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Am I the only one

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Womens Right. A blossoming topic.


Am I the only one who’s looking at the world crazy
and wondering why Womens Rights is an issue viewed so hazy?

I’m a vagina-packing lady and I’d not like you to tell
me what to do with my inner parts, so please do go to hell.

Oh well – Texas is dubbing for hell and my sister Texans are going through the test.
Though I am not safe, in my residence away – a similar law lives in the Southwest.

I think it’s best I continue to rally and voice
and remind representatives about “a womans choice.”

Let’s hoist a new sail and legislate stall
and camp out like Dream Defenders inside of city hall.

Am I the only one who’s wondering why
the world is full of women but respect is not nigh?

Eluding me and not including me – when talking about my body.
As if my mind’s not of this time, and my parts are purely naughty.

Law makers are sipping hot tottie inside of their a.m. coffee mugs
If they thinks it’s okay to take my rights away & I’d return a grateful hug.

How smug of you old white man and thank you for absolutely nothing at all.
If you think young white girls will repopulate your world – the joke is squarely on y’all.

Am I the only one who see’s this? You can’t make her do what you want her to do.
As long as there’s cash and airplane gas, someone will see the procedure through.

So you don’t want to reach out to Latino’s? Their birth numbers are awesomely on the rise.
Instead you law score “abortions no more”, in hopes to keep any kind of seed alive.
Even the one’s from a rape thrive?

A legal shuck and jive. I’m cool, I’m just airing my thoughts on the sum.
I’m Qui
Questioning the defines of our lawmakers minds — and I’m not the only one.