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News Peruse

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News Peruse

Toyota is starting to look like its executive seats are filled with crooks
Who couldn’t wait to boast about staving off ‘consumer safety’ hooks.
Every time I see a Toyota on the road, I switch lanes and go slow.
I’m aware of their fast flare and how they like to speed up & fly off of the road.
The owners continue to drive them — as if they didn’t care or as if they don’t know.
Toyota’s lack of responsibility is such an unattractive grow.

Earlier today I was drawn into the STEVE WILKOS Show
Regarding condoning parents of adolescents that weed smoke.
A parental poll was taken before the shows a.m. broadcast
Revealing 21% would allow ‘such behavior in their house’ & not be mad.
Especially considering what their teen age kids have to say:
“Our parents could Tell Us NO – but we’d smoke it anyway”.
The poll could use your online weigh:
Your Thoughts on KIDS Smoking Today.

MA’s new Senator shows bi-partisanship in ‘getting down’.
That’s right!The JOBS Bill received a “YAY” from Senator Brown,
As well as a few other Republican sisters & brothers.
My heart is happy – I’m a UNITY lovin’ mother.

It’s snowing in Arlington, TX again. Winter weather is healing.
It’s got me feeling sexy onsite & yearning to do some filming.
Not the X-Rated kind, but the scene will be laced with a sexy heated blow
From the smoke rings I’ll naturally exhale while filming this beautiful snow.
We’ll likely only accumulate 1-2 inches; thus it‘s only for show.
Tomorrows forecast brags that it won‘t long last.

It’s a brand new day filled with brand new opportunities,
I’m Qui
Feeling good in this global hood and digging this TX Winter freeze.
Brrrrrrrr & Oooo Weee!

Our Current Position

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The State of The Union Address

It was better than an Oprah’s “Favorite Things to Give Away” Show. There was a burst of applause with every other word the President spoke, (or so it seemed), on the other hand he was “giving the people what they wanted to hear”. How do you shut up a whiney people? You can either say, “You get a car! You get a car! and You get a car! (like Oprah does), or you can recognize and address the burdens of the middle class union and state processes and procedures that you have put in place to relieve them of their economical woes, among other things. …and that’s pretty much what President Obama did last night in his 1st State of The Union Address. Check it out::

CBS conducted a poll after the ‘applause laden’ address that proved 83% of Americans who tuned in approve of the proposals the President made.

A Few of the Highlights:
 He said jobs would be “the number one focus in 2010”
 He reiterated the need for health care reform
 44% of speech viewers polled were Democrats & 21% were Republicans.

Not bad at all. I’m stoked. In fact I’m standing & clapping @ the positive percentages right now. Hey – it feels like I’m on an Oprah Show or in the House of Representatives chamber at the United States Capitol. 🙂 What did you think about the address?