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No longer do you have to compromise on speed when you buy a sleek, thin laptop. Ultrabooks come with the power of 2nd Generation Intel Core processors (, and they’re less than 1-inch thick.

There are a few that come to mind off the cuff: Samsung Series 5 BPU530u4b-A01US with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor, Dell XPS13-0015SLV with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor, Toshiba Portege with 2nd Gen Intel Core i3 processor, and the Asus Zenbook UX31-RSL8 with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor.

There are 3 things to look for when shopping for a new lap device: Performance, Style & Design, and Responsiveness.

PerformanceGreat multitasking power, supports 1080p Full HD movie downloads, HDMI outputs so you can watch on your HDTV and long battery life.

Style & Design1-inch thin. How much less bang do you want for your buck? lol!

ResponsivenessSSD’s. Not to be confused with and means nothing close to STD’s. SSD’s are a quick responsive asset. SSD stands for solid-state drivers.

Recently my 17″ MacBookPro with all the fixins broke down on me right in the middle of a MOTIONS class. Lucky me, I had to take a trip to the Apple store and take a seat at the Genius Bar. Nervous for sure. Turns out my video card was bad and unresponsive. The tech was so laid back, quick in diagnosis and cool. Then he said, the cost to repair the video card is $526.50. Knowledge is power – sure, but I just felt naked. Desperate and naked. Thinking (nearly aloud) ‘where in the world am I going to get that kind of dough from on a Tuesday night?’ another tech walks up, analysis the findings and says, while it’s true my warranty is up, (I purchased it in 2008), the replacement would be at no cost to me. Then he jargon’ed tech savviness to the other tech. I signed a contract of repair and was out of there. 7 days later, I’m back with my baby. Muah! She works like new. The Apple techs also cleaned my laptop like NEW! When I turned it on, it had a scuff mark atop of it. When I picked it up, I almost wanted to put it in a box, velvet, or at least wear gloves because it was so clean.

All the same, I now see the importance of having another lap device to lean on, to share the work load with besides my main piece. In her absence I used a DELL. It rode hard, but I missed my Apple. However, in these economic times my budget does not look like Apple money. It’s kind of sounds like it’s screaming pc money. That’s why I’ve been following pc technology of late.

So I ain’t mad at INTEL for doing their thing
and anchoring at the core of many scenes.

I’m not mad at APPLE for being good to me
as I reel this Final Cut legacy.
I am not mad at all.

I am however concerned that
Once you go Mac – you never go back.

I’m Qui
a technology she with a bit of a researching knack.
Can I go back?

INTEL in your Smartphone Cell

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ARM (The Architecture for the Digital world) has owned the internals of the general cell phone with the exception of Apple iPhones of course – however, that is soon to change.

Recent TECH NEWS cites that INTEL has teamed up with Lenovo & Motorola and is investing in ‘The Smartphone game’, and that’s not all —> they’ve also been working with DELL on a crazy Ultrabook piece with multi functional screen positioning as well as some type of 3D holographic thing where you can motion swipe your projected view.

The holographic type thing is being pitched for use in shopping. The concept: Imagine seeing a sneaker in 3D, 360 rotations, or even how it would look on your foot. I liken the thought to the type of technology Tom Cruise used in his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series. You know, the mid-air swipes Tom made at the holographic screen that was his computer? Or something like that.

The game changer: The difference between the semiconductor chips that Apple products are based on, or that ARM products are based on versus the semiconductor chips that INTEL will be using is that — Apple and ARM outsource their semiconductor work while INTEL does it all in house. That has the potential to save millions in production and reflect an affordable price for the consumer. So top notch innovation at an affordable price… Who wouldn’t welcome that?

I’m a MacBook Pro girl, but hey – I’m peeping the PC game.
Determined to change it up, INTEL adds KNOWLEDGE & their name.

Peep a couple of the links that I’ve listed below
if you’re “the gadgety type” who likes to be in the know:

Intel at CES 2012
CES Crowd with Ambitious Plans
Watch INTEL’s CES 2012 key note livestream!

I’m all over my new Apple iPhone 4S.
I’m an Apple head because Apple’s the best.

That’s a personal opinion. Though I think it’s enough.
I think their Fourth Quarter Earnings will back the fact up.

But this isn’t about Apple Smartphones – they’re doing fine and well.
This is about a new player in the game – this is About INTEL.

I don’t think ARM is all that messed up about it. They own the cell phone world,
I’m Qui
That researching she – documenting ‘whats to be’ – because I’m a gadgety girl.
….with a seriously moist “IN THE KNOW” pearl. (-:

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