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Well Rested and Format Tested

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Technology on September 10, 2018 at 4:40 am

euphoriaEvery day for the last two weeks I have been a “reel tenderoni.”
I’ve been courting Phoenix in cinematic bliss,
via my new FS5, Sony.

I have utilized the exposure triangle to capture “the shot.”
Saturday morning I filmed Tempe Lake at the 911 Memorial spot
and I’ve been a little emotional over the footage that I got.

The FS5’s capacity is yielding to be quite hot.
I like the way she reels, I’m beginning to love her, a lot.

I’ve been taking her everywhere that I go.
Passerbyers star in my ‘reeled traffic show.’


I can’t keep my hands off of her.

Some of which are handed my card during their to and fro.
Good talent is hard to find, you know?

But if you look-the-part and pose for the camera as you pass me
I’m likely to divvy my card with visions of collab’ing on a cash heap.

Art is not cheap so I’m into paying
if the subject is committed to reel slaying.

Though the scenes that I have been shooting as of late have been for school,
I still run QuiFilms where neverending networking is infinitely cool.

I spent the weekend shooting from sun up to sun down.
I’ve been spending the wee hours of every night sleeping rock-solid sound.

It’s a good trade-off.
The hot and dusty atmosphere invokes a cough.

Still, observing Earth’s atmosphere and all who live here truly works for me,
I’m Qui
Good morning baby. See the world through your beautiful lens and make it what you want to be.

Be sure to format your SDXC card before you leave for the day.
Be sure to format your life; this happens when you pray.



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It’s that time again
and Qui Films is in line to help you win.

Wondering What a CAUCUS is? You’re not alone.
Click the short film and let KNOWLEDGE ride strong:

Reel Good Stuff

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Networking, News, Self Improvement on January 7, 2015 at 7:14 am

film festivals 2015Yes! Yes! Now that 2015 has finally arrived,
it’s time for film festivals to come alive.

Creative producers on their best screen writes;
It’s a reel exciting time for newbies to arrive.

It’s a real exciting time for me and my own crew
We’ve had an awesome reel piece marinating in brew.

A real quick piece that’s to be spun as a short;
It’s intellectual, it’s powerful, uniting and smart.

I’ll be honest with you, the piece is crafted to tug at your heart.
Revolution is in the air; we are the markers of its start.

We could have done a drama or a quick-wit comedy thing
but relating and communicating is what makes my bell ring.

There’s some Reel Good Stuff coming down the pipeline to view,
I’m Qui
Happily humping this reel day with you.

film crew

Stay Tuned

The JAM was so good…

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, News on October 3, 2014 at 11:34 am

I do love a good JAM.I’m a good ol’ girl, from the Dallas “Dirty” South
and goodness far extends the pallet of my mouth.

I do love me some biscuits with white gravy or jam.
I’m also a huge lover of music — Oh yes, I am.

There was so much JAM at the 2014 Plugged in Concert
that I gave it 5 biscuits – it was hicker than syrup.

1 biscuit translates to 1 star — I gave the event 5 in a row.
Jam the weekend with me to the PLUGGED IN show:

Qui Films PLUGGEDIN icon

There were 9 bands to interview, rock-out-with, get to know and feel.
In the process I made many more friends by the close of each one reeled.

I could list all of the band names and who exactly jammed what,
or you could just click the link and jam your ‘hand-picked’ line-up:

The PLUGGED IN Concert

The Chandler Center for The Arts and their events – go hard!
I’m Qui
Glad to reel it all. There’s nothing like substantial art.

The JAM was so good, I’ve given it biscuits instead of stars.

Hump back, hump back, hoochie mama

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, News, Self Improvement, Technology on October 1, 2014 at 6:13 am

a HUMP in her back

It’s what I call myself when I knock film and web administration projects out of the box on a Wednesday morning before 6:30am. You can call me that too. I’m proud about it!

Quitters never win and Winners never quit
Today is HUMP DAY and my work ethic’s a hit!

divider blk_south

Humpin’ wit’ it!
Creativity? I’m Jumpin wit’ it!

Surely being a work-a-holic isn’t a real punishable sin,
because I’ve been “on it and focused”… so totally Plugged IN.

I’m the host with the most, who loves to film and web design.
I’ve taken the City’s event, shot and edited it on a FC timeline.
And everything is fine.

The website that I built to host their last concert
knocks all other Talent PR Work in the dirt.

I’ve built a 25-page embedded site, as if I was admin thirsty
then laid down the vids I’ve edited, (which in total was about 30).

I did it single handedly – the editing and web administration duties.
That’s why I woke up this morning dancing and shaking my booty.

Ooo wee. I really can’t help myself.
For at least a month, I’ve been working solo and stealth.
Yes, and it was good for my health.

And today is WednesdayHump Day, and I’m certainly down with it!
I’m Qui
with my hands on my knees, feeling free – I’m gonna have to HUMP WIT’ IT!



PLUGGED IN and Turnt Up

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, News on August 22, 2014 at 6:20 am

I just want to start this morning off by saying:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.44.02 AM

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!? Click pic to PLAY Video


The other reason that I’m on fire, and woke up feeling flight,
is because The PLUGGED IN Concert is going down tonight!!!

Recently I wrote About The 80’s and of the music of the time,
MTV, Rock n Roll and Rap immediately came to mind.

Plugged IN Concert 2014Well when this PLUGGED IN event was in pre-production and in the audition stage,
I saw the talent and deemed it valiant; reminiscent of those 80’s days.

I remember waking up to Headbangers Ball and getting YO! MTV Raps, on the weekends.
I remember thinking Motley Crew, Metallica and De La Soul were my personal friends.

It was a beautiful adolescents begin and to good music I am still kin,
which is why I’m excited about tonights concert: PLUGGED IN.

If you’re in the Chandler (Phoenix) metroplex this eve and you’re looking for something to do,
please know, there’s a seat for you at the concert and — It’s FREE too!
(Donations will be appreciated)

I am turnt up, for REEL, for QUI FILMS will be reeling the show,
I’m Qui
and I woke up like this. I’m giddy-beaming. Come with. Let’s go!

PLUGGED IN and Turnt Up
I’ll save a seat for you in the cut.

Visit the Chandler Center for The Arts website for more info:

The EXTANT of things…

In Communication, Griot, Networking, TV Shows on August 20, 2014 at 6:01 pm

Extant dillusionsIt’s a good thing I brought up EXTANT, because tonight is a 2-hour broadcast.
Set your DVR and do set it fast,
for on the EAST COAST, it has already started
and less than an hour from now, it’ll all be departed.

Are you watching?

Also, in keeping with the loose meaning of EXTANT
I think the perfect segue is “breath versus pant.”

So you survive Hump Day during the 9-5,
duly thanking glad that you’re still alive

then just at 5, a new list of demands —
please be reminded to breathe and not pant.

Panting will surely cause your blood pressure to rise.
Instead breathe and exhale the most creative surprise.

Surprise yourself in your work-ethic response;
Consider yourself a skilled fish in an pretty quaint pond.

Remember it’s your duty to survive and surpass all.
Let EXTANT be your new beck that seekers do call.

Plugged IN Concert 2014Suit up! There’s a party going down and QUI FILMS will be reeling the mix!
Please tell me you’re coming out to Chandlers PLUGGED IN Concert event?

It’s free to the public, so if you’re going to be in the Phoenix metroplex
you definitely want to click this link and come out to JAM and connect.

Plenty of networking will be in the house – for networking is way cool.
Come out and meet the good folks at Green World or Rock n Roll High School.

Come ROCK OUT to the teen bands that you’ve surely heard
will be performing Friday night along side of INJURY RESERVE.

Yes! I will be in the house. Friday is only several hours away,
I’m Qui
and we can’t get to Friday without a little mid week word play.

is the word of the day!
(drop in on the show too)

Using the Unfair Advantage…

In Book, Communication, Griot, Movies, Networking, Self Improvement on March 4, 2014 at 10:23 am
Not quite what I mean, but...

Not quite what I mean, but…

 I’m an independent filmmaker and documentarian girl
who is absolutely content in making her own mark in this world.

It’s not a reel fast journey nor one to be taken without detailed care.
I am a reeler of the here-and-now; hence, tomorrow, it will be there.

I’m a freelancing videographer – with an awesome schedule that I can manage,
lest I cease to be a visual key, my kids will reap an unfair advantage.


“Have you ever wondered about starting your own business? Odds are, if you’re reading this, the thought has crossed your mind. Or maybe you already have a business or two under your belt and you’re considering a new opportunity. Either way, you’re probably asking yourself whether taking the plunge is a good idea.

The standard advice about launching a company often revolves around your personal qualities as an entrepreneur. Are you sufficiently visionary, committed or savvy? Or perhaps you’ve heard that market conditions are the key. And those things certainly do help you to succeed. The problem is, there are 100 factors which may or may not influence your odds of success, and no one has all of them in their favor. So how do you decide?

It may surprise you to learn that there’s one business success factor that stands out above all others. Do you have an unfair advantage?

It’s a phrase that’s become increasingly popular in business circles. It’s also the name of a book: “The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual,” by Claude Whitacre.

Remember, an unfair advantage is not your drive, your product features or your customer service. You should assume that your competition is also driven, with a good product and great customer service. After all, if they didn’t have these basics, they wouldn’t still be around to compete with you.

Instead, ask yourself:

» Am I uniquely qualified in a way that customers value?

» Do I understand my customers better than anyone else?

» Do I have a business development or marketing advantage?

» Can I price my offering in a way no one else can?

» Do I have special operational capabilities for delivering my product or service?

Your answers to these questions will come from your life story and the life stories of your business partners. Unfair advantages can come from your family, old friends, where you grew up or who you married. They can also come from your experiences in school, church, internships, jobs and volunteer work.

If you talk to successful business owners about how they got their start, you’ll hear a lot about their grit, their hard work and their determination. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll often find all that grit, work and determination was piled on top of an initial seed – an impressive contact list, a family business, a fortuitous business partner, specialized training or insight from a former employer, access to low-cost Web development, warehousing or distribution – the list goes on.

Finally, there are different definitions of what does and does not constitute an unfair advantage, but I think the opinion that really matters is your customer’s. If your clients care about something you have that the competition can’t reproduce, then congratulations! You have an unfair advantage, which is one of the best reasons to start your own business.”

Reference Source: Mompreneur

divider blk_south

A decade ago Qui Entertainment Network, LLC was born
I was fiercer than Sasha in sounding the griot alarm.

My style of convey – a derivative of the West African charm
that was informations vein before books were born.

Qui Films was born thereafter, and once again I shaped with care.
My kids were raised during my film school craze – yielding them an advantage – unfair.

Here’s a piece of wisdom – To the GO GETTER, please do get this:
If you know you are a driving force – consider your own business.



Lets TALK About…

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Do you know how to get to The BLUE WAY?


Not only have I personally witnessed their broadcasting entertainment but I have had the pleasure of being a guest on the show and what a good time that was.

The hosts Duane Bluestein and Shelley Marie are a raw, funny and all-out entertaining pair. You could take my word for it, or you could watch the show: Peep the YouTube Channel.

I credit my being booked on the show to Ita – a genius Dr. of  special effects and editing whose also the mastermind behind VIEW FROM ABOVE Entertainment and the 1-man production crew (film and editing) behind The Blue Way Talk Show. I actually met Ita at GangPlank – and we were introduced by the awesome Derek Neighbors.

Do you remember that old film that Will Smith starred in called, “Six Degrees of Separation?” Well that’s how this town lives and thrives. I met Debbie Rubenstruck (Dir. of the Youth Advisory Council) through my 16-year old daughter. Then Debbie invited me  to serve on this seasons ‘entrance panel.’ There I met Debbie’s dear friend Rich Frazier. A couple of days later while sipping a cup a joe with Rich, Derek’s name came up, GangPlank, Ita and ultimately The Blue Way Talk Show.

You see how that happened?  That’s 7 hook-ups in line with six degrees of separation that all started with my 16-year old daughter…and life is good.

Correction, life is great! This weekend will find me mingling with some of Phoenix’s best at the International Alliance of Prevention of Aids. I’m very excited about the upcoming event. I’m very blessed to have been invited. God only knows who I’ll meet and connect with there and again, I’ll have Debbie to thank for it, because she’s the one who invited me. Debbie is queen of fundraising around here. If you’re looking to raise some serious cash for a great cause — she’s your girl.

And so fate put me on the path to The Blue Way Talk Show, that actually broadcasts from inside of GangPlank. I sat down with the hosts and we touched on what QUI FILMS has up for the future. It was the perfect opportunity to drop a dime on the new teen film production company that we are in the process of establishing appropriately called: Perceptual. We also touched on how I got started in the film industry and that inquiry led to us talking about my mentor and dear friend Fab 5 Freddy, (whose wisdom & artistic deeds have been priceless to me on my journey). And just like that we started to add on more degrees of separation — because you can’t talk about Fab 5 Freddy without talking about Debbie “Blondie” Harry or Andy Warhol. Blondie and Andy were very instrumental in setting Fab 5 on his current path of success. See — I told you, life is great!

So which way are you going? Where’s your career path taking you? Well if it ever brings you through Phoenix, AZ, then you’ve got to get booked on The Blue Way Talk Show and tell us all about it. Don’t sleep on Phoenix, in particular Chandler. It’s a young city,  it’s got great plans & ideas and I can’t wait to contribute to its youthful growth.

divider blk_south

Stay tuned for more out of this town – they’ve got a very easy and big hearted flow;
we’ve got professionals on the ground level building up a Teen Production Co.

The name of the group is PERCEPTUAL and you can find more information here.
Auditions started last Friday and sparked us with good reason to cheer.

There’ll only be so many positions available and this weekend we filled quite a few.
Chandler will birth tomorrows filmmakers of creativity, skills and reel truths.

The Blue Way Talk Show gave me the mic and a platform to voice what’s to come,
I’m Qui
Grateful for all that’s encompassed in GangPlank – Success looks a lot like fun.

Drop in if you have not,
The future is looking hot!

Jitted up to Get Reel – Phase 1.

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The Film Process StripDo you know a TEEN who should have their own Disney or Nickelodeon Show? We’d love to see them! Teen Auditions are quickly approaching and we are excited about the future productive prospects. However, once auditions are over, what then? What’s the next step to getting this baby up and off of the ground? Well, let’s start at the beginning: Pre-Production.

What is Pre-Production?

Pre-production is the period of time used to plan and prepare for the filming and completions of your film. It is the time in which to:

  • Produce a final script
  • Breakdown, board, schedule and budget the script
  • Locate and set up production offices
  • Hire a staff and crew
  • Cast the film
  • Meet with department heads, get realistic cost estimates, refine the budget and make sure your film can be done for the amount of money it is budgeted for
  • Have the script researched and all necessary clearances secured.
  • Evaluate locations, visual effects, special effects and stunt requirements as per your script
  • Arrange for insurance and a completion bond (if necessary)
  • Become signatory to the unions and guilds you wish to sign with and post any necessary bonds
  • Scout and choose locations
  • Contact film commissions for distant location options
  • Book travel and hotel accommodations
  • Secure passports, work visas, a customs broker and all necessary permits if shooting out the country
  • Build and decorate sets
  • Wardrobe actors and have them fitted for wigs and prosthetics (if necessary)
  • Negotiate deals with vendors, and order film equipment, vehicles and catering
  • prepare all agreement, releases contracts and paperwork
  • Plan stunt work, aerial work and special effects
  • Line up special requirements, such as picture vehicles, animals, mockups, boats, helicopters, models, etc.
  • Set up accounts with labs: set up editing, post production schedule; hire a post production crew and prebook scoring, looping and dubbing facilities
  • Clear copyrighted music you wish to use in your picture

[Reference Source: The Complete Film Production Handbook]

TGood news for the Teen Film Production company – we will not need all of the bulleted points, however, in full, this is the professional pre-production protocol.  We’ll be shooting locally in Chandler and using volunteer hands in the editing lab. In fact, we’ll be teaching our teens how to do most of the work themselves, insuring an authentic teen film product in the end.

Whoo! We’re Jitted Up to Get Reel – Auditions start November 1st.
For the film minds of tomorrow –  is our greatest thirst.

But not thirsty for long, the turn out is looking great.
To build something REEL in Chandler is our charted fate.

Jitted up to Get Reel – We’re seeking Writers, Editors and Producers,
I’m Qui
A filmmaking ‘she’ with a productive eye for talent… I’m a juicer.