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Absolutely Cellophane

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Who’s the Navy Bean today?

I’m looking towards the future and I can see it clear and plain.
I’m putting in the work to increase the skill capacity of my worth;
my moves are cellophane.

You could call me vain, but I’d only argue that you’re a lot like me.
With all that you’re doing in your life to not live trife?
I wouldn’t label that vanity.

To prepare for the future is to operate within sanity. That’s you and me, main.
Show your hand; how do you plan to lead your band? Make your intentions cellophane.

It’s Monday morning again. I arose with no hidden agenda.
The week is young and Omarosa still has her gun.
In media wrestling, she’s no beginner.
The Whitehouse is really hoping to pin her
to the mat
for being a Republican and being Black.

But what I’m finding is that Blacks are familial pansies.
They may not like Omarosa much, but heck! She’s still family.

She’s making her rounds
sharing receipts via audio sound.

Omarosa is out making waves.
She’s dirty, yet quite cellophane.

Have you heard?

I’m looking towards the future and with my pen, I’m shaping reel.
I’m looking at the people; they’re looking to the hill.

The Whitehouse is piping hot, like tea and looks like it’s about to spill.
I really thought I’d craft a fictional piece, but I’m heavily leaning towards the real.

Life. It is but a necessary game.
It must be played – the consequences are made.
People pretend to be cellophane

until the legend becomes a fact.
Omarosa has audiotapes and folks, that is that.

Whether it proves any leaders to be in the damnation of wrong, is yet to be heard in any direct frame,
I’m Qui
Good Monday morning to thee, avoid miscalculated pains. Live like a Vegas dealer; live cellophane.

Trying to walk back loose-conversation is confusions reign.


LABOR DAY Happenings

In Communication, Griot, Music, News, Self Improvement on September 4, 2012 at 1:34 pm

Erykah Badu’s soothing sounds pulled me through

Erykah Badu & Jay Electronica

Post hearing the news that Michael had passed—
my sunny beginnings inherited an overcast.

Michael was so full of love with the most contagious laugh.
My heart went out to Omarosa — My God, I know she’s sad.

So I pulled out a stack old musical CD’s
in search of a voice that could minister to me.

I found in that stack: Ms. Erykah Badu.
I put her on repeat – and my soul she did sooth.

Life is so fragile. Life is so sweet.

Erykah kept me company at my souls window seat.

I sang along (off key) and resounded the love in the air.
I cried as I thought of Omorosa. I cried because I care.

Listening to Erykah Badu lead me to research her as well,
and there I lingered on Google reading about her for a spell.

It was good. It was good.
She’s from my Dallas/Fort Worth hood.

Multiple songs rang out of my CD player
as I read more and more about the mundane life slayer.

Erykah is hardly the one you would call mundane.
The girl is mad talented. Her vocals are insane.

I read of her procreation and watched her music video’s.
She’s got 3 kids by 3 dads — and each union is good as gold.
What a story to be told…

Andre3000 fathered the first in 1997
The little man solidifies their clan
and is respectfully named Seven.

In 2004, she fertilized another intellectuals seed
and gave birth to Puma – daughter of The D.O.C.

In 2009 Erykah birthed another Baduizm star,
fathered by Jay Electronica, they produced baby Mars.

Now normally when you hear that a chick has a lot of baby daddies,
One thinks she is not wise, and her family planning skills are shabby.

But this is not the case of Ms. Erykah Badu.
The woman is wise – the woman spews the truth.

She loved each man, and they loved her back.
But a future with either wasn’t in fates stack.

She’s no video vixen, out to collect child support.
Each man feels blessed to have reaped a Baduizm score.

Each father is involved in their childrens lives.
And Erykah is the bond – @FatBellyBella is wise.

Not only that but every man she procreated with has a mind of gold.
Erykah is rocking game that is not to be told – but definitely to be sold.

Perhaps she should write a book, but in the meantime, I’m jamming the CDs,
I’m Qui
Researching Erykah Badu, her love life and her soul rooted seeds.

Doing so certainly brightened my Labor Day with ease.
Ms. Erykah Badu – did minister to me.
Ooo wee – the child is so vocally sweet.


Raising the labor…

So Labor Day was yesterday and boy did I have fun.
I didn’t eat BBQ or hang with a crew– but I did BOWFLEX & run.

I spent my day playing with my kid – who’s full of teen ideas.
She suggested we go for a run, I went along like ‘no big deal’.

Me? Im not a runner. I wish I were – but never have been.
Though once I passed the 5-mile mark in minutes under 10.

Actually I’m like Paul Ryan, as I totally made that [stat] up.
Me running 2.8 on a treadmill – is more ‘my running sum’.

Getting fit is feeling great!
No BBQ ever touched my plate.

I chilled with fam, we laughed, had fun and played,
I’m Qui
And I had a blast
reducing my body mass on Labor Day.

The Big Guy said ‘Goodbye’

Michael & his Fiance’ Omarosa —
Life is short.

You must celebrate your best life today.
Sept. 3rd — Michael Duncan passed away.

He was only 54 – so young and so fine.
Getting better with age – a sweet glass of wine.

A strong man, with a strong mind; his taste in women was also smart.
Omarosa was there when he fell-out and CPR jump-started his heart.

Omarosa was his fiance, though barely anyone ever knew.
So while you’re praying for Mikes fam – pray for Omarosa too.

Life is at hand. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate.
Never let the mundane stains cause you stop and wait.

“Time is non-refundable”, says the wise and fit Joe G.
Life is at hand. Live it to the fullest and let others be.

You don’t have time to be worried, about who’s doing what – to who.
Time is promised to no one – you gotta live each moment for you.

Please do.
— Qui