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Key Black History_Multi Media Players-1.gifI have a feeling this title will be a reoccurring one
because being a Multi Media Player is so much fun. So, let’s start with:

She knows only to smash it!
Have you ever seen a show with her in it
and she didn’t win it?

BEYONCE is always about an intentional slay.
Learn the rules, and get in Formation if you want to play!

SHONDA RHIMES is a series network Dime.
Holding audiences captive is her M.O. shine.

QUI is WHO keeps
the Griot beat
and yields sublime rhymes
that chronicle our times.

OPRAH enhances the view inside of our homes
via the many positive morale shows on OWN.

She mastered adolescent success and transcended it to grown.
Kicking it with JADA PINKETT-SMITH is to listen strong.

She’s got a Podcast Show titled RED TABLE TALK.
She is a woman of will and she walks the walk.

Introducing Ms. SYLEENA JOHNSON – to those who don’t already know.
She’s new to me via  TV ONE’s SISTER CIRCLE show.

She is one of four hosts. Please tell me that you’ve seen it?
Once I tuned in, I realized just how much I mean it…

to support them.
Their union of love needs no alteration or hem.

On a recent episode I became a Syleena fan –
when I heard her new joint titled, WOMAN:

These are just a few skill capacity slayers
that I’m proud to list as Multi Media Players.

What about you?
What’s that thing that you do –
that you are into?

It’s because of you that each player get’s any play.
Big THANKS to you and your consumer ways.

Black History wouldn’t be the same without you,
I’m Qui
grateful and humble. This bow is for you.


Listen to YOU.

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NEWS PERUSE_GossipI be listening to you, but are you listening too?
You’re talking and making points that you don’t quite follow through.

Your inner-wisdom is what I like about you.
Though sometimes it seems that you’ve never met you.

You have a gun for the sole use of shooting your own foot.
You’re as wise as the greats but sometimes walk with a crook.

What gives?” I ask of you and in turn, you ponder.
You conjure good for everyone else, but for your own well being, you wander…

You think that you are without a clue?
Stop talking to others and Listen to YOU:

Yep. Oprah knows this too – so don’t you be the last one,
I’m Qui
Listening out for WE on this Sabbath day of fun.

When it comes to #SelfPreservation, I always want some.

Life is A Game – Are you a Player

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If Life is A Game and we are all participating players,
let it be a game of teams and put me with Oprah and Shawn Achor.

Shawn’s POV is quite giving and I’m a positively charged taker.
Please tell me that you know of TED’s friend, Mr. Shawn Achor:

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY” and “how we look at the human brain”
are topics that I’m interested in – I’ll definitely hop that train.

I’m an avid TED fan. Every presentation comprehended shapes another fun day.
Shawn tends to frequent places that I value. Did you hear him on SUPER SOUL SUNDAY?

If you missed the original OWN TV broadcast back in 2014
I have posted the audio portion because I can’t find the interview scene.

It’s good stuff that you can grasp and build upon.
Have a life watermark? This is something you can focus and heal-on.

The thrill of anything non-real is a fad with an epically short wick.
But see, Shawn, TED, and Oprah seem to cleave to good and… it sticks!

Good takes root in the heart, warms the soul, and radiates through your physical glow.
I’m Qui
And life is a game that must be played, live every day yielding your best show.

You are the captain of your vessel.
Where whilst your ship go?


Your move…

Left, Left. Left-Right-Left.

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march for our lives.png

Students from  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School : Cameron Kasky, Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Alex Wind and Jaclyn Corin

Martin Luther King had a dream and it looked something like today,
‘black kids and white kids are walking hand-in-hand (with a stop on the hill  before) play.

Their character is not content; they can very well hate you or adore you.
Congress, you’d best to pay attention, because they’re really coming for you.

Martin Luther King had a dream and he never woke up.
Today our kids are on the bus – they’re being forced to grow up.

This year, in the month of Black History – unity is fantastically brimming from the heart.
Remember that Louis Farrahkan, historically put us on to The Million Man March,

Parkland_shooting_protest.jpgNow the children of all races and gender
are promising Washington, DC another March to remember.

March 24th in Washington, DC is the date and state
when a million kids will show up and flood the gates.

State officials rejected a weapons ban in Tallahassee, yesterday
in the face of knowing a packed bus full of kids were in route – on their way.

Whatchu say?
Congress wears a careless face.
Our kids are going to vote them out of that space.

Donations towards the children’s march have been rolling in.
At a half a million a drop – The Clooney’s and Oprah had to get in!

Then Steven Spielberg ponied up and threw in half a million more.
Congress has been a real heel; the children aren’t impressed anymore.

Martin Luther King had a dream. Surely it’s something you’ve heard about.
Interestingly enough it all came to a halt when a shooter took him out.

Last week – 17 more
were added to the score.

Let us not forget. It’s long overdue that the people collectively rise.
Remember on March 24th, we’re MARCHING FOR OUR LIVES.

Once again, Hump Day is here – and I’ve really and truly missed you.
I’m Qui
Always thinking about WE ❤️ and super appreciative that you still come through. 🙂

is by far, the biggest sport.

Super Soul Encouragement

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Remember, you are not alone.
Catch the depth of this encouraging dawn:

music-symbols.jpgGood morning to you and how do you do?
We’re all in our places with sun shiny faces
and this is the way we start our new day.


Give it and accept it when it’s given.
Do it enough times and we’ll all be winnin.’

Not to mention, we’ll be chesscat grinnin.’ 🙂 I’m happy today and feeling encouraged.
I’m Qui
Enjoying this day with thee; you’re not alone, don’t feel discouraged.

to your
Super Soul


O! How Good It Is

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O-i-love-oprah2017I was fortunate to be a part of a studio audience taping of a Tao workshop hosted by Dawn Q. this weekend and it was phenomenal. Mind refreshing information about changing the way you think in order to change the quality of your life for the better. Upon close of the workshop we networked and talked more about the book referenced: “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years.”

book_Ive-Decided-to-Live-120-Years_600.pngTherein networking I learned more about the production team and this particular book campaign. Noone asked me if I knew Oprah, (this happens to me a lot when I’m out and about. It’s an energy thing) but in the end it was clear through a series of questioning that some indeed wanted to know if I knew Oprah. I was doleful to tell them that I do not. Still I’m always happy that my energy would invoke people to ask that question, though more over that, I began to wonder if Oprah knew of this book. I’m an avid SUPER SOUL SUNDAY viewer and have learned a lot via the series so I took to the search engine again to see what they had on Oprah + Tao and found this:

Wayne Dyer and Oprah Winfrey – The Wisdom of the Tao

Oprah is about nourishment and whether it’s of the mind, spirit, soul or the stomach – she’s leading the charge. I’m already sending direct vibes her way in hopes that she’ll find this book and review the author on an upcoming Super Soul Sunday.  The “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years” book is both enlightening and nutritious. Speaking of nutrition have you seen those new O That’s Good Soup commercials? The manufacturer behind the health conscious goodness is Kraft and the creator is Oprah.  Just another tasteful  incentive to evolve as it pertains to your diet. I haven’t tried the refrigerated cuisine line of soups yet, but it is high on my grocery list now.


Click here to see soup commercial

I’m in the business of collecting and sharing good. I love hearing your personal stories of good fortune and sharing them with others. Somehow I am genuinely able to  bask in the glow of your good energy flow along with you. Meaning when people tell me about their new car, home or the raise on their job, I can immediately feel their surge of good energy in my tummy (my solar plexus). I’ll usually start jumping up and down (like a Price Is Right game show contestant) along with the person whose sharing the good news. I  surge so genuinely it often leaves onlookers confused  as to which of us is the good news recipient.  Having said as much you can see why Oprah comes up as much as she does. I love her good energy and her positive proactive contributions. Just as equally, I love sharing it with you.

The consumption of good energy is good for you. The FDA hasn’t said so because it used to be common sense – not to mention the message lacks lobbying backers. You don’t need a lobbyist to offer up subsidies for you to choose more wisely for yourself on anything. Change the way you think and change your life. This is something we can all do for free. The FDA is not putting their stamp on ‘free’ either. Where’s the kickback in that?


It’s morning again sweetheart and I’m up to my ol’ southern ways
of kissing your forehead upon waking and praying for you throughout the day.

Hey-ey! It’s just what I’m into and I hope it is understood
among our differences on a daily I’m always for you and your good.

If ever I should learn a new thing or an old thing that could help
I will bring it to the table whether for increase of health or wealth.

Either way I’m into good news as most of my writes reveal.
I’m Qui
Good morning and oui! It’s good to know there’s hope for what ills…

Hey-Hey-Hey Ms. DuVernay

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Have you seen her work? Doth you know the fascinating she?
Ms. Ava DuVernay is a Director of much, including GREENLEAF.

Yes! Oprah has her OWN, Tyler Perry has Madea
and the beauty of GreenLeaf is brought to life via a Sheeba.

ava-duvernay-on-setMs. DuVernay is beautiful and elegantly rocks
visionary eyes, a lovely smile and strong mane locks.

Her capacity to hold the masses attention
is duly up for mention –
for I am hooked on the view

that is the family of GreenLeaf
ava-duvernay-smilethe church folks and who creeps…
You know? The mirrored reflections of me and you.

It’s dimensionally good and relates quite strong.
Ms. Ava DuVernay has a visionary home on Oprah’s OWN.

Ava’s website is REEL tight, drop in on her work,
I’m Qui
Up on Ms. D’s story lines – they’re filled with mad familial girth.



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queen-sugar-book-coverWhat do you know about cane sugar? Any takers? Anyone have memories, like my own,  from the South of grandparents buying sugar cane then coming home and cutting you off a piece of the bamboo looking stalk that tasted like 100% sugar water? It was amazing that this candy-like pleasure grew out of the ground. As a child I loved it and today,  — I’m digging on that scripted family in NC that make up the series QUEEN SUGAR. It’s unusually sweet in its beginning as I DVR’d the run. The series is only 3 episodes in for season 1 and dare I say the start up is sticky?

The FAM:

You’ve got to meet Ralph, Charley and Nova, they are the kids of Mr. and Mrs. Bordelon. Season 1 started out with Dad in tow, the patriarch of the family, (portrayed by COOLIE HIGH‘S character, Preacher – who in reality is portrayed by the awesome Glynn Thurman!

coolie-high-preacher   queen-sugar-glynn-turman  I remember meeting the talents of Glynn at my adolescent introduction of the iconic film COOLIE HIGH. He played Preacher, the smart consistency of the teen friends pack — who had to make sense of it all in the end. If you haven’t seen Coolie High – DO.  Anwho, Glynn is the Bordelon patriarch and he owns the cane fields that were likely passed down to him from the generation before.


L-R; Ralph Angel, Charley and Nova Bordelon

3 episodes into Queen Sugar and pops is tops with stress
It’s diagnosed ‘a stroke’ and he’s in the hospital – bed rest.

During said episode 3
the patriarchs condition ‘robs his speech.’

REAL STUFF. Stress produces strokes.
The cane fields don’t pay the bills – still a familial yoke.

Dad didn’t recover. He gave up the ghost.
Now Ralph Angel, Nova and Charley don’t have him no ‘mo.

With 2 more episodes loaded in the chamber for the month of September
I implore you early, to consume QUEEN SUGAR. Please do remember.

It broadcast on OWN and I’m pretty excited
Natalie Baszile is credited with the #WriteIt.

Directed by the film visionary Ava DuVernay —
this brand new OWN series is already another #Slay!

This outbreak of cultural knock-out film scripts and television series alike
confirms my own reasons for ever deciding to write.

My family was missing in American familial view.
So I began to craft DR. SEUSS pieces about ‘brown people’ too.

I figured Dr. Seuss just hadn’t met us,
then I waited for time to pass and opportunity to connect us.

The connection is clear. The connection is new.
Queen Sugar is before me and it’s about me and you.

Nova has intense melanin like me and Charley’s tone looks like mothers.
Ralph Angel has a different angle, he’s the loving and protective brother.

With perfect chocolate skin like no other… THANK YOU OWN.
I enjoy watching Kofi on screen. My eyes of candy are blown! 🙂

Obviously I’m excited and Queen Sugar’s writing connects on every line,
I’m Qui
Excited for “WE” – Queen Sugar has arrived and in perfect time!

Tune in every Wednesday night  [Pacific] 10/ [Central] 9.
OWN it.


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Image… and while I’m sure it comes with a little rhythm (seeing as how he’s kept the beat of life so long), NORMAN’s SOUL is amazing. Yes! I’m talking about the creator of MAUDE, The JEFFERSON’S and ALL IN THE FAMILY. I grew up on these shows in syndication. Had they not been on television, I may not have ever noticed some socially distinct differences in cultures. Some made me laugh as a youth and others (often times) made me wonder why anyone would take pleasure in scripting such bleak views of life and the struggle – especially, tapping into and playing off of the struggle of civil rights and inequality.

If I don’t laugh, it’ll make me cry,” — when I was about 7-years old, I heard my BigMomma say these words while watching what I thought was a comedy show – in fact, her favorite show. At the time, I was conflicted in mind as to WHAT that meant. A 7-year olds position is to choose to laugh – hard and as much as possible, crying rarely crossed my mind. However, today, I understand completely what BigMomma meant, and revelation didn’t wait until I was 40 to show up. In fact, I learned to ready myself for the backlashes of racial divisiveness by watching shows like Norman Lears. Somebody had to tell me. I thank God it good_timeswas The Jefferson’s, GOOD TIMES, etc. It taught me a lot, not really about myself, but about those who formed the show and what they meant; it identified those who laughed at it and those who laughed with it– in sharp distinction. I learned to be more conscientious, to be more aware of myself, what I was doing and who I was doing it with.

That’s pretty powerful.

It’s pretty powerful to think that the creative mind of a show, NORMAN LEAR, would nearly completely shape the lives of so many therefore I was wide awake Sunday morning at 6:00am when Oprah was introducing him on SUPER SOUL SUNDAY. Did you see it? I love the SSS series because they never disappoint in the inspiration category. Early into the session Oprah asked Norman this question:

  • OPRAH: [reading from Normans published memoirs] A life in high school zeroing in on the humor of our existence, a life in college cut short by WW2, a life as crew member B-17 bomber flying 52 missions over Europe, a life in the world of entertainment with sub-lives and television, radio, movies, and music, a life as a political activists, a life in philanthropy, a late start in life as a spiritual seeker, 3 lives as a husband, 6 as a father – with my youngest born 48-years after my eldest and 4 as a grandfather.” So what I want to know is there a unifying thread that connects all of those parts of your life?
  • NORMAN: I think the unifying thread is – you know there are 2 little words in the English language that we don’t recognize as being as important as they are (for me) and they are: OVER and NEXT. When something is over, it’s over and we’re on to next. And if there was a hammock in the middle of those two words that would be what the philosophers tell us is “living in the moment,” — the hanger between Over and Next.


Norman Lear has SOUL and it’s a beautiful 93-year old clunker.
He said his “life is extended by weeks ‘knowing Jefferson is ‘GIVING IT’ to Bunker.”

Norman Lear is absolutely right
though I hope they’re RACE FREE ‘on the other side.’


It’s good to laugh and Norman has always had a good angle.
The media might have “brought him” but I think he’s Gods angel.

We all are such, in a sense. We’re angel’s made by God.
Some of us are vertically docile and some prefer the horizontal nod.

Meaning some of us bow to ‘yes’ – easy and some of us run to the ‘no’
as it pertains to following the law — so into lifes trials the no nodders go.

That is, generally speaking.
So put in what’cha want to get out – karma can be wreaking.

I enjoyed Norman Lears interview with Oprah, it was substantial to the spectrum of my view
I was enlightened to learn that his favorite [closing] salutation is: To be continued…

And that’s how you know after over, there will be a next
Accept “no ends,” my friends – the continuum connects.

For Norman Lear, I have respect, to GOOD LIVING – he is an abider.
I’ll yield him the highest compliment (to a man of his time) He is an AWESOME PROVIDER.

I say that because during his SSS interview Oprah asked of ‘the highest compliment’ as a question
and he said that people would say he provided for his family – (he’s still a kid from the great depression).

I am no aficionado – no, I don’t get to call it, but I do get to WRITE the shots,
I’m Qui
and Norman has provided for more than his family with all of the series footage that we’ve got.

If you have an opportunity to catch OWNS Super Soul Sunday [Season 7 – Ep. 13], please do! It’s a treat.

Integrity TODAY

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cheatToday I woke up to another awesome documentary. This one was Lance Armstrong: Stop at Nothing and it was dope. I mean literally. Have you seen it?

Showtime pushed the documented legacy on me at 5am this morning. I woke up to drama because I’m a history eating Moma and I just can’t refuse.  I much prefer a documentary over news. I understand a docs view could also be skewed, but with so many news clips – it paints a pretty compelling view. Without further ado, let me share it with you:

UPDATE: THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED and the holders account was suspended. In fact, the entire existence of the broadcast has suddenly become difficult to obtain via search engines. I guess that little ol’ documentary made a bigger splash than the empire expected it would. Nevertheless, the following link touts access to it. Good news: Showtime is the network broadcasting the documentary, so check your listings and DVR it. I don’t know who produced the piece, but I’m thinking sales have just gone up.

Sure I lived through the debacle and I was duly pulling for Lance.
I pushed aside the haters who said that he didn’t deserve criminal chance

to race in a tour again,
and by the end
he had won seven.

when the legend becomes fact
print the story like that,
and God will straighten out it before heaven.

bike divider

What is done in the dark will soon come to light,
And since Lance was doping, are those wins still his right?

Integrity Today – can indeed be over run by selfish passion.
I missed Lance’s signs because I was focused on compassion.

I was pushing and pulling for #TeamArmstrong, because his trials were in the light.
I couldn’t believe folks wouldn’t let him breathe when all he wanted to do was ride.

A psychopath couldn’t have done it better, I suppose.
Lance had ol’ Qui by the hook of her nose.

I was a little concerned when he lost Sheryl Crow.
Sheryl is my girl, why would she choose the ‘doe [door]?

I started to slow down my rally and blinded feel
To look more into the man who pushes the wheel.

Was he pushing something more? I decided to embrace my concern.
Integrity is not a show you put on, Integrity is earned.

Once he did the Oprah interview, I really didn’t know what to think.
After 6 answers in a row of YES [to fraud], my anxious tummy did sink.

But still Lance did not admit to all things, he left Betsy Andreu holding the bag.
Why not come clean with the mates of your team? His attempt to bury was sad.

The pain of this story has hurt his mother pretty deep.
His mothers a beautiful woman, supportive and sweet.

His former team members have been burned on the bumb.
Lance’s empire of strength could suddenly yield none.

How do I feel now? Now that the 2014 documentary has had its way?
I’m Qui
A well informed she, concerned about the future of our Integrity Today.