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Farewell Dear Sir

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the-obama-familyTonight BIG LEO graced the political stage and said it:
THIS was his FAREWELL SPEECH to prelude his exit.

President Obama was real and raw in talking about one side and the other.
He’s not ever been a prejudice man – of all races he’s been a lover

and I appreciate his words of unity, his relativity and insistence to remain
that if we are to build a better world for our children we still need to change.

It’s true, change is still needed and BIGnevermind  the small.essence-president-obama-michelle
And there’s no such thing as a POST RACIAL America at all.

As sure as the President made that clear there lain he no sorrow,
because he backdoor’ed it with confessing his belief in our tomorrow.

The forum that President Obama chose to deliver his speech
held 20,000 heads – a pretty personal reach.

In times before, well at least with the last two administrations
the exiting president voiced his farewell via a small room and camera crew relation.

President Obama loves the energy of this nation and I’m glad he chose to do it BIG.
I cried during his delivery,  I really hate to see him leave — his style is one that I dig.

Because I am about change – I understand we must move on and happily, I will.
I’m Qui
saying THANK YOU Sir and FAREWELL. The change you’ve yielded – helped to push US atop of a very steep hill.

Your service to our country has been GREAT and worthy of the highest seal.

Today feels like…

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excited little black girlToday feels like an awesome day!
I’ve got the sun in my eyes, my hair and my face

I live in my own place.
Love is solid; cellophane is the division of race.

Today rises above.
I’m hopeful today will be filled with more love.

I think that life is super grand,
today I will light a candle for Sandra Bland.

Today feels like it’s going to be a winner.
I just woke up, sure, but I’m no beginner.

First I kneeled to pray – ‘don’t want to be a sinner.
Now I’m kicking it with you and cheesing like Bender.

Not just because today is one of the most awesome days of the week,excited-baby-yellow-dress
but because I am alive and I have the opportunity to hem and/or tweak

anything about me and my life that is remotely out of line.
Life allows me to appreciate you more and to perfect my reel grind.

Today is a good day to do something for yourself and your lover.
Today feels like a great day to go and visit your beloved grandmother.

President Obama is executing this very idea today.
Moma Sarah is 93 and happy that her grandson is on his way.

Today is a great day to do some work on me.
I’m easily motivated to improve ol’ girl Qui.

If you’re into #SelfImprovement then stand and say, “Oui.”
Today feels like it’s got plans of success for me and thee.

Dear Friday: Unite us and making us a compassionate WE.
Today feels fantastic, like la dee da, la dee dee.


The LEO Roared and…

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Leo and The Lion

Alex (the lion) did it first in MADAGASCAR but the leo inside of President Obama DID IT last night.

Remember Alex?

Most folks liked it, judging by BING PULSE poll last night. Me? I found it to be a key address on so many levels. I dug it prodigiously. Any chance you caught the STATE OF THE UNION (SOTU) address Tuesday evening? It was a true party to the ear canals, brain lobes and eyes (including the third one).

You know me, if it’s good intel, I can’t eat it alone and not share, so let this HUMP DAY find us humping the SOTU and rehashing the good that dwelled therein.

President Obama did not get a 100% approval rating at anytime on BING PULSE last night, that I observed, but he stayed consistently in the high 80’s and low 90’s. It was beautiful. Without further adu, let me share the SOTU address with you:


God knows all that I want is to hear a little good.
I heard the applause resounding from so many neighborhoods.

I saw the smiles on their faces and the locks of their knees
when they stood to applaud often to the words of President B.

I was happy y’all — so happy to be alive to see high leveled polls,
to think that me and my Republican brother have a SOTU we can both uphold.

No, it wasn’t a perfect address and it didn’t hit every mark,
but my God, anytime is a good time to give bipartisanship a start.

I am happy today — on this day that is personally, still a very large hump,
I’m Qui
Happy to be kicking it with thee – I’m bidding you Peace, Blessings and LOVE.

Get on out there and win. Today is all about you!
Me? I’m already digging you for dropping in to peep my view.
‘Love you.

Black Dad – White House

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BlackHistory_WhiteHouseThe title, Black Dad – White House,  sounds like a cheesy sitcom on Nickelodeon or something, but it’s not. However, if it were a scripted show, let’s be real, it would likely be broadcast on OWN. The book, “The Black History of the White House” by Clarence Lusane is an interesting read too, (click the link to see his C-Span video interview), though it never could have foretold of the fatherly impact the 2-term president would have on the lives of so many.

The truth is there is a Black Dad living in the White House that Malia and Sasha love dearly and as you’d imagine, they are not alone in their affections. Ebony Magazine recently has noted that “the presidents most important task is Father-In-Chief.” EM’s Steven Gray examines the embrace of President Obama, the dad:

“At Hyde Park Career Academy on Chicago’s south side, dozen of young people wearing tidy khaki pants and navy-blue polo shirts gathered on the stage of their high school’s auditorium.  They were ready to greet guest of honor President Barack Obama, who visited them this past February.  He rallied the kids, as he usually does at such events, and the images were striking: a Black president interacting with Black teens.  He introduced a new social mobility agenda:  the Ladders of Opportunity Program.  Still, he couldn’t help but discuss an even more vexing problem.  In 2012, nearly 65 children were among Chicago’s 443 homicide victim. “That’s the equivalent of a Newtown every four months,” he said.

As the president –and as a father– he just can’t abide by those statistics.

The White House frequently touts Michelle Obama as the mother-in-chief, dispatched to soothe families of shooting victims and to promote healthy eating.  Now that Obama is freed from the burdensome re-election calculations, it’s clear that he’s more fully stepping into his role as father-in-chief.

This is important because one of the most persistent critiques of President Obama is that he hasn’t used his position to address the particular concerns of Black men:  education, unemployment, high rates of incarceration and slowed social mobility. But listen closely and connect the dots, and you’ll notice the president has taken some key steps to deal with these issues.

As the country debated gun policies after the shooting of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin in February 2012, the president spoke out. “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon,” he said, during a White House press conference. And in this year’s state of the union address, he promoted fatherhood, saying, “What makes you a man isn’t the ability to conceive a child:  it’s having the courage to raise one.”

Later that week, he went to Hyde Park Career Academy, near his Chicago home.  He also met privately in a classroom with more than a dozen participants in the Becoming a Man project, which has helped boost graduation rates and lower violent crime arrests among at-risk men.

“The most important step
is simply to talk–
in a public, authentic
and reflective way–
about what it means
to have a Black man
in the Oval Office.”

For another example of Obama’s expanded role, look to Morehouse College, whose new president, John Wilson Jr., Ph.D., spent the last four years running the White House’s Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Barely two weeks into his new job, Wilson received a call from Washington, D.C.  The message:  President Obama wanted to deliver Morehouse’s commencement address.  Wilson quickly accepted the offer.  “It was pretty simple,” he says, admitting his deep Washington ties didn’t influence the arrangement.  “It was timing and President Obama is clearly drawn by the power of Morehouse.”

The visit carries special resonance: the country’s first Black president to deliver the graduation address at a college devoted to Black men.  “So much about him reflects what we’re trying to do here at Morehouse:  preparing young “African-American men for the world,” says Wison.

There’s rarely been a deep public analysis of Obama’s relationship with Black men in the way Hillary Clinton’s ascendance triggered a discussion about the role of women in American society.  Yet, it’s clear the president takes seriously his position as role model.  Even if the pundits don’t take to it, it’s time for Obama to start a national conversation about why dealing with some of the key challenges facing Black men ins in the nation’s best interest.

There are some key things the president can do.  First, he should start a conversation with the nation’s business leaders who are in a position to hire.  Second, he shoudl directly engage education leaders, from university presidents to kindergarten teachers.  Third, he should regularly meet with young Black men, just as he did on Chicago’s South Side.  But the most important step in simply to talk– in a public, authentic and reflective way– about what it means to have a Black man in the Oval Office.  That will signal to the world that it’s acceptable–and healthy– to discuss the achievement, failings and hopes for Black men.  Part of the president’s legacy depends on it.” [Ebony Magazine JUNE 2013] 

divider websets-bar

It seems the Black Dad suddenly has a few things to straighten out,
now that that there’s a pretty sharp example living in the White House.

I’m sure he’s a lot like many dad’s that we know in our communities;
He binds the family together, with a firm set of paternal keys.

He’s at the head of the table and at the head of most joint IRS forms.
He’s the one who may speak less but rings all disciplinary alarms.

He’s the one who fixes the car and gives you extra money for gas.
He teaches wisdom and doles street insight his offspring has never had.

He’s the one that helps to guide you through your Moms PMS attitude
In hopes to help you avoid being the recipient of one of her back hand moves.

Black Dad – White House — I don’t think he’s any different from any other,
I’m Qui
Glad to bear witness to President B. I’m a Dad-loving Mother

The kids need raising and I hope that you feel this:
To raise a single child – well,  it takes a whole village.


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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

So the President gave a speech the other day
and a heckler showed up  – who wanted to play.

She interrupted several times to talk about the nature of drones
and the American lives that are lost during their execution roam.

She asked the president if he were prepared to take the blame?
He was gentle in his response and yielded her no shame.

President Obama said her points are worth listening to, because of her passion.
His assertion of disagreement with her points was done in tactful fashion.

He listened to her intently and handled the discord with ease.
He is one cool brother. Gotta dub him President Smooth B.

He listened before responding. There was no yelling or talking above.
You don’t have to be in agreement with another to show a little respectful love.

I appreciate his show of decency it is historically noted: a presidential good look.
Seems Don Thompson, McDonalds CEO, is taking notes from Obama’s play book.

Don is in todays news, because he was called out to the front of the line
by a thoughtful and precious consumer – who wiser than her years, is only nine.

The young lady wanted to know, why McDonalds uses gimmicks to get kids to buy
food that isn’t good for them, yielding obesity and diabetes – a less quality life?

Don responded to the young lady in all due respect
and said it is under his reign than MickyD’s has made the fresh fruit connect.

There’s apples instead of fries and the giving away of free milk.
These are healthy concepts that were executed under him.

Then CEO Don went on to insert more marketing ideas – quick,
stating they’re testing a new menu item called ‘kiwi on-a-stick‘.

He lightly put it out there, that wether it succeeds is up to the tests.
But under his MickyD reign their nutritional menu is at its best.

This was good audio to hear and really explained a lot
since McDonalds has gone healthy, their demand is not hot.

I didn’t know what the reason was that kids stopped flocking to it like they used to.
But it stands to reason, good health is in season and kids have to be made to eat fruit.

An apple a day will keep the doctor away
and marketing will suffer during the transitional phase.
Have you had anyy Mickey D’s today?

Pa-dup-Pa-pa-Paaaa! I’m lovin’ it.
I’m Qui 
Happy Weekend to you – I’m NEWS PERUSE huggin’ it.

It’s the weekend Yo!
You be the CEO!

and everything

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And Everything
This morning I drank coffee and downed a glass of v8.
I initially ordered an omelette – but it had too much salt for my taste.

And everything is great. I went to the doc yesterday
and she reports, I’m a thinner sport and BP numbers @bay.

I said “YAY!!!

I’m not a high BP kind of gal. I rarely stress over any scene.
But last year the doc said, based on data she’d read – high bp is in my genes.

And everything is alright still – I beat the train again
so I woke up this morning, real short on yawning and began to walk this win.


Morning affirmations – I spoke my piece
and I’m still smiling, (a positive release).

I’ve been thinking of taking a dance class.
It wouldn’t hurt if I tightened up my leisure’ful sash.
Oh what? You thought I was going to say “ass” on this topic scene?
Not today. I’m on PG play, less profane and everything. 🙂

There are editing notes on my desk, of tasks needing to get done.
There are a few sales at the mall that are screaming “Qui! Come!
There’s a bank account budget, that’s pretty slim and mean.
I ain’t saying I’m going to blow it on clothes and everything.
I am not about about that low-bank-balance thing.

And everything is being sorted out in Boston as I speak;
the marathon explosions on yesterday linger on MSNBC.

Today President Obama said justice will be sought.
No one has stepped forth to claim it – as if it were done for naught.
Resources run deep; the perpetrator(s) will be caught.

Gun control laws are up for reform
and Newtown families cause cold hearts to warm.

And everything will be taken into consideration – I hope.
Your heart has got to ache for the gun-violence-surviving folk.
Their burden is not an easy yolk.

I am reminded to live each day like it is my last. To laugh and to sing.
I’m Qui
Loving the day
and the fact that you’d drop my way – and everything.
You see how I worked that in? 😉

Slow Jamming The NEWS

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Definitely enjoy it if your vision is comparable to a college students view.
Give it up for Jimmy Fallon and the POTUS in “Slow Jamming The NEWS”:

I jammed it last night and I’m jamming it this morning.
It’s fun to wake up to, if you need to kick the yawning.

Sing it out in slow form, and give the students a break on their loan,
I’m Qui
Cheering on any future help available – while I pay mine off on my own.

CALL, WRITE and/or EMAIL CONGRESS and say “Don’t raise my rates!”
Make clear that If they do ‘their current career may soon be up for debate’.

Because YOU VOTE! You will undoubtedly have the last say.

Register to VOTE today!

Springing Forward FUN

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Alas! Alas, it’s finally SPRING BREAK:
14 days of fun for the adolescents sake.
Me on the give and her on the take.
She bakes cupcakes and I gain the weight.

Yep! It’s going down a lot like that.
I’m up working out – to battle the fat.

SPRING is at hand and I’m in Tha’ Zone.
At least on this Monday – I won’t be alone.

My 14 year old offspring is officially in tow.
To acquaint with the city, we’ll go to and fro.

We went to the Ostrich Festival Saturday & had a lot of fun.
Intel paid for most of our recreational sum.

We were there for 8 hours and nearly rode every ride.
We slept hard on Sunday (recharging our hides).

After waking up Sunday – we hit the road again
in search of the hood to schmooze with melanin.

We live in a suburb of Mayberry galore.
No Koreans to speak of, no beauty supply stores. lol!

In other words, I don’t live in the hood.
I’m reppin’ the suburbs and it’s all to the good.

So the kid and I will duly hit the streets
roaming in search of cool peeps and merchant meets.

Springing Forward FUN – the clocks time changed
around most of the world, but in A-Z: stayed the same.

Then I hear Jada Pinkett may drop her married name…
Will Smith and etux seek to exit the marriage game?

I hope they can find a way to reconcile such.
The tabloids cry foul and speculate too much.

Tabloids hail: Tisha Campbell’s husbands is part of the reason
that Will and Jada are on the brink during this season.

Not necessarily fingering Duane Martin as being gay,
but at least point blame at him for Will yielding to “stray”.

Too much BOY TIME? Who the heck knows.
SPRING is at hand – may GOOD TIMES behold!

The President is the incumbent and poll numbers are crazy.
Campaigners vie for his job…the finish line looks hazy.

Me? I’m sipping jo’ listening to MORING JOE’s plight.
Me? I’m wondering what the heck is up with politic’ing WOMENS RIGHTS?

Me? I’m paying attention. I’m on the world news sum.
I’m Qui
Springing Forward GRIOT (part news, part support) and FUN.

News Peruse

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Italian Cruise Captain says he ‘Tripped’ into Lifeboat & Couldn’t get out. [?]
Oh that’s what that whole”Abandon the boat with 4000 guest afloat” – was all about.

The Keystone Project had it’s neck on the chopping block…
The President has killed it and the Reublicans are hot!

ABC’s Modern Family is a show of familial modern day love.
On Wednesdays funny episode, Mitch & Cam’s daughter said “f*ck”.

Their 4 year old daughter, Lily said “the word” about four or five times.
It’s got the Parental Control Community up in arms about script lines.

Two hands were found in an LA park where a human head was found –
Recently someone cut up a middle aged man and spread his body parts around.

Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh Rick Perry done quit
And its noted he’s going to be backing Gingrich.

Rick Santorum’s on the surge again.

This GOP race is quite the show.
Thanks ROLAND MARTIN for twitting out ‘the know’.

Single Ladies new season series – will be slightly different from the past
Denise Vasi has a look that’s quite catchy & she’s replacing Stacey Dash.

I sure hate to see Stacey dash out on us,
I’m Qui
I had hoped that keeping “that gig“, was worth the fuss.
She’s young. She’s fabu. I wish her love.

PS… Stacey Dash is on Twitter.
Hit her up if you miss her. (-:


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LIFE: it’s twists and turns,
it’s propels and near burns.
Yielding lows that end high.
Bright days – brief nights.

I’m happy about it all.
I get up quickly when I fall.
Time is opportunity & Opportunity is at hand.
I heard she knocks, but waits for no man.

I’m happy about the knocking.
From me, you’ll hear no squawking.

Time is non refundable – so swing hard when you’re up to bat”.
Coach Joe G of KSU & Gordon Sports told me that.

I’m happy about wisdom and people in my life
that yield me knowledge on this journey nigh.

Life is a game – that must be played“.
A witty bio line Fab5Freddy laid.

I’m happy about diversity and things not being the same.
I’m happy about the exposure being given to Herman Cain.

I’m happy with whomever the Republicans nominate and choose.
I’m confident when they go head to head with President Obama – they will lose.

Running a country isn’t easy; the last 10 years makes the case a hard fact.
And I don’t see a nominee in the top Republican 3 that can beat Obama in that.

I’m happy about it, because progress is in the works
and to change power now, could be a move that ultimately hurts
more than we’re hurting now, and could possibly yield more doom.
Please pay attention today- your 2012 vote is needed soon.

I’m happy that we have this online griot stoop,
where you drop in and peep my summarized view.
It wouldn’t be nothing without you. 🙂

I’m Crazy about you and you know it. It’s a bi-product of LIFE.
I’m Qui
Digging you from A to Z and glad to have you on my literal rights.

I’m in it to positively add insight.