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Not a HAM Thing

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Ah the year is moving along; we are headed towards month eight —
and what is it that  the incumbent’s team is ready to debate?
Not a HAM thing!

We are no closer to making sense out what’s going on in our house of white.
Folks are in the street marching for constitutional rights and endangering their lives.

Still what we’re hearing from the political spin doesn’t sound right.
Not a HAM thing has been said to answer any of the people’s plights.

Last night someone lost their live to COVID19… okay, there were many.
No word out of Washington about it, but “rambling gaffe’s” are still plenty.

Chris Wallace has been at work; he’s quite the FOX on the scene,
but every question posed to the prez, the answer equated to:
Not a HAM thing!!!

I suppose that’s better than saying “Every HAM thing.” Right?
Which would include the sun and the moon; the day and the night.

Looks like month eleven cannot come quick enough.
Life was never so easy that folks wished it were rough —

so what is this that we are being served right now?
Not a HAM thing! It looks like beef — by the discord cow?


I don’t know, son.
He moo’ed something about Fort Bragg and Sharpton.

Distasteful mental insight.

Folks are tuned in and looking for reasons to “unity sing,”
but the answers that Chris Wallace reaped equate to Not a HAM thing.

So yes, beloved Griot readers, we are at a new week and life can still be sweet,
Though I implore you to eat vegetation and steer clear of the meat.

I don’t think it’s cured; neither the pork nor the beef.
Though chicken seems popular when congress meets.

Oh where, oh where are the patriotic members of the GOP?
Perhaps in November, we can “send them home;” domestic peace.

Good morning dear people, dear world and the likes,
I’m Qui
Up early, on-one, forgoing the HAM to Griot cite.

I exit all merry go ’rounds via my writes.
Good morning to you, be careful to chew every bite.

Before I go, I want to look at one more thing:
What is going on with Nick Cannon’s PR scene?
I pray it’s Not a whole HAM Thing!
Nick: It’s okay to time-out on the merry-go ring. heart-in-circle-love



In Griot, Music, News, Politics on October 30, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Meet CHIGOZIEN and NO — he’s not the old dude on the porch in the headline picture. Chig is a friend of mine (we actually met online) and he’s written a remarkable short film (that I love) and couldn’t resist sharing with you: The Shadows. It’s a modern spin on an old tale that was biblically told. It’s short, factual based and to the point in less than 30 minutes. This guy is hot! He’s wise and he’s on fire. Keep your eye on him. He’s destined for ‘the silver’ — screen that is.

Congrats! Congrats! To Nick & Mariah’s ‘new baby fat’. YEP! Mariah is preggers and I couldn’t be more happier for a more awesome couple. Their skills keep us grinning – so the baby’s DNA should be winning. Right? I wonder if lil Bobbi Christina could… um…is she showcasing any kind of talent yet? Well maybe dual star DNA doesn’t guarantee a talented forerunner, though Will and Jada Smith sure make it look easy. Don’t they?

So TUESDAY is the big day – let UNITY be invoked.
Tuesday is the big day you go out and MID TERM VOTE.
Are you still involved in the “political saga”?
Or were just playing when you voted for Obama.

Boast the latter— and I’m going to tell your great grandmama.
They went through hell for us to be involved in such political dramas.
This is not the time to be complacent and choke.

In fact

1. You don’t want a future of economic crashes and bubbles.
2. You want health insurance.
3. We cannot afford 2+ years of gridlock in Congress.
4. You want American education to get better.
5. You want the Internet to remain a free and level playing field.
6. You want leaders who aren’t afraid to pass unpopular legislation when necessary.
7. You hate the deficit.
8. You care about the earth.
9. You don’t want a future in which elections can be purchased by the highest bidder.

Let’s be honest. No politician can promise to make private companies hire again. Whenever we climb out of a recession, hiring new workers is always the last thing companies do, and we’re simply not there yet. So what can our government do in the meantime? When companies refused to hire new workers after the 1929 crash, FDR hired them himself, putting unemployed Americans to work building bridges and highways. It was a success. Between 1933 and 1940, he cut unemployment nearly in half. Today, the Democrats are the party fighting to devote more funds to repairing roads, rails, and runways, and modernizing our energy grid. Republicans complain that this will increase our debt, but that’s false in the long term. We can either deal with our infrastructure problems today or put them off until tomorrow. [–Bill Folman, Huffington Post]

Need I say more?
I’m Qui
on a HOT NEWS score.
Please believe I’ll be back with more after we ROCK THE MIDTERM VOTE!!!