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THIS JUST IN:  via the timeline of a friend,
large in part, by CNN:

Good morning Thursday. I know you hear me.
Your moves, your grooves — they do endear me.

I’m up, I’m awake and I’m intuitively on “the feel.”
Now that we’re over #TheHump let’s Recognize The REEL:

Clarity from MTV:


This you can’t pass:


This will make you laugh:


LAST NIGHT: Another police shooting
where “I DON’T KNOW WHY I SHOT YOU,” is the reply rooting…


Pray for the policemen they have been conditioned to shoot at
and do their best to ruin the lives of the poor, especially Black:

Narcotics Officer speaks the #TRUTH 
I never saw this broadcast. Did you?

If we can Recognize The REEL and history in its plain’ness
then maybe we can move on to amending & healing to change this.

I believe in we. It’s my intuitive feel,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, thanks for stopping by to Recognize The REEL.