to an auto timed brew
exactly 50 minutes past the a.m. hour of 2.

I poured me a cup of jo and wouldn’t you know –
I sipped it in the company of Mica and Morning Joe.

Uh-Oh! They were talking WalMart. They said it wasn’t right
for WalMart to be rue’ing Mexico via crooked building bribes.

They were talking Newt Gingrich in his own spaced out words:
Touching on guns and politics — A lot of fat w/o gird.

I listened a little bit but then had to bid them adu
when I turned on the Wii to JUST DANCE 2.

I worked it outI worked it out & made the effort count for me.
By the time I finished (the 6th routine) I had burned 2000 calories.

I sipped ounces of water in between every song.
Thanks to my early caffeine sip – I was able to go long.

By the end I felt strong. By the end — I was empowered.
By the end I was pretty sure I needed a soaped up shower. lol!

It’s Monday again and it holds a lot of girth.
It’s Monday again, ‘sip it slow’ for what it’s worth.

President Obama is serving up an a.m. Holocaust speech
at the Holocaust Museum in the honor of being free.

Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur are still seeded with hate…
and should be brought to justice (like the TrayVon Martin case).

I’m still sipping jo and skimming the froth.
The burden falls on us all – humanities cost.

The world can take pride — when we all do our part
to uproot bad seeds and not take them to heart.

I’m Sipping Monday Slowly – for it’s within the early hours still,
I’m Qui
Realizing by the 24th hour there’s still an attainable renewable feel.

Let’s make it new again – make it part of your will.
This life doesn’t always have to be a battle up hill.
Good morning world:
This is my brew of a spill.

Reed Between The Lines

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement, TV Shows on February 5, 2012 at 12:46 pm

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Theo grew up and I love the way he REEDs!

I suppose Malcolm Jamal-Warner was like, “So if you didn’t like the idea of the Cosby Show…” where there was a black doctor successfully married to a beautiful black professional woman and heading up a well cultured family“…then you’re going to really take issue with two black doctors in a successful marriage, raising a family” and pretty much – cut from the same COSBY cloth.

It’s beautiful.

I used to love The Cosby Show. It opened up a world of NO LIMITS for me. I discovered the series when I was in the 9th grade [1985-86]. My kid is in the 9th grade now, and just discovered REED BETWEEN THE LINES. Ooo! Great timing & how relevant. I hope she finds NO LIMITS & Relevance in every single episode – like I did.

The cool thing is even though it’s clearly set in the 2000’s, the children of Dr. Carla (Psychiatrist) and Alex Reed (Univ. Professor) remind me a lot of the Cosby kids. The Reeds have a set of fraternal twins, (a girl and a boy) and a younger daughter. Style and individuality in wardrobe makes each one stands out and is vibrantly reminiscent of the 1980’s – something like Tempest Bledsoe, Lisa Bonet, and Malcolm J. used to dress.

RBTL is a comedy with real life social situations about being online, self-identity, self-improvement and other familial situations. Today BET channel is running a marathon of Season 1. Tune in and see yourself… tune in and see your kids. Tune in and see how nice lil’ Theo has grown up to be. He plays a great (and wise) dad. His character beyond The Cosby Show is nothing short of impressive. His physique follows suit. Ooo!

Had you seen him? Did you know?
Had you caught an RBTL episode?

Season 1 was a hit
Season 2 is coming quick.

Well actually I can’t find a date for when Season 2 begins,
But when it does, I implore you to tune in.

Don’t let Newt Gingrich go on believing
Blacks have no aspirations, beyond rapping and weeding.
Newt must be on a diet of “resin & seed” eating.

Anywho, REED BETWEEN THE LINES looks a lot like me and you,
I’m Qui
Digging the cast of ‘The Cosbys II’, because watching my reflection is what I’m into. Ooo!

Debate Plate

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, TV Shows on September 7, 2011 at 1:04 pm

Tune in tonight! 9/7/11

Eight Republicans are on the roster,
WHICH one will the party back and foster?

There’s Rick Perry and ol’ Ron Paul
Both were raised in Texas stalls.

There’s Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann.
If you’re looking for entertainment – this is it man.

Michelle won’t let us down, neither will Romneys mit.
I look forward to them playing “defame” a bit.

I believe tonight’s debates will be a sure trip,
if Rick is off script & shoots from the hip.

Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain will be there too,
chopping it up like those elephants do.

Last but not least Newt G. will be in the house
To bless us with a little nostalgic douse.

Trying to hang on to WHEN ‘he was young and new’,
before he remarried after wife number two. Oooo!
(that’s right – Newts been married thrice!) 😉

I’ll be tuning in tonight to spectate the Republican Debate drama.
I’ll be tuning in tonight to discern who can go toe-to-to with Obama.

Oh yes! I’m all involved, I dig research to solve — so I’ll be definitely be tuning in,
I’m Qui
Please Don’t Vote without knowing who stands for WHAT; it’s an uninformed patriotic sin.

You gotta watch it – to weigh in.
Voting season is soon to begin….