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All hail

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on April 13, 2012 at 10:56 am

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All hail
George Zimmerman is finally in jail.
Can things go back to normal and all be justly well?
So long we’ve gone without justice you’d think the case would be stale.

On the contrary.
And alas we don’t have to worry
that George won’t pay the bill
or that anyone else by his hands will be killed.

At least for the meantime.
The status quo details are HERE amidst my rhyme.

All hail for the time that was due to be at hand.
All hail for the arrest of Mr. George Zimmerman.
I’m not happy out of spite – I’m sure jail is not fun.
I am happy TrayVon’s not being overlooked and for justice having begun.
Our current collective score: Society loses two sons.

All hail Angela Corey – she’s definitely got her work cut out for her.
I’m Qui
Happy on today
for another wrongful death not fading into blur.


In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on March 28, 2012 at 10:56 am

I’m appreciative of MSNBC
for taking a brief moment to focus on me.
I am but a mother – I do walk the mile.
I couldn’t imagine the burden of burying a child.

I’m appreciative for the media bringing to light
Sybrina & Tracy – and their painful plight.
Can we get an arrest? Can we get one tonight?
It’s not a “black vs. white” thing but a “WRONG vs. RIGHT”.

I do appreciate TrayVon’s face
getting as much time as Natalie Holloways Case.
I know it’s not America’s usual topic of concern.
However caring for all is a lesson well learned.

I’m appreciative of all who turned out at the rallies.
I saw the plethora of races ranking high in tally.
I’m appreciative of the senators representing our good
Who chose to show up for work with their domes under hood.

I’m appreciative for Al Sharpton continuing the journey and speaking on stage
straight through his mothers death and even her burial day.
He did not waver, he did not stray.
I’m appreciative of Rev. Al Sharpton today.

I appreciate Rev. Jessie Jackson for showing up too.
For this is a civic struggle he was born to march through.

The march is still ours; Equality is still needed;
When folks take the law into their own hands and vigilantly seed it.

I’m appreciative to have the DOJ on the case – I appreciate the time.
Trayvon Benjamin Martin lost his life – to a cellophane crime.

I’m appreciative to God for giving me a chance to see
somethings change in the USA, but not enough … obviously.

I appreciate the unity of those of us that will.
I look forward to the day when a show of melanin is no right to kill.

There’s no need.
We’re all apart of Adam and Eve’s seed.

It is because of you that things will continue to change.
For it is KEY in our evolution as sure as Qui is my name.

I’m appreciative…