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I don’t like ALL NUTS

In Griot, News on April 25, 2014 at 8:48 am

All Nuts[4.27] This Just In — More News on nutty and distasteful hitters,
per Don Sterling, the owner of the NJ CLIPPERS.

Don is a married man who’s on audio, talking to his side chic
about her and Magic Johnson sharing a smile on an Instagram pic:


He’s asking her why it is that she wants to be associated with blacks,
and request that she not be so public; keep black associations under wraps.

The ex-girlfriend is mixed, Mexican and Black,
and she wasn’t going out like that.

Surely for “feuds sake,” she gave the audio to TMZ
and now old man Don Sterling is making new history.

Cards on the table.
Thanks for letting me see.

What is it with the racial outbursts? What thing has caused this nastiness to erupt?
What makes today a better day to slang racism to the gut?

Yet another question is why would Don Sterling ever think it’s okay
to make such a racist request in his black girlfriends face?


I don’t like them all, just pecans, peanuts and walnuts – chopped.
Though I hear pistachios are good… well, their commercials are pretty hot.

Nuts provide a healthy fat – please be thorough when you’re chewing.
And as for that NUT, Cliven Bundy in Nevada – what on earth is he doing?

Yes. I did go there. You knew it was coming up.
Why else on a Friday – a natural high day, would I hit on the topic of NUTS?

I do like pecans, they are a necessary fat,
especially when finely chopped in a shortbread cookie snack.

I prefer my chopped walnuts to be in an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie
and in my COLD STONE CREAMERY scoop. #TreatFan! I am no rookie.

Peanuts. I’m glad I don’t have allergies, because that would truly hem
my relationship with those fun-to-eat peanut M&M’s.

Almonds. I just remembered, I really like these too.
Especially the flavored ones, whose brand name starts with BLUE.

But I don’t like ALL NUTS and I question how others could deem yummy
the revolting actions and statements of that NUT Cliven Bundy.

It’s Friday baby! We made it because we absolutely didn’t give up.
I’m Qui
Cracking on Bundy – because it’s true, I don’t like ALL NUTS.

Here’s CLIVEN BUNDY on Negros picking cotton: