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Total Irresponsibility

In Griot on August 15, 2010 at 9:40 pm

The weekend came and brought my birthday with it.
The love was so thick- I couldn’t resist getting lost in it.

I didn’t go to the clubs and I didn’t hit the editing bay;
I actually hit the town to socialize, have fun and just play.

No work on either weekend day – I didn’t even watch the news
So I have no earthly idea about any headline media vine views.

FACE BOOK wishes were plentiful and cell phone calls were blowing up;
I really wasn’t prepared to be engulfed in so much love.

So on this night — that is my birthday— just a couple hours before its past,
I can’t recall a date in my memories bank of when I’d had such a TOTAL blast!

I kept my head about me while letting my hair down to about shoulder length,
I’m Qui
Loving you big for the wishes you’ve bid during my weekend of IRRESPONSIBILITY.