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Good morning and good Lordy,
Irma came rolling in right after Harvey.

Uncle Corey insisted that he hunker down in Key West.
Most of the other fam went on the lam — but Unc was up for the test.

I haven’t heard of his status yet. I’m still praying for a rain thwart & stall.
To the McIntosh fam that is my connective clan: please send a text or call.

The weather in Arizona is on ‘beautiful ball.’
Sky – clear, sun – out and the birds are on ‘call.’

To those on the south coasts: I’m praying for y’all.
And after y’all hear from Uncle Corey send us a text or call.

I have a little sister in Houston that survived Harvey’s brut.
The pics she posted online revealed the saddest truth,

Her home is flooded and looks interior destroyed.
The love remains minus the clothes, furniture and toys.

She has two teen children – and within the two is a vast capacity of love.
I saw instagram vids of the shelter and her kids – they brought with them ‘the fun.’

Their high spirits glowed through the video bytes.
Their socio-economics were disrupted but their high spirits buffed it–
They’re up for the challenge of rebuilding their lives. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

Good morning and good Lordy,
Irma came in hot and co-signed Harvey

to convey a message that Earth is unhappy.
Her land is carelessly sheared; her forests are assets – not a beard
and her waters are litter-nappy.

The gasoline and coal that we’ve burned…
Earth is speaking. Will you listen and learn?

Is it too much of an inconvenience to consider the fact
That we’re living a bit excessive? Must we eat all of the fat?

I had a car accident about  a month ago
and figured it may be time to upgrade the car, yo.

But then I started questioning, ‘Where am I driving to?
I work from home; less fro and more “to.” ๐Ÿค—

Then I started adding up the good of a new car, for me:
I came up with shiny paint, minus my down payment bank and transit compliments of “Oui.”

Hmph. That isn’t enough for me. Incentive remains to bite the “new car challenge.”
And don’t go giving me that mumbo-jumbo about “better miles per gallon

I am not driving across the nation.๐Ÿ˜†

In fact, as of late I’ve been walking a lot more,
enjoying nature and reaching my FitBIT score.

I’m also looking at the trees, the grass and the cars that pass by,
and I’m thinking “Lord bless the speedy travelers.” I’m guilty too – I shan’t lie.

Do I really NEED a new car?

Ever so consciously I awoke and arose today
while the rain whips the south coasts out of shape…

On another note

Beasley is Cold!

What about the NFL game last night?
Dak, Whitten, Williams and Elliot set it off right.

They brought an Irma’esque storm
That sounded a giants alarm.

I don’t think Dak wanted another repeat
of last years NY Giants double meet & defeat.

Last night the Cowboys did ‘the dang thang’
and shared with the Giants a lil bit of hurricane.

Watching the game was a great way to pass the time
when reality and chaos was hard on my mind.

After a full inhale of plays and a satisfying slow release
I realized Dem Boys came to play. Godspeed on being BEASTโ€ผ๏ธ

I’m happy today for life, love and those that hurricane survive,
I’m Qui
Loving the A-Z because amidst troubled skies she has the best sunrise.

Give the creator thanks if you were able to wake up and open your eyes.
Yes, YOU!

Monday looking…

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QuiD_20141019While watching a Quentin Tarantino film (some years back), I learned what a Monday is. I laughed to no end and was glad to be hipped to the term.

football divider

So now I’m Monday lookingย and I’m happy about it.
Am I focused on winning today? Please believe it and do not doubt it.

Am I happy to be a red-based shade of brown? You better believe I am.
If you told me today was not a good one, do you think I would give a damn?

I love Mondays! And I’m not just talking about me and my kinfolk.
I love the 1st workday of the week. Work is the reason I’m not broke. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love the 1st workday of the week. It’s my reconnect with you.
Do tell me of what your weekend was about? What did you say and do?

The COWBOYS are 6-1. I am certainly happy about that too.
The New York G’s ate defeat in the house of silver and blue.

I loved every minute of it too.
Mmm-hm, yes sir, and Ooo!

Me? I celebrated 24-years of wedded bliss with my high school beau on Sunday.
Me? ‘Seems like we’ve only been together for a few months and a few fun days.

He’s easy on the eye. He’s easy on my heart.
His fashion equals nerd. My guy is super smart.

Opposites do attract, and no I’m not saying that I’m dumb,
but when it comes to fashion sense, I’m down to yield him some.

And when it comes to adding up the cost, he does it in his head.
He brings home the big bacon. I make a little bread. ๐Ÿ™‚

I ain’t mad at all, because I’m real good at cooking.
I’m Qui
Glad to share this intimate moment w/thee, I’m over here Monday looking.

How about you?
Start this week out laughing at the truth.
Show your teeth and push on through.
I’ve got your back. I believe in you.