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Hump back, hump back, hoochie mama

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a HUMP in her back

It’s what I call myself when I knock film and web administration projects out of the box on a Wednesday morning before 6:30am. You can call me that too. I’m proud about it!

Quitters never win and Winners never quit
Today is HUMP DAY and my work ethic’s a hit!

divider blk_south

Humpin’ wit’ it!
Creativity? I’m Jumpin wit’ it!

Surely being a work-a-holic isn’t a real punishable sin,
because I’ve been “on it and focused”… so totally Plugged IN.

I’m the host with the most, who loves to film and web design.
I’ve taken the City’s event, shot and edited it on a FC timeline.
And everything is fine.

The website that I built to host their last concert
knocks all other Talent PR Work in the dirt.

I’ve built a 25-page embedded site, as if I was admin thirsty
then laid down the vids I’ve edited, (which in total was about 30).

I did it single handedly – the editing and web administration duties.
That’s why I woke up this morning dancing and shaking my booty.

Ooo wee. I really can’t help myself.
For at least a month, I’ve been working solo and stealth.
Yes, and it was good for my health.

And today is WednesdayHump Day, and I’m certainly down with it!
I’m Qui
with my hands on my knees, feeling free – I’m gonna have to HUMP WIT’ IT!



PLUGGED IN and Turnt Up

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I just want to start this morning off by saying:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.44.02 AM

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!? Click pic to PLAY Video


The other reason that I’m on fire, and woke up feeling flight,
is because The PLUGGED IN Concert is going down tonight!!!

Recently I wrote About The 80’s and of the music of the time,
MTV, Rock n Roll and Rap immediately came to mind.

Plugged IN Concert 2014Well when this PLUGGED IN event was in pre-production and in the audition stage,
I saw the talent and deemed it valiant; reminiscent of those 80’s days.

I remember waking up to Headbangers Ball and getting YO! MTV Raps, on the weekends.
I remember thinking Motley Crew, Metallica and De La Soul were my personal friends.

It was a beautiful adolescents begin and to good music I am still kin,
which is why I’m excited about tonights concert: PLUGGED IN.

If you’re in the Chandler (Phoenix) metroplex this eve and you’re looking for something to do,
please know, there’s a seat for you at the concert and — It’s FREE too!
(Donations will be appreciated)

I am turnt up, for REEL, for QUI FILMS will be reeling the show,
I’m Qui
and I woke up like this. I’m giddy-beaming. Come with. Let’s go!

PLUGGED IN and Turnt Up
I’ll save a seat for you in the cut.

Visit the Chandler Center for The Arts website for more info: