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The Van Peebles Steeple

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ere’s a first look at ‘WE THE PARTY’
A Coming-Of-Age Film for today’s generation.

Remember that feeling you got from watching perhaps relating to — Tom Cruise’s sexy dance in Risky Business or Kid ‘n Play wrecking havoc on the ‘hood in House Party? Mario Van Peebles is bringing back that loving feeling with We the Party, a movie largely inspired by his going “undercover” to the club with his teenaged brood and walking away with a movie script.

It quite possibly could be this generation’s next big teen thing. The movie begins the way all teenaged-angst films do: with a pretty girl, a really smart boy and a an impossible event. The boy in question is played perfectly by Van Peebles’ son Mandela, supported by a cast of all his siblings, plus some pretty popular people including Snoop Dogg. Quincy Brown (Kim Porter’s son), Moises Aria (Hannah Montana) and Orlando brown (That’s So Raven). Drug dealers, sex, grades, the senior prom, the basketball team, underground music, skinny dipping, a house party, a class project gone wrong, a misunderstood attempt to do the right thing and a few cops mash together to form a story a bit too steamy to be an after school special but just perfect for the soon-to-be adults among us.

“When the teenagers see it, they’re like, ‘Man, this is authentic,'” says the elder Van Peebles, laughing. “One of the things Ice-T kept saying to me while we were making New Jack City was, ‘Make a movie about how things are.’ We decided early on we were gonna do it real. [In We the Party, the kids] were like, ‘Yo this is how we hear our music,’ and yet, you still have that heart and some cinematic nutritional value.’

Mandela, who plays the main character, provided his dad with a lot of insight for the movie, including introducing him to hot groups like the New Boyz and Rj3ctz.

“Last summer, me and my brothers and my sisters wanted to start going out to parties on the weekend,” says Mandela, 17. “We said, ‘Dad can we go out, and we’ll be back at 1 or 2 a.m.?’ And he was like, ‘Hell no, you can’t. ‘We pretty much came up with a deal that if we got to go to the club , he had to come with us, but he had to wear what ever we wanted. we put him in skinny jeans. He just looked like a really old person; like he was our bodyguard.”

Mario saw possibilities and a movie script.

There was one club [where people were having] safe sex on the dance floor,” he says. “it was a trip. While we were at different clubs, they were playing songs by the New Boyz, music I hadn’t heard before, and doing all these new dances. The Breakfast Club was smart and rated R. it’s been [almost] 20 years since we had our definitive, sexy, coming-of-age movie.

[Story by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs – Source Reference: Ebony Magazine]

The talent in this family says ‘the genes aren’t playin’.
They’ve got the same ‘good thing going’ as all of them Wayans.

I look forward to supporting the film,
I’m Qui
A fan of that Van Peebles reel.