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Tactics vs. Techniques

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Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Sometimes Tactics look and feel like propaganda.
Conveyance Techniques belong to the media handle.

There is a difference.
The study is not that deep, please comprehend this:

TACTIC is defined by Webster to mean” the science and art of disposing and maneuvering forces in combat.” In todays multimedia measurement the science and art is consistent & constant messaging via social media. The idea is to repeat a message so frequently that even the most skeptical readers may reconsider the contents validity.

Then there are TECHNIQUES like 24-hour news stations that are charged with delivering unbiased local and world events, but often deliver opinions instead, albeit in a very professional format.

Tactics and Techniques are basic and the same.
Please don’t be thrown off by it’s broadcast or UI/UX frame.

These two are twins.
If you close the door on one – please don’t let the other one in.

Neither mode of fear is right for you.
If stress is trying to buddy-up, you know what to do.

Silence tactical radio, i.e., the chatter incoming
and cancel the 24- hour news in the background, humming.

Neither is working for us.
The world is in disarray and all they convey is fuss.

What if 24-hour news was rendered with no opinions
and forfeited molding Americans into minions?

What if tactical talk took a walk
because there was no audience to cheer on its squawk?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

If “if” was a fifth we would all be drunk
though some folks don’t drink and others prefer the skunk.

The point is, we are all different and life is an “either, or” situation.
The versus comes in to make your head spin
because Tactics and Techniques have a kinsman relation.

I am not sure if these T&T’s mean to add to the hell
that America is marinating in for a running spell.

Everyone whom I have polled agrees and rather quick
to how 24-hour news is making people sick.

Why then, do folks tune in?
Because they are hopeful souls in search of a good spin,

unfortunately, they haven’t found it.
I suggest we limit incoming bad news and ground it.

Don’t pander it and do not support.
Propaganda conversationalist receive my attention-thwart.

Don’t be tactical with me, please.
I like the cool you. Let’s chill at ease.

In fact, I love you. Do you love me?
I’m all about us. I’m about we.

You be also and we’ll be the difference
in curbing the nerving of T&T events.

Neither mode will continue to feed
if you and I forgo; if we no longer heed.

It’s that simple, it’s marketing…it’s all about the dollar.
The consumer should be priority #1 if not, then let him hollar.

Advertisers put their dollars into places where you and I hang out.
Understand that we’re the gold to their goal; we control the route.

I am concerned with the contagious low mood that American citizens have been in —
and pray not ‘any intentional or invisible imposing forces win.

Those forces are tactics and techniques.
Better known as conversation and information, but their influence can’t cop “we.”

Don’t be affected.
News stations fight to be different but their vibes are so connected.

I am convinced that if broadcasted conversations would change
Americans would quickly grow wiser and sooner than later switch lanes.

Right now we are in the self destruction lane.
And that isn’t where we ought to be, ‘mane.

The difference is YOU and ME,
I’m Qui
eons beyond fear: tactics and techniques.


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Good morning beloved, how do you do? Is the life of zen still with you? Is happiness still your Boo?

I certainly hope so. As we roll into Spring let’s focus on our inner glow.

Are you meditating on your breath?  Do you even know how? Focus is for everyone, let’s do some now: 

Three minutes is not too long to invest in you and your inner calm… breathe.
Do it slow, steady, and with ease.

I am grateful for the capacity to inhale and exhale oxygen that is free.

I am grateful for the breath of “we.” Now breathe.

If when you inhale you are in thought and do think — that on the exhale that something did stink?

Just gargle a little bit — then rinse and spit and breathe. Enjoy the inhale of the mouthwash’s breeze.

Life is hill’y — we all know that. But don’t take it personal; only deal in the facts — then breathe. 

It feel’s good. Let gratefulness be understood with each breath that you breathe.

Look at you doing it autonomously and with ease. I’m paralleling your in-and-out, to a “t.” 

Wednesday is a great day for introspection. Reflect and give thanks during meditation… and breathe.

Whatever it is that you have facing you today, go forth and conquer it after you pray… and breathe. 

It’s obvious that I’m focused on breath. From the moment I started, I can’t let it rest.

I am grateful for life and I don’t consider her challenges to be strife.

I meditate and I learn. I spend very little time with “yearn.”

Most things we can achieve. May our imagination be great and creativity stay on our plate, as we grow to be great… and 

This morning my mind is occupied with thanks and humility, 

I’m Qui

Thank you for spending your time with me.

Godspeed to a day of love and prosperity and please don’t forget to breathe.

Monday Morning Goodness

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QE Mag Morning Goodness


Good morning Sweetheart. How do you feel?
I spent the weekend resting. The number of hours were unreal.

I slept 8 hours each night for the last 3 days.
My dreams were pleasant. Detail recollection… a haze.

My body, well rested. I promise to goodness I slept plenty.
I haven’t slept this long and carefree strong – since I was in my 20’s.

I’m grateful, beloved. I really am. So much so, that I don’t know what to do.
Life can move at the speed of a bullet train, I much prefer this pace with you.

Good morning, You. Did you wake up with a smile?
Did you affirm that you’re good? Reinforce the days mile.

You know that I did and early. I like to rise before dawn to have my say.
While the world around me is asleep, I’m up to kneel and meditate
shortly after I pray.

Oh yes. I do both, goodness. I pray, and then I meditate.
The prayer is to give thanks, and I meditate to get my mind straight.

I kind of tune everything out and focus on my breath.
I do it for the love of life, I do it to strengthen my health.

I do it to focus my energy and open up the good flow of channels.
I do it because I want to be level headed as I observe and record annals.

Monday Morning Goodness. I’m so glad that you’re here.
I think this day will display many reasons for us to cheer.

I pray that all will go smooth and love will wash over this place.
I’ll start the process by braving my most loving and compassionate face.

Monday Morning Goodness. Let love be what reigns today,
I’m Qui
Excited about WE and the good that could be if we’d Meditate & Pray.
What do you say?

Good morning.

Photo by William Warby on Unsplash