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News Peruse

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news-peruseLet’s talk about what’s gone wrong and let’s talk about what’s still good.
Let’s talk about the #GunViolence breakout in OUR neighborhoods.

To the news on the tube – we are glued and in full submission
wondering if the breaking news of a MASS SHOOTING is to be considered TERRORISM.

Mass violent death tolls have risen and I’m sitting here asking the universe why?
What is the cause that beats all and has convinced folk to take their own and others lives?

God shield us from minds that have adopted ill plights – and thanks for every ill attempt thwarted.
Bless the surviving families in morn for those who have – in a mass casualty, departed.

What happened in San Bernadino on Wednesday morning – surely God forbade.
Someone targeted and shot up a social center for the disability – while hey were in mode celebrate.

14 were killed and 21 were hurt.
2 suspects are dead – though initially they were looking for a third.

1 of the deceased  was a woman. What in the world?
I thought sugar and spice were the ingredients of girls.

I guess that was the word back then – when I was a kid.
I guess things have changed. Ingredients reneged.

Turns out the deceased female was the co-terrorists wife
Seems the two of them planned the day of mayhem and strife.

Apparently this was their plan – to end theirs and others lives.
They left behind a 6-month old baby and a lifetime of WHY’s.

We see it, we hear it – but what’s going on and what are we to do
with the out break of mass shootings? Bleak reality truths.

Those folks done up and left their youth
leaving behind mass pains that weigh on me and you.

In the end we’ve learned there wasn’t a 3rd suspect.
The terrorist came and lived a short reign – before law enforcement escorted them to death.

Basically, they ceased the terrorizing and put the betrothed terrors in check.
May good always triumph. Mayhem’s a bad bet.

Somebody said praying to God won’t fix it – God can’t help.
If we turn away from our foolish ways – I believe He’ll help us arm ourselves.

Too bad this isn’t an isolated neighborhood, so that we could all just move.
To harm thyself and as many others in a radial distance – is a nasty groove.

From bad energy – I do remove myself. This is serious business. This is real life.
I’ll continue to watch and pray as I’m on my way. I’ll utilize a vigilant eye.

Life is so good… so why? Who lit the nasty fuse?
I refuse to yield all chatter to bad in this winter News Peruse.

Therefore I’m going to talk about something else – let’s get it understood,
Qui Entertainment is into positive energy and passing on vibes of good.

We are into spreading unity and weighing in on the social scales.
We’re into you and your safety too. Not interested in hand baskets bound for hell.

So let’s lighten things up for a spell. Keep praying but keep smiling too.
Life is short and evil will meet its thwart still there’s so much LIFE in you.

How are you feeling? How do you want to feel? Reach down and grab your boot straps.
Pull them up, give yourself a hug. Go out, fist bump and dap.

Clap! Clap! It’s Friday baby and the world does hold much
The available vibes are sad, glad, mad, angry, fear or love.

What’cha want? You can have it.
And when life get’s a little funky – kick back and laugh at it.

The spirit of offense is on the troll and it’s hoping to affect you.
Look at what’s going on. Resist giving in to the offensive truths.

No matter what, you are the master of your own fate.
Be happy, be brave and watch what and whom you invite into your space,

in your life, on your journey — be sure to vet each one.
Nothing in life is free, not even safety – no assured funs.

It’s me and you hun’, let’s ride this thing out flat.
Let’s put down the corn and dismiss the scorn – we need to have each others back.
Can you do that?

Enough of my UNITY PUSH, there are other headlines in the news.
I know you didn’t drop by to get single topic high – so do let us peruse:

divider blk_south1. Georgia had a mass shooting on Wednesday as well.
Instead of 14 dead, they lost 4 and mass media coverage was light in tell.

 2. Elevator Interlude. Who’s riding ‘that thing’ with you?

3. Reclaiming the F-Word. Returning Ownership to the girls

4. Politicing on Twitter:  Compare & Contrast.  Who are the GO GETTERS?

5. Laughter heals the soul – it only stops when you get too old. Don’t get old.


It’s Friday baby and good news still exists on the books,
I’m Qui
Be determined to find your good. It may not be surface; so be on the look.

Doing it again…

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qBefore my WordPress time, I was out on my own
I built a website that I’ll forever call home.

This website holds some of the coldest writings;
The authors were true and their lives:  exciting.

Young was the day and way before President Obama.
Even before Facebook – we assembled and aired ill drama.

Not for the cause of gossip or to spread
but mostly for the purposes of “the mind” being fed.

It was real conversation – perhaps something my man said the other day.
It was raw & untapped – no limits of what the author could say.

Well that was then, though today is shaping us nice,
it seems the grace that blessed us then, has come around twice.

In the age of all that’s good and social network mixing,
it’s good to know there’s a literal site where FREE SPEECH is kicking.

It’s a grown conversation – we say what the heck we feel.
It’s not a profane show. With integrity – we keep it real.

It’s not a PG show and certainly not for the faint at heart.
I can’t believe it’s come around again – 4 years past our part.

But it has indeed. Would you care to drop in and be nosey?
Learn something new, be blushed, breathless and rosy?

Then by all means of hospitality: I invite you to do drop in.
Spectators bring your glasses – Writers bring your pens.


Picture 4
Qui Entertainment Forums

Thanks to a couple of very special and super cool people
We have now breathed new life into our grown folks steeple.

Thanks Charlene & Reuben!
Now let the LITERAL showcase begin.

Oui! Oui!
I’m Qui
and I’ll see you there.

By the Historic way
Happy 2nd Inauguration & MLK Day!

Let’s Have a lil’ FUN

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Politics on March 25, 2011 at 11:18 am

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

It’ Friday – It’s Friday, and I’m letting it all hang.
I’ve got a jonesing for a HAPPY GO LUCKY ‘thang.

I’ve got filming shoots booked clean through next month.
And today will find me big wig schmoozing at lunch.

I am happy that it’s FridayI couldn’t think of a better word to name it,
I’m Qui
Digging politics, social networking, films and Entertainment.

Kicking it with YOU is always a moment of literal God sent.
THANK YOU so much, for validating my hosting rent. lol! 🙂

In case you’re wondering: What’s up with the new hair do view?
I was seeking a reflection that would free me of cares–
then I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my hair.

The Dome is important - as are The Lips

Join me in having a FUN and FANTASTIC day.