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Mid-way Through…

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output_0LkN4vSo Dylan is how old, — about 40? And today is a good a day for a day player to drop in on Y&R and claim that Ian is infertile and could not possibly be the father of Nikki’s first born Dylan McAvoy. What does it all mean? Well Mid-way Through we find that the drama continues to compound…

As Paul lay still in a hospital bed
Summer is stuck up in her head

Thinking Austin is misunderstood and that he’s great
when he’s the one who shot Paul the other day.

Summer and Austin are still on-the-run,
he knows it’s big trouble, she thinks it’s fun.

Paul is in need of a liver transplant in short order/quick,
and the lack of matching donors is making Cricket sick.

Just at a point when she and Paul were talking babies
he ends up in a med-induced coma, in a situation “maybe.”

So Niel proposed to Hilary and her ring is super huge
But Lilly get with the “welcoming crew”? She’ll simply refuse.

And every time she see’s ol Hil’, she’s giving her the blues,
for making their lives a living hell; Hil’s the devil’s muse.

There is no shame from the other woman to the one who ended things so messy,
so Hilary holds no punches back whenever she runs into Attorney Leslie.

Leslie left Neal before the alter and married a man we never heard of,
then brought him back to Genoa City as if for giggles and love.

It’s weird. It’s weird and weirder still. I don’t like it y’all,
but things get even weirder as we discuss the lineage of Paul.

If Dylan is not Ian and Nikki’s son, then ‘Who must the father be?’,
I’m Qui 
and I think the server of Dylan’s DNA isn’t related to the I but perhaps the P.

The world is full of movers and shakers who definitely ‘do what it do,’
I like the look of things on Y&R, I’m already hooked Mid-way Through

I’m Young and I’m Restless and Delia is dead

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Someone please – say it ain’t so!
Delia was hit by a car and crossed over – Yo!

Billy is a wreck and Chloe is quickly falling apart.
I teared up at the reflection of their broken hearts.

What a way for the FALL Y&R to start.
The talented Sophie Pollono always played her part.
(So precise and on the mark).

I am sad to see her go, but lets get back to the storyline:
Connor’s eye sight is failing and his Dad has committed a crime.

Connor is the infant that Chelsea and Adam Newman share
Dylan is the guy who was fooled into care.

Chelsea pretended Dylan was the father
because she didn’t want Adam Newman to bother
her about paternity – so she gave him no rights
until doctors discovered Connors degenerative eye sight.

Adam has a degenerative eye disease too
So when he heard the news about Connor — he got a paternal clue.

Dylan was heart broken and is laying low for a while,
whilst writers of the show peg him as Nikki’s lost child.
(The script writers are wild).

Dylan lost both [adoptive] parents and he’s also an Iraq war vet;
He’s all over the storyline, but has no grounding yet.

He’s not aware, that he was adopted and is indeed Nikki’s kid.
His birth records were sealed. The truth… properly hid.

While Nikki sits at Victoria & Billy’s place – baby sitting little Johnny,
the scene at the hospital where Delia is – is anything but sunny or funny.

So how did this happen? How did Delia die?
She was hit by Adam’s car in the dark of the night.

Billy left her in the car, while he darted into the store,
He returned to an empty car and a wide opened passenger door.

He looked out to the road – the night fall was quite black,
but he noticed in the middle of the road, Delia’s witch costume hat.

So he ran over to pick it up and as he bended his knees
He saw Delia lying amongst bushes and curbside leaves.

He called 911 – it took them 5 minutes to arrive,
her heart beat was faint… Delia was barely alive.

Baby Connor needs new retina and he’s on the donors list,
looks like he’ll get Delia’s retina — (the writers quick twist).

But that’s in the works – no one has said Delia was a donor.
Yet, I’d be surprised if they didn’t give it to Connor.

I’m Young and I’m Restless and Delia is dead,
I’m Qui

Peeping the creativity of those Y&R heads.

They consistently write
on a level of: EXCITE!


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Solving Diane Jenkins Murder

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Have you been watching The Young & The Restless? Are you following the story line closely? Recently video surfaced of Nikki Newman fighting on the pond bridge with Diane Jenkins. Deacon shot the film and edited the footage to appear that Nikki killed her. And even though the authorities have a locker full of evidence, (including Deacons cutting room floor footage), they still came to the conclusion that Nikki did it.

Don’t be fooled by the writers attempt to have an “invisible hand”. Please tell me you remember the zip lock bag Ronan flaunted that had the syringe in it? Diane had a drug in her system, and though the name of the drug escapes me, it was the same drug that Patty poisoned Jack and Genevieve with on Thanksgiving Day. Remember that? I do. I DVR’d it.

So the writers have seemingly closed the case by blaming Nikki Newman and then “conveniently” dropping the charges on her in the name of “self defense”. Ok. Really? THAT NEVER HAPPENS in real life and what happened to investigating the owner of the syringe or the drug that Diane had in her system that slowed her heart rate & facilitated her death?

A note about “the video” Deacon made showcasing Nikki with the bloody rock and Diane’s lacerated head: I do believe Nikki picked up a rock and hit Diane in the head, but I don’t think that’s what killed her. While Diane lie unconscious I believe Patty entered the scene, verbally expressed her dislike for Diane to her unconscious face and gave her an overdose of the drug. Then for whatever convenient reason, Patty dropped the syringe, allowing Ronan to find it, zip lock it and add it to official evidence.

Patty is once again whisked away to a prison hospital facility to sport a white huggers jacket in a room with down comforter walls. Much like the place Adam must her found her in – in the first place.

Oh yes! The real story still lies dormant waiting to future surface. You gotta love those Bells and the associate writers of this show.

The writers of the show are great at making trash appear envious and livable.
I’ve enjoyed the hoops and noted the loops but the writers hand was not invisible.

This isn’t Vegas yet there are slights of hands but the dealers aren’t clean,
I’m Qui
and if you believe Nikki did it – Maybe you’ve missed and an episode or a scene.

Trust me, Trust me –> Crazy Patty did it.
and in the future Nikki’s charges will be completely be omitted.