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Start Her Up

In #SeveralLayersDeep, Advertise, Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on June 29, 2020 at 4:45 am

Don’t give up.

The grass is a bit high, perhaps it is time to do something about it.
There’s a mower for every situation; forgo any thoughts to doubt it.



You can do it.


If at first the engine seems sluggish or plagued with over-flood…
approach the hood with compassion for good, then bond over patriotic  blood.




Friends are putting in crazy amounts of Energetic LOVE.

Sometimes there’s no mayhem or unusual system malfunctions.
Sometimes we just need to push in the right direction to hone and control functions.




Be a strong pilot.

We are all prompted with gas valves that can produce passionate flames.
Show your hand across the land; Gas Up UNITY in Jesus’ name.




Love is powerful.  Don’t make it overtake you.

Do it like you mean it; drag inequality into the streets of legislative dockets.

Power-Up to mow down hate and watch love take off like a rocket.




For your effort’s, our growth is in sight; true progress towards our equality desire.
Help is coming, goodness hones the running; LeBron and Maverick are building an empire.

It’s important that you know the world is watching your moves.
It’s key that we be on the side of positive multi-media grooves.

In addition to LeBron and Maverick, there are others producing moves that division-quell,
like and LL Cool J’s RockTheBells.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

May today serve as a continuance to

Go for the gusto and give it much heart,
much like we witnessed at The BET AWARDS:

where messaging and performances went progressively hard.
Globally united. Humanity on par.


In Communication, Networking, News on May 17, 2020 at 5:35 pm

Who me?

Hello beloved reader. What have you been up to?
You know I’m a social media seeder and I’ve been building, too.

Building what? A new spot, a new crib, a new web site portal
that will allow like minded friends to create a new order.

One that focuses on multi media content as it pertains
to writing, music, and film. If that’s you – what’s your name?

I rather fancy familiarizing myself with the works of others.
I like to dote on creative achievers; I’m a creative mother.

So, back to The COUNT DOWN… What is this counting all about?
A new key house is coming and you must roll-thru — no doubt.

The address to my new house:


New home construction…



Drop in for some pre MOVE-IN fun
or just to get a grasp on our new Qui sum.

Either way I am serving you notice that it is coming.
After the 1st day of Summer marketing will start gunning.

I look forward to opening up a new house of fun.
It is built with insightful industry reads and 411.

Come up on some “new-News” or be moved to share some.
Forums encompass information filled with pro’s and con’s.

Do you have a house party coming up – with entrance via an online door?
The Qui-Me forum is a free broadcast platform and/or sounding alarm that’s easy to score.

The mega-phone is yours, but please do remember,
the mega-phone is reserved for forum contributing members.

Let  Qui-Me be your choice.
NETWORK with Us. We love your voice.


Grand Debut: July 01, 2020