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Don’t beat me Mr. Officer – Sir

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Enabled to BEAT the DISABLED

Officials from the U.S. Department of Justice Thursday morning are expected to announce the federal agency’s findings from a more than 14-month-long investigation into Portland police use of force.

The federal agency opened a civil rights investigation June 28, 2011 to determine whether the Portland Police Bureau engages in a “pattern or practice’’ of excessive force, particularly against people with mental illness.
Assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas E. Perez came to Portland last June to announce the federal inquiry. He said then that the review was prompted by a significant increase in police shootings during the prior 18 months, the majority involving people with mental illness …click here to read more


Attorney Crump is Crunk about…

Policemen using excessive force with arrested and hand cuffed civilians. Benjamin Crump is an attorney representing TrayVon Martin’s family. After successfully bringing TrayVon’s case to light as the trial of George Zimmerman is currently being tried, he has been retained by 3 families in Los Angeles. And while the 3 families are not related to one another, their stories of police brutality are:

  • Aug. 31, when police said a 35-year-old mother of two, Alesia Thomas, had died in the back of a squad car after she was detained. An in-car video revealed “questionable tactics and improper comments” by police during Thomas’ arrest. The footage has not been made public.
  • Ronald Weekley Jr., 20, a college student shown in a cellphone video being pinned to the ground and punched in the face by police who stopped him for skateboarding in traffic on Aug. 18.
  • Aug. 21 arrest of a 34-year-old nurse, Michelle Jordan, who was pulled over for using a cellphone while driving. Videotape of that incident showed LAPD officers slamming Jordan, already handcuffed, to the ground twice before appearing to give each other a “fist-bump.”

This racial thing is getting worst.
More minorities are getting hurt.

And not for reasons of being ‘in the wrong.’
But because brutality is being laid on strong.

In question are our supported police officers;
Who we trust to hold our civil peace coffers.

How many times have I passed a motorist in distress,
immediately after a cop did? What a helpful mess.

What has happened to Alicia Thomas, (God rest her soul),
Will come back on the officers — because karma is cold.

Arresting Ronald Weekly Jr, for skateboarding in traffic –
didn’t warrant the peace officers brutal harassment.

And for the RN Michelle Jordan – who was driving and talking on her cell phone –
the police didn’t have to body slam her (twice). Their response was unjust and wrong.

Every since President Obama took office in 2008,
we’ve found more instances of racial hate on our American plate.

Surely the police will stop and beat whomever they want.
Though it seems “the browner races” are the ones to haunt.

It’s not what they deserve – thus there’s a backlash of calamity.
I’m Qui
Pleading with the men that wear the peace-blue to abandon brutality.

Karma is real and does not stop after your shift ends.
Please know that the harm you inflect will come again,
to harm you, your loved ones and/or a beloved friend.
Bad karma is renewed at each hateful begin.

Be of good tidings, spread peace and gain the peoples trust.
Brutal deeds will be revealed with or without Attorney Crump.

A little off kilter

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I don’t know why —
but all isn’t right.
We’ve got violent incites
folks taking other peoples lives.
This is not the way to our universal thrive.

But it is a sign — one that I don’t mind adding a filter,
because weak folk are on a slippery slope and a little off kilter

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And the beat goes on…

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Hello baby – how are you really doing?
Are you surviving this congressional screwing?

Are your wages low and the rent too damn high?
Are you enjoying the staple poverty in your life?

Are you so sick of being last – so sick you could choke?
Well 201 2 is your chance to speak out and vote.

Wall Street is hosting a protest as we speak.
The people are peaceful in lining up in the street.

It’s now 13 days past & they’re still in organize.
A commander is being investigated for pepper spraying eyes. *(click link see video)

The media footage that exploits it was taken this weekend,
The brutality is so raw, it looks like 1968 again;

However the bullied protesters this time have white skin.
Ah-ha! Let the UNCIVIL investigation begin .

Herman Cain is doing his thang in the GOP run,
But he won’t win the nomination grin – he’s for good ideas and fun.

Disrespect? I mean absolutely none.
I dig his mind – he’s an intriguing sum. 🙂

Chris Christy is being called out of his comfort zone and into the spotlight.
He boasts he feels the presidential call – but the timing (for him), is just not right.

Rick Perry is down in the polls, he just doesn’t debate too well.
His charm was short lived – the tea party taketh & give
and have shot his once lead straight to hell.

Have a heart and take heart Perry, Everything will be cool.
At least illegal immigrants will be able to afford collegiate school.

I feel the same way as you brother and I’m certainly not taking it back.
But then again, I’m a liberal friend – a brotherly loving Democrat.

And the beat goes on, Life is surely good to me.
I awake everyday to film smiles for miles–
Those Happy Reflections are KEY.

I feel like it’s spring, with the allergies to match.
Texas is the place to be if tour selling things like a non allergy patch.

Excuse me, and I’m back on beat again,
I’m Qui
That happy Pre-Friday she about to dip & wash my hands.