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In Communication, encouragement, Griot on May 17, 2023 at 3:15 am

Out of town…

Down the Street…

…In your dreams when you are sleep.

Up the road where you can afford…

Camp-out at a friend’s for free room and board.

Install new curtains/bedding to escape while in-house.

Whatever you do refresh the view — especially if you can’t get out.

Travel is necessary because life can become stale and mundane.

Travel via your favorite show; get dolled up and hang.

Me? I travel often. I’m on my third trip in so many days.

Inspired by nature’s views, I script ‘what you say

in public and especially behind closed doors.

Travel via perception to incite the mind to soar.

I invite you to go there and have a great time.

Meet me at the bar of intellect and sublime.

Pack light.

Adulting is optional.

Get Here.


Sexy Saturday

In News on April 7, 2018 at 7:13 am

createherstock-creator-hotel-isha-gaines.jpgWhat do you know about sexy?
I understand the dimensions – I invite you to check me.

I’m up early to overcome whatever it is that may vex me.
If it’s physical there’s no wrong in requesting of your lover, “Sex me.”

Dimensional relief is a vexed man’s plight.
Sexy and I? I’m pleased to say that we’re doing alright

business-computer-connection-450035.jpgbut then Saturday comes along
singing a much more intimate song.

Not quite about being right or being wrong.
“Sexy Saturday” is a 24-hour period that you need to hone.

Perhaps you want to get your productive stride on?
Then find yourself learning more than is required for your career Jones.

Set it up today and Monday it will bloom.
Sexy Saturday’s are for a more meaningful boOm!

Feel it. Be consumed; consider relinquishing to it,
I’m Qui
Encouraging you a Sexy Saturday. Pick a niche and just do it!


In Griot, Sports on March 28, 2010 at 5:46 pm

Girls to the Hoop

Sure Brit [#42] is young and making ‘dunking and fouling’ headlines
But did you know Maya Moore [#23] is also on the HOOP’la shine?

The time is thiers and the NCAA basketball court is their scoring play.
Have been watching the way these young ladies aggressive drive & lay?

Initially the female games (to me) were “cute” with an occasional foul — as a miner,
but that was before Maya Moore hit the floor or the passionately physical Brit Griner.

I stand behind her, watching the ESPN games and cheering the dames on.
I’m Qui
Digging the athletic mini-me’s. Skills like THESE will make the WNBA strong!