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Do You Feel That

In Communication, Video on March 22, 2023 at 5:54 am

The day is fresh with a seasoned hue.
Dry land is covered with a moist dew.

Some may call it Spring, but I call it New.
There’s something different about the ambient of me and you.

Please tell me that you feel it, too?

Peace and organization have increased in my space.
The Heavens are beautiful, and I am amazed.

The first thing that I do upon waking up
is to bow and thank God for his merciful love.

Truth be told, someone crossed over from natural causes last night.
With a smile, I arose from bed with no beckon from daylight.

I was up shortly after 3 this morning.
I feel amazing, and my TMJD is yawning.

My smile is amazingly true.
I’m looking in the mirror and smiling at you.

Yes, you. I am a reflection of my environment.
It is with thee that all of my time is spent.

As long as you walk the Earth, we’ll always be close.
You are the society that I learn from the most.

I think that you love me…but sometimes you may not know.
You mean to be expressive but don’t know how to produce a “show.”

No worries, though, because as long as you’re alive,
there’ll always be time for you to recognize and vibe. 🙂

Good morning, Beloved. Yes, I am still talking to you.
Feel the love around you because you are due.

Accept no less and participate to make it true.
I hope to be among the first today to tell you:

On your next inhale, accept that you deserve that fact.
Then pay forward the feeling because you feel that.

Feels Like…

In Griot, Self Improvement on December 3, 2022 at 3:15 am

Quite a bit feels different today…
Yesterday’s tide has rolled away.

It’s the nature of things; the order of Earth.
24-hours ago is “yester,” so, today bears new birth.

A new baby, a new situation, a brand new dance
Remember to pray and risk nothing on chance.

Alas, it’s the month of December, where Sagittarius‘ do neigh.
They storm the barn with love, no harm – and it’s an honor to participate.

They are my good-time Fire Sign fam.
And no one enjoy a good barn charm, more than those Rams.

The Capricorn‘s horns stand next in line.
In a few short days it will be their time.

Winter is a welcomed breeze and I feel like we ought to pray,
that a ram be in the bush for world peace as we approach Christmas holiday.

We could all use it.
If better is available, we should all pursue it.

What do you say?
Feels Like the answer is in our day.

Whatever are we going to do with it?
Locate peace… locate love and get with it.

I’m already “getting-it.” I woke up “on it” before 3.
Waking from a deep slumber, my desire for good lumber
‘located good love and I found peace.
quite the sweet release. 🙂

Meditate on it, if you like. Just be sure to rise and go get it.
Feels like intimacy is dormant in the sheets? Release it and get with it.

Saturdays always feel like love to me, as do Sunday through Friday,
I’m Qui
into the newness of “Oui.” Let’s make today an intimate high day.

In the most intimate of truths, I certainly hope that you do.


In Communication, fitness, Griot, News, Self Improvement, Video on June 1, 2020 at 7:59 am


We Rise.

It’s Monday, dear beloved and the sun is out.
Authorities sift through what the weekend was about.

Me, too.
Change by and large is due.

I recollect and accept evolution.
I think the people were protesting revolution.

The U.S. is a collected institution, please don’t be duped.
We are to love and protect our country not burn and loot.

We must love each other more. I know it sounds Sunday School’ish.
Though for what is going down with man — some of it is foolish.

I think we all know that.
I’m not giving up – I want peace back.

I want you.
Good morning, beloved. What are you up to?

Perhaps you are tired — if you stayed up late?
Perhaps you are laid off and without financial grace?

Is that why you were out in the streets protesting?
Many didn’t protest for George and are now confessing.

Many more than before protested their weekend away .
I was curious of the intent. What did they really have to say?


I think the people are upset about being unemployed.
They think that Congress is ineffective; they’re annoyed.

Today is Monday and most folk still have a lot of free time.
The weekend was long on their minds… satellite news sifts the rewind.

Sifting can be organizing; to recap the acts of any day.
Though before you take it all in, let’s meditate and pray.

I’m in a space that I dig a a lot.

I am in my office; the peace is lofty.
Meditating on good intent keep’s bad energy off me.

You should try it.
It’s free; you don’t have to buy it.

Peace is ours. Don’t leave it on the table.
Change is necessary and we are more than able.

Meditate on breathing; thank God for your life.
Stand and stretch it out – go forward with the light

of wisdom.
God loves his children.

God loves you.
And I don’t know if you know this — but I do, too.
Yes.  I love you.
I don’t care what humanity is going through,
it won’t stop me from loving mankind and you.

I’m pushing positive energy towards our collective good; that’s why I meditate and pray a lot,
I’m Qui
Monday morning, I’m glad to meet thee. I accept and embrace the good of change;  Woosah.

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