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Capitalizing off of De-Criminalization

In Griot, News, Politics on June 27, 2011 at 10:11 pm keeps the numbers...

I thought this little widget was insightul, so I copied the code, but it wouldn’t paste properly for me via wordpress, so I took a snapshot of it. The information therein is accurate [source], but the actual widget was a live minute by minute calculation of realtime manifesting numbers.

There was also a tightly rolled column on the subject highlighting Texas Republican Ron Pauls stand behind decriminalization based on the results of a lost war on drugs. Marijuana arrests and sentencing weighs heavy on the side of brown races.

There’s money to be saved and made:

State and federal governments in the United States face massive looming fiscal deficits. One policy change that can reduce deficits is ending the drug war. Legalization means reduced expenditure on enforcement and an increase in tax revenue from legalized sales.

This report estimates that legalizing drugs would save roughly $41.3 billion per year in government expenditure on enforcement of prohibition. Of these savings, $25.7 billion would accrue to state and local governments, while $15.6 billion would accrue to the federal government.

Approximately $8.7 billion of the savings would result from legalization of marijuana and $32.6 billion from legalization of other drugs.

So there is money to be had
and why is smoking pot so bad?

God created the natural seed.
No mixing of ingredients – it’s just a weed.

Pfizer is mixing up stuff that is sure to damage & health wreck;
Have you checked the label of your RX and its crippling side effects?

Oh yes. We’ve got drug dealers, but we call them “pharmaceutical makers”.
They don’t want weed legalized, if it’s going to be a business taker.

Who needs Diazepam [Valium] when you can have kush?
I’m Qui
and I’d rather go natural than be a pharmaceutical mush.

Legalize weed and limit the RX greed,
all while tending to the DEFICIT bleed.