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Museful Monday

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Good morning sweetheart. How goes your morn?
I’m up feeling refreshed – waiting on the dawn.

May I get you a cup of jo and a warm face towel?
Would you like an additional consonant? How about a vowel?

Ooo child, the fun that I had over the Fourth of July weekend
included me, fireworks and a rather knowledgeable gentleman.

A really good friend
is always well-worth the spend.

The #ThoughtfulPositions that we find ourselves in…
Museful Monday come hug me; I’m most thankful for friends

that can meet me in thought and inject a win.
This is exactly how I want my week to begin:

I’m SO GONE with thoughts
of overlays that I’ve been taught.

Thank you, o’ relative fun-day.
I remain excited about my Museful Monday’s.

What bringeth you – me, to further top
just what I know is cooking in the shop?

Creativity in my composition has been renewed.
I filled ‘the pot’ with sweet grinds and it brewed.

Good Morning Museful MondayI’m so into you.

You’re strong and firm; comparable to Trinity/thrice.
I commit to sip intellectualism like CROWN ROYAL on ice:

Oh, I  appreciate this day, my life, my health, and my strength,
I’m Qui
Content this morning about my museful friend. Let the dawn begin.




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Soledad conducted an awesome 2-hour special: “ALMIGHTY DEBT” – Black In America” and Anderson Cooper tackled an even tougher topic: “BLACK OR WHITE” – Kids On Race”. Amazing stuff. Did you see them?

Lets start with BLACK OR WHITE: Kids on Race
This pretty girl hates the brown skin on her face:

So not much has changed in our childhood perceptions since the fifties
Though skin pride in the white community is admirable and positively nifty.

You can’t be mad at a race of people who love themselves: outwardly and within.
Thus it’s our duty to teach our kids to internally shine & POSITIVELY love their black skin.

When I was younger, my parents never discussed race
I remember the day I learned I had black on my face.
My sister told me — I was without a clue, unoblivious, and unaware.
I was drawn into what I saw through the televisions glare.

I really didn’t know I was “black” before that solitary day
and my dreams of being “Blondie” went brunett’ing away…

Who doesn’t want to be
“the positive person” they see on TV?
Who doesn’t want to be
negatively stereotyped like me?

Black people must early develop a resilient and thick skin.
Perhaps acknowledging origin and history is where our conversations should begin…

I sure hate that hate is so deep seeded over something so trivial as color.
I suppose the surface reveals that we relate to a color before we call ‘equal brother’.

Then there was Soledad O’brien covering a topic many haven’t mastered yet,
and that’s the overcoming of Blacks in America: ALMIGHTY DEBT.

There was a kid trying to get into college and scholarship winnings were rough
He managed to get a few federal granted funds, but obviously not enough.
Post his first year of college, he’ll be in a whopping $16K worth of debt
The price of his American Dream is just getting started — bet!

There was a married couple, who clawed their way to success on hard work & commissions
Whose accomplishments: cars and real estate loans are up for foreclosure mention.
They’re high school daughter seems to be unaware of current recession days.
She does $400 worth of shopping a month on a credit card her big brother pays.
Whilst Her parents unpaid mortgage phase is running out of time delayed…

The other couple in study was headed by a man – a former insurance co. CEO
who has found the last 2 unemployed years to be a test of his faith… like Job.
And so, the pastor of his church intervened (as he’s done for many others many times before),
and arranged a business networking thang’ to help the unemployed brother score.

The same pastor [Rev. Soaries] watches over the freshman and the commissioned workers as well,
He’s teaching his congregation to be debt free and shooting ‘the notion of drowning in it‘ – to hell.

It’s a logical sale: DON’T SPEND MORE THAN YOU MAKE.
God knows “WE” as a culture love a little “bling-bling” on our plate
Or in our grills
Ask Kanye & Paul Wall- for real. 🙂

Me? I pay my tithes. Me? I love my skin
Me? I’m Black in America and these forums are a great continuance of thier begin.
I’m Qui

Recent topics look alot like me and my kin.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards went HARD

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The 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards Show

This years broadcast was OUTSTANDING and was a 2 hour show
For the first time in a long time I prayed that time would pass slow.

The span of land distance and variety that was covered
Reminded me of why I’m a Southern Music Lover!

Tonight I was one jamming mother & enjoyed every state and its voice;
To give it up uninhibitedly (without censorship) has always been my choice.

Much like Uncle Luke of 2 LIVE CREW
Did you hear what he told the TEA PARTIERS to do?

[hint: He extended to FREE SPEECH HATERS: An offer to kiss his arse]
Yes sir – Yes ma’am…the Hip Hop Honors broadcast went hard.

Didn’t you love BIG MAN Jermaine Dupree and how the ATL REPPED?
Last years show was strong but this year has got to be among THE BEST!

Organized Noise’s song performers really got down —
I enjoyed the white dude w/the black socks whose skills rocked & “the dance moves” of Sleepy Brown.

I enjoyed Bun B reppin’ the “Lone T” and Mr. Paul Wall too.
I was also entertained by Lil’ Jon “hype man’ing” like he do.

What most excited me was the informative interviews
That served as a great foundation; an educational hue.

J. Prince is a man that I’ve long known could hit the spot
He’s the brain child behind the joints we’ve jammed to through RAP-A-LOT.

Bow Wow Represented — his performing skills were definitely in the house–
Though the party really picked up when we dropped in on VA’s “South”.

Timbaland represented and Missy held it down
Reiterating their position in Hip Hop hailing “the VA crown”.

Pitt Bull flavorfully repped Florida and Trina deliciously thickened the scene
The outfit she wore was leotard short but she kept the performance clean.
The entire production was mean.

Please tell me you saw it? Do tell me you tuned in,
I’m Qui
A pretty happy fan of The VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards 2010

F.Y.I. — The credits said Fab5Freddy Co-Exec‘d it
…he’s always associating himself with HITS!
Can this guy do anything else besides WIN? 🙂