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A SIGN of the WHO

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We’re all different but the same.

When is your birthday and what is your sign?
Which one is responsible for your irresistible shine?

For such queries, I turn to my character bible – on a dime.
For therein, I lace up characters traits by divvying them a sign.

Most times if I’m in a bind and I need a resourceful cat to rise,
I make the character a Sagittarius with alluring and captivating eyes.

Do you write? If you do, you’re probably a romantic with a huge ego.
I’d also be willing to bet, that you, my dear, may be a Leo.

Or I’ll assume that you know of one.
Leo’s are sunny and encompass bold fun.

Though, if you’re shy from being loud and still manage to draw a crowd every where you go,
you, o’ charming one may be a Virgo.

Picky, picky, you are and like the Leo mentioned before you,
feline are particular indeed but even they can’t resist to adore you.

Leo’s are picky and particular but when it comes to tact they can fall prey ‘to forgo.’
Tact is a built-in trait, that is often present in the Aquarius flow – and I love them, yo.


Mixed Bag of Nuts

Don’t you?
For their dearest friends there’s little that they wouldn’t do.
Aquarius’ love Leo’s and that’s good because Leo’s love them, too.

If I’m looking for a strong fire; an interactive tease,
I tend to script the dominance of those towering Aries.
Ooo wee.
Do you have an Aries in your life? I have a 3.

Are you one to fall for the melodramatic and emotions of the sea?
Then you might be a fan of the 2-fish-band Pisces.

They are soft-hearted, fun, giving and open.
They don’t mind crying, wallowing and mopin.

Their easy going nature is good for intimate goatin.’
If crafting a character with underlying motives, I make him a blowfish.

I love a person that comes with their own side,
therefore, when I think double-stitch, I think Gemini.

Double-stitch on an Italian shoe looks good and on most leather goods – it is word,
but if you’re looking for smart and practicality – then Capricorn is verb.

They are sweet and sour; yield depth and power. Capricorn’s rarely take NO for an answer.
And that vibes well with depths of the “VIP Cancer.”


They’re different but the same.

When it comes to being aristocratic, Cancers own the slot,
They can thrive in a barrel of chaos, where Libra will not.

Chaos throws the scales off balance and vision gets hazy,
scripting a Libra is favorited for the charmed, the romantic and crazy.

Leo’s are crazy too, as are those duplicitous Gemini’s,
but no one is more consistent than Scorpio on the stinging rise.

Do you love a Scorpio? I love several,
I script these personalities if I want to chase off the devil.

They can be some stern folks, and that ain’t no bull.
Speaking bull from shoes to attitude Taurus‘ arsenal is full.

So when scripting a character who walks boldly and cares not to fold,
Taurus comes to mind and their shoe game is always gold.


Chris Paul is a TAURUS. Who knew? #ShoeGame

We’re all different but the same
and it’s fun to identify with a zodiac name.

So, When is your birthday and what is your sign?
I’m Qui
Loyal to the soil, Leo is my sign and I’m big on playtime.

What do you think about zodiac and signs?
Use the comments section to weigh-in your chime.

I love me some LEO’s

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Painting by REED HOUSTON © 2014

Painting by REED HOUSTON © 2014 – Click the pic to visit his work.

I can’t say enough about my Summer loves,
all of the co-mingling and all of the hugs.

Summers have always been my favorite season,
August 15th is my primary reason.

I’m a sunshine baby – don’t you know?
Meow and Prrr, I am Ms. Leo.

The weekend was great – a real sonic boom!
I’ve been misbehaving myself in the LEO’s ONLY room.

I love me some LEO’s, we are very entertaining folk.
We’re full of advice, be it warm or nice and known to yank your yolk.

We love you tho, and we love you big.
Do us wrong and it we’ll split your wig.

Oh. I kid – we’re nice people, not quick to fight, we roar.
And when it comes to reaping success, those LEO’s are charged to score!

I love me some LEO’s – it’s an all encompassing thang’,
Those Lionesses run the yard, those Leo males rule the mane.

Loyal to the bone, we prefer to rule the heart.
Quick on the take – Leo’s are known for being smart.

We’re known for being sarcastic, quick witted and quipped with words.
I’m Qui
And I love me some LEO’s. Good morning world, and now you’ve heard.

As not to be completely bias, I do want you to know,
I also love those Pisces, Sagittarius’, and Virgo’s.