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Eating clean omits bathroom scene…

In Comedy, Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on November 23, 2015 at 7:17 am

scene-omissionOh my goodness gracious child, the weekend was great!
I had a lot of steak on my health conscious plate.

I’ve run into an issue on my clean eating diet,
I  add no fat or oils – my system is stoically quiet.

Not quite the potpourri riot one would think – poo is very necessary.
And to eat so well and have no potty spell can be a little scary.

Oh my goodness gracious child, are we talking about poo?
Yes honey love – this is what grown folks do. 😀

It’s not a party topic – not really.
But to act like you don’t do it – is to be bloated with silly.

Any who when you don’t poo, sometimes your body needs a kick start.
A big juicy sirloin steak is considered choice smart.

It invigorates your body to start working internally to process it through
and within a few hours you’ll be well to take a potty spell and do what you do.

Or so I have read.
I ate the steak. I have been fed.

I’m down 20 pounds since my kid went off to school.
It’s easy to forfeit fast food – no pressure to be cool

when you don’t have a skinny-mini teen riding shotgun.
I miss her like crazy but eating clean is so much fun.

Even though poo has eluded me for days now
my weight is down 4 pounds (in a week) anyhow.

You do the math. I don’t understand at all.
To write about it, and not be shy about it? Yes I have the gall.

You know I am family to y’all and I endeavor to keep it real.
Eating organic meats and fresh raw green leaves seems to be my fit niche deal.

I’m loving the way my body feels and I’m pushing to make it better.
I know it’s time to put on a sweater, still I’m looking forward to Spring weather.

And so we are days away from that holiday of thanks
I’ll be heading up dinner, I’m the female with rank.

The kid will come and will likely invited friends.
I’ll be the cutie in heels cooking cornish hens.

But we shan’t eat a thing until we pay the “sweat cost”
of running early in the morning in the Gilbert Turkey Trot.

It’s going down.
I’m ready to pound the 5K ground.

After such run we will come home, eat, watch a movie or go shopping.
I’m Qui
And I won’t stop until I cop a way to re-insert that bathroom scene.