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Happy for The WHOLE

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o election day came and passed bringing with it much voting drama,
but at the end of the day: HIP HIP HOORAY! The country re-elected President Obama.

Am I happy? You bet! I’ve got nothing but energetic cheers.
Obama Care will flourish fair over the next four years.

I have private medical insurance, but all Americans need a score.
I was uninsured for 3-years straight when my Texas job outsourced.

President Obama has vowed to not reward, but tax companies that go abroad.
Caring for the people and insuring the home base, is no democratic facade.

The Obamas beat the Romney’s & not just for the White House stake.
Michelle also be Ann in the Presidential Cookie Bake.

Did you bake? Did you vote? Family Circle held the poll,
Mama Kaye’s White & Dark Chocolate chip cookies, took the sweet, sweet gold.

It wasn’t political, the poll was done in fun.
Ann Romney’s M&M cookie recipe was quite the sweet tooth YUM!

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And so election day has passed – no sore losers, we’re all winners.
I’m most grateful for the young & Latino vote: Wise voting beginners.

Today I am awake, more aware of the world, bushy tailed and bright eyed.
Glad the world will stay on course as President Obama makes productive strides.

Racist remarks are bursting at the seams. Some folks are acting hatefully funky.
But I know they’ll benefit from the whole, so I ignore them and remain happily spunky.

I love everyone: be they black, white, asian, or latino.
I truly am a seriously lover of every race that makes up the American vote.

The online world has been ‘slow boogie’. Most folks’ minds were caught up.
But now that we don’t have to vote for a while, I hope social tracking picks up.

I’ve still got filming to do and editing is pending in the bay,
I’m Qui
Happy about the status quo
– Good times are already in play.

What are you HAPPY ABOUT today?


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Sweets for the Sweets and Sunday is a great day to partake. And I don’t mean in the ice cream sundae you see in the pic, though the recipe for it is at the bottom of the feed. Happy Sunday!

Today I’d like to focus in on the foundation of you
and encourage you to meditate on a daily to get through,
and encourage you to eat well – less carbs and less fat,
and encourage you to self preserve. Yes – we all need that.

Today I’m taking it easy. I am happy indeed.
Today my mission is to help someone and sew a good seed.
Send me a shout out – if you are in need.
Today it’s about humanity & philanthropy.

I’m a cheerful giver and a happy vibe spreader daily.
Some people receive me and some people think I’m crazy.
click here to get the recipe

Presidential COOKIE Bake-Off

Michelle Obama says:
“Every evening Barack, the girls and I sit down for a family dinner with good conversation and healthy food. If we want to splurge, the white and dark chocolate chip cookies created by the girls’ godmother, is the perfect special treat.” …click here to get the recipes and VOTE

Presidential Cookie Bake-Off


The Benefits of LUNCH

Today I decided to cook lunch, rather than do take out. Besides I’m on a tight budget and all that I had in the freezer was ground beef, turkey burger patties, frozen fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mangos, pineapple, peaches) and chicken. I went with the chicken, thawed out a few strawberries, pulled fresh spinach from the fridge that I bought last night and mixed up a balsamic vinegarett and tah-dahhh! Lunch is served and the fam is looking at me like I’m a winner. …click here to continue


What’s in the Kitchen

You can say a lot of things about the FDA institution,
but you don’t have to eat fast food when there are better food solutions.

Lean burgers that won’t dry out
In an effort to cook healthier, I’ve been making burgers with lean beef — but they just aren’t as juicy and succulent as my usual recipe. So I was happy to learn this trick: Mix 1 cup of plain yogurt and 3/4 cup of bread crumbs into each pound of meat. The yogurt’s lactic acid will tenderize the beef while the bread will retain moisture. …click here for more food 411


Metabolic Miser

Your metabolism is your bodys motor. It’s beautiful. However the TUNE-UPS and products you use are what keeps it running like new,, ‘My God you haven’t gained a pound since high school. It must be your diet.’

Diet isn’t a bad word unless your eating habits are. Which also translate to, ‘Your car isn’t a crappy car, it’s the way that you’re caring for it (or lack of)’.

“As we age, we develop a gunk build-up in the hoses and valves, that need flushing every now and then to perform at our most optimum levels.”

While my youth is about me, I’m trying to get an understanding.
When it’s comes to looking good – Priority is demanding.
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Presidential COOKIE Bake-Off

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Presidential Cookie Bake-Off

Michelle Obama says:
“Every evening Barack, the girls and I sit down for a family dinner with good conversation and healthy food. If we want to splurge, the white and dark chocolate chip cookies created by the girls’ godmother, is the perfect special treat.”

Mama Kaye’s White & Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies makes 5 dozen cookies.
Prep 15 minutes and Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes per batch.

click the recipe to enlarge it

Ann Romney says:
“Mitt and I love spending time with our grandchildren. Whenever we get together you can be sure that we’ll mix up a batch of our family favorite M&M’s cookies. They smell delicious coming out of the oven– our grandkids can’t resist them.

M&M’s Cookies makes 3 dozen cookies.
Prep 15 minutes
Bake at 325 degrees for 18 minutes

click the recipe to enlarge it

They are [both] requesting that you give-it-a-bake
then cast your vote for the tastier plate.

I, for one, am going to bake them both
then run and tell which one I liked most.

Join me in casting your vote:
[Polls will remain open until noon on August 15th, 2012 (my birthday)
You can vote once per day.
Final tally will be in the November issue on sale in October