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A new box? This is surely an old one.
With corners so weak, this isn’t a bold one.

The contents of this box are stale as well.
Someone taped it up and labeled it hell.

What the well? Who votes to hail this box beholden?
The contents are irrelevant; nothing is golden.

An old box holds old rocks and hints of chicken pox.
It smells like old white cheese and musty socks.

I’m not a big cheese lover, though on nachos it rocks.
I’m not into cheese as in a coward, who’s trying to please;
I’m not into cheese-smelling socks.

So I wear clean socks
and when I’m packing I use a strong box.old-boxes.jpg

I only use old boxes when I’m packing away trash.
Old boxes contain old views; a DO NOT RECYCLE stash.

North Korea spoke out this weekend and with teeth; they didn’t gum it.
They told the world, our country is a flaky girl; this after the summit.

The moves that this administrator is making are a real game changer.
Word from NK is America is going about business acting gangster.

Not that I listen to NK-Radio or anything
but this isn’t the song that we want history to sing.

It won’t bode well for us tomorrow.
No one helps the gangster-actor in his time of sorrow.

Our international allies aligning with us around the world is what rocks!
Somebody call UHAUL, because we need A NEW BOX.

Uhaul, overhaul; we need a new content (country) holder.
Make his corners strong and allergic to wrongs.
Yield him wisdom, compassion, and wide shoulders.
Strong like Samson — to move boulders.

I miss the years 2008 through 2016;
the last time America’s box had strong corners and seams.

We need A NEW BOX, this one cannot hold squat.
I’m Qui
an observative she
and it looks like we need A NEW BOX.

Is that a smile that I see?

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jon-stewart-smirk…because life is so fragile I keep an inner monologue running just to keep in touch with myself.
The puppeteers of society are not in mass favor but almost always for the suits of wealth.

We are to each take care of our health and that is of your finances and your body –
because if you’re looking for others to look out for you… “Ha! and Loddy-doddy.”

Remember Pootie Tang? I do — and he would be the best one to verse on the say
of what we are doing with the schtick “politics” in the good ol’ USA.

It’s funny honey,
and it’s all about money.

I ain’t mad — I kind of like it.
World not going your way? Throw in more cash and spike it!

It’s a game. It’s a game and I am duly seeing the moves.
It’s a lot like chess, the rich place their bets and we’re off to the race of deep grooves.

Casualties? Yes, casualties happen. The poor fall by the way side;
the middle class may be bruised but thank God the rich will thrive.

Yes I smile. Child if you don’t it’ll make you cry.
If you ask me am I happy? Honey, “Da,da,da.

Yes, I’ve got my cup of jo, it’s early and I’m just having a little fun,
I’m Qui
Most definitely keeping it real with thee before the rise of the Arizona sun.

Crack a smile.
Reality is a comical wile.


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alison and mitch 10_2014Alison Grimes looks like her campaign will be left behind as she continues to avoid confession.
She’s really stumped on Old Mitch McConnells grunt as it pertains to the last prez election.

Mitch McConnell: Who did you vote for in the last presidential race?
Alison: (the look of encroachment is all over her face).

But why? Why the un-comfortability? It’s really not that serious.
If you voted for the loser, you weren’t the only one delirious.

KY has their hands full, as we all do with the upcoming month.
Today is the perfect day for a NEWS PERUSE hump.

Happy Hump Day babies! I hope you woke up smiling,
I did, in addition to my hearts emotions wilding.

2014 HipHop AwardsThe BET AWARDS went HARD last night.
It duly interrupted my thought of write.

I duly enjoyed ‘the cypher’ intro’s
and each talented player throwing lyrical blows..

Doug E. Fresh took the mic and his mom was in tow.
Doug E. Fresh kept it 100% and stole our hearts during the show.

David Banner was in a cypher line up and Common was featured on stage,
flaming last nights #HipHopAwards fire that still burns today in rage!

I jammed non-stopped. I’m surprised I’m not skinny.
Because when it came to old school dances, last night I pulled plenty.

The news is full of music and politics.
One burns calories and one will make you sick.

I don’t have any bones to pick with anyone. I’m ready to cast my vote,
However, I am curious as to why dems would distance themselves from President O?

Health care numbers look good and folks are paying back taxes.
I know that I’m not lying, the IRS found my rears axis.

I duly got behind
during that 3-year recession bind.

I’m happy to report, I’m currently “tax up-to-date”
and am happy to pay into America’s healthier fate.

Other good news is:  unemployment is down.
That’s great! No one wants to wear the unemployment crown.

COWBOYS RB Joseph RandleAlso, in the news, a lone situation with a real weird handle:
Frisco PD arrested Dallas Cowboys RB Randle.

It appears to be a very curious charge
citing Randle stole cologne, $40 and drawls.

Really? The dude on the roster of the team that won Sunday?
Felt compelled to steal some smell goods and other sundrys?

I’m a true COWBOY fan, but not much familiar with RB Randle.Dallas Defense Takeover 2014
I’m confident in whatever the details – research and law can handle.

Speaking of The Cowboys, have you been watching?
The defense is sick and the offense ain’t stopping.

I’m glad about it. Romo and the boys make it look fun.
I’m going to take this day to celebrate The COWBOYS 5-1!!!!

It’s Hump Day baby and it’s been a long time and I simply couldn’t refuse!
I’m Qui
Keeping it true and humping headlines with you in this inspired NEWS PERUSE.

Get out there and do some good,
someone will be expecting you – in your hood.


PS… Today is also the day we celebrate the home going of TINA REESE in Arlington, TX @ 5pm – Moore Funeral Home. Just another reminder that LIFE IS SHORT – LIVE BIG.

[Tribute to Tina Jo Reese: The Coaches Plan, October 15, 2014 document and audio byte]


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Yes, before Qui Entertainment, I was a writer, a living room poet who evolved into a live-and-on-stage socio-economic erotic portress. I toured the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex by demand religiously. In 2003, I was honored to open for B.B. KING in concert at Crystals in Arlington [Grand Prarie], Texas. Me on stage in formal floor length robe, corset, thigh highs and boots, talking about life and paralleling it to sex was indeed a comical, enticing and informing good time. This just a decade after the birth of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues and yet I knew not of them. I was inspired to produce the erotic poetry shows as a way to voice my views. In a sultry voice with titillating and witty parallels I would engage the audience on love, life and politics in story format and rhyme. I think I may have even sang a note or two. I commanded the floor. In 2006, Fab 5 Freddy found some of my work online and well, the rest is history to date. The latter part of December 2013 found me resisting the urge to write about life via the technique. Why? Perhaps it had to do with my pressing 2014 production scheduled. I have my hands in so many projects and so many irons are already on the fire, that I really didn’t want to lend my creative pen to tickle the outs and the ins of the format – at that time. However, with 2014 entering the scene, I’ve decided to continue to say exactly what I mean. Encompassing all, I’ll take to the pen and see what comes up. I, with writers block? Baby, that’s not my rut. corset divider

I’m a story teller who fancies sweetening the scene
with all of the tasty mundanes that lie in between.

With 2014 already in place
I think I’ll whip my wit into shape.

There’s nothing wrong with being versatile and no talents need die off.
Fashionably, I wear many hats: writer, producer and mom. I pay the cost.

Eve Ensler is inspiring. I own the book and agree with her Vagina Monologued view.
My name is Qui and it’s not all about ‘the cookie’ – but about life, me and you.

However, cookies are great and should be consumed in moderation.
Yep The Erotic Poetress is Key and she’s stirring up my writing relations.

2014 is going to be fun!
I’m going Full Qui
I’m barring none.

Dare you be Daring in 2014
Perhaps I’ll write a book…


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She is “land of the free” and lover of drama;
“home of the braves” lead by President Obama.

Home of ‘brotherly love’ (it’s what we strive to be).
Home of The Dallas Cowboys (they’re Americas team).

America marches to her own beat…
We ponied up to bailed out Wall Street.

God shed His grace for thee
But left no bailout for Main Street…
America, have you forgotten me?

Mm-Mm-Mm I do love my country
apart from it’s racial & common sense funky.

Big bang theories & evolution monkeys.
I do, I do love this dysfunctional country.

The dream of her is still in play:
Folks are migrating to the U.S. everyday.

Folks are working without Visa’s & undermining Labor Laws.
Consequences should be yielded to the H.R. hiring boss.

Shipping plant jobs overseas is to our detriment & to our loss.
A quick buck saved in the name of corporate breaks- is the root of our countrys fall.

Right hands wash the left hands & Congress is still being paid.
Lobbyist lobby for the rich – while “off of work” the middle class is laid.

Americas ground is shifty from recent gas drilling.
Home foundations will need repair –
The homeowner will pay a killing!

America: I Love You and I see what you’re doing…
The rich rape the poor, (an unauthorized screwing).

Corporations are getting tax breaks & coming up on “the take”,
The people are getting less pay & eating price hikes everyday.

America, America… who named you America?
And don’t tell me you’re a child of the latino Ferrera’s. lol!

America, America – I love you will all of my heart
And prayed that 2009 (for us) was a new start.

America, America only you can send you to hell.
Wise up or lay down. The choice is yours in 2012.

To black folks that voted 3 1/2 years ago,
And are impatient with change — “GET OVER IT – yo!”

Change takes time — surpassing many administrative cheers & jeers.
Case in point: G.W. Bush ran the country down in 8 long years. 😉

America, you’re so funny –> such a short attention span.
I’m Qui
A resident of she: AMERICA is my homeland.

Surely WE can do better.

Ignorance vs Common Sense

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Who can refuse

Ignorance vs Common Sense NEWS PERUSE

Politics really stink.

The politicians’ battalion
is being held up over 7 billion.

So the Government could possibly shut down. A GAME:
The Republicans are wondering who the people will blame.

Not so good news to sip your morning cup of jo to…
Politicians have no clue of what the masses are going through.

The tired, the huddled, the poor and the underemployed
Are no longer soothed by the Statue Of Liberty’s noise.

Held high in promiscuity and wanted by all,
She is unable to lift her skirt and beckon ignorance to halt.

The world is in turmoil – The world wants a vacation.
The world is tired of her oceans being raped by oil & radiation.

The people are tired of the officials in charge & It’s happening all around the globe.
Americans are tired of Politicians selling half cocked visions – that should never be sold.

America is split down the middle, (if only we’d be so lucky).
The battle between common sense & ignorance is already quite ugly.

The President is going up for re-election and prayers duly have on-lookers by the collar.
Supporters support the leading second term sport and are prepared to chip in on the dollar.

So the US government may shut down for the 1st time in fifteen years,
amidst the peoples cries of low wages and “don’t take our union” jeers.

If we were a fearful people — I’d say now is the time to fear.
But that’s just not an emotion that I condone or adhere. 🙂

Confusion plagues the land and common sense has fallen through the cracks.
The opposing party thinks this is a game of wit/smarty — PLAY BALL DEMOCRATS.

Get your thumbs out of your jackass past and get the elephants thumb – out of our pie.
Ecology and economics are at a disastrous low but gasoline prices remain sky high.

Ignorance is futile — so stop trying to invoke Armageddon before it’s time,
I’m Qui
Standing atop of the hump with a sign: Misleading Politics should be equivalent to a hard punishable crime.

Let’s Have a lil’ FUN

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It’ Friday – It’s Friday, and I’m letting it all hang.
I’ve got a jonesing for a HAPPY GO LUCKY ‘thang.

I’ve got filming shoots booked clean through next month.
And today will find me big wig schmoozing at lunch.

I am happy that it’s FridayI couldn’t think of a better word to name it,
I’m Qui
Digging politics, social networking, films and Entertainment.

Kicking it with YOU is always a moment of literal God sent.
THANK YOU so much, for validating my hosting rent. lol! 🙂

In case you’re wondering: What’s up with the new hair do view?
I was seeking a reflection that would free me of cares–
then I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my hair.

The Dome is important - as are The Lips

Join me in having a FUN and FANTASTIC day.


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Water Cooler BULL CORN

The water cooler social vice has been on ice every since mid term elections;
While we collectively pray “bi-partisanship” will yield productive political erections.

So as of the last two weeks, I’ve refused to delve in…
My remote control did not fall for the ‘okey doke’ on CNN.
Too much bloated news – should be a sin.

Ergo this weeks media hype isn’t pertinent, hypersensitive, nor hairy;
‘Tis The engagement of Prince Williamhe’s ready to be married.
He’s already loosing his hair, (He’s got his Dads “royal hair line” scene).
He proposed to a “cautious speaking” Katherine – giving her his Moms ring.

I saw Dick Cheney speak at George Bush’s ground break ceremony @ SMU,
He’s frail, he’s thin and had a cough that said – bear with me & pray me through.
His cane held him up but not long enough to finish his Obama cracking speech
He said he’ll finish it at the Bush Dedication ceremony – coming up in year 3.
Personally – I think we’re in the last throws of hearing from our ailing former VP.

The DIPLOMATS Sheek Louch has been in the news as of late,
Regarding his new CD cover showing him in half GORILLA face

JAY Z and Poppy Harlow recently sat down to do an insightful interview
Where Jay explains his position – where he’s from & how he made it through.
His new book may yeild us a bit of a ‘feel good story’ too. Ooo!
Nothing like a positive bind on some HIP HOP truths.

Brittany Griner continues to be diligent in working the basketball courts
But last night Maya Moore & the UCONN ladies BEAT BAYLOR: 65 to 64.

Next Saturday [11/27] the KSU Wildcats will be storming into town
Joe G will be towel rallying in DENTON — where the game is going down.
If you see me in the stands, ‘go ahead and give me a pound’.

Keri Hilson has been in the NEWS – though before today – I didn’t know WHAT FOR,
It seems she’s made a pretty cool video with a strong under toned historical score:

So it’s HUMP DAY already and good ol’ opportunity is knocking again,
I’m Qui
on a brief NEWS PERUSE – ’tis how I relate with my online kin…
Whilst our President stays busy charting a bi-partisanship win
between his multi political party friends…
Will the petty party discord ever end?