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Okay, Okay – here I am again
with a quick shout out to a cultural friend —
Rodney King died last week, at the 20-year mark
of the LA Riots and his famous remark:

“Can’t we all just get along?”
The cops beat the man – but his spirit stayed strong.
His response was good; the verdict was wrong.
Too soon Mr. King has crossed over and gone home.

Then there’s insight from Bill Maher again.
I won’t transcribe it — I’ll give you the short end:

Rachel Maddow was on the panel and they were riding the ‘witch hunt’ shoulder
of the Republicans on The Fast & Furious case & going after AG Eric Holder.

What do you think about it? I’m really not that deep in a twist
about how the government screws-up-stuff and the casualty of bad gigs.

I hate that lives have been lost, over guns we sold “to track”.
I hate that AG Holder is on the line – but someone’s got to answer to that.

Jerry Sandusky’s trial made topic. In fact the verdict was coming in as Bill’s show started.
Mr. Sandusky [looking baffled and husky] – found guilt on 45 of 48 of the charges.

No one deserves to be violated. but Mr. S. just didn’t seem to get it.
That’s why when it came to him taking the stand, his defense said, “Forget it.”

Romney came up in the news again (campaigning against Obama).
Bill was dead on with the Hologram song – the Republicans are praying for drama.

Here’s a new Mitt Romney ad – going after the elderly vote.
You know I’m into theatrics so… I i-phoned the video:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if America had a leader that believed and cared about things that are important to you. Who asks the same questions you do? Questions like, “Is that the phone ringing? Or is that just the phone ringing on T.V.? And I have a coupon – Have you seen where I put it? What’s happened to the America that you knew? The music is too loud; the pants are too low; the guy who wipes your ass is Hatian. Mitt Romney is okay with the VCR. He doesn’t understand why they had to go and make everything on DVD.

Mitt Romeny has a better way. I say MITT ROMNEY HAS A BETTER WAY.

He knows where your kids hid your car keys and he’ll tell you where they are.
So put *VOTE FOR ROMNEY* on your bucket list today.”

Bill is hilarious and the commercial is a joke.
Bill is more interested in legalizing smokes.
Bill is so liberal, so brilliant, so cool.
That’s why he headlining my News Peruse.

Other historical news this weekend, is that EGYPT had an election
and voted in democracy to strengthen their world connections.

Life is not without hardship – many trials rue the day.
I’m just glad the peoples vote rules Egypt’s land today.
Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Arizona made the news, SB1070 went to the Supreme Court
and they kicked down, ‘they won’t be giving a pound to legalizing a racist sport’.

With 3 of the 4 provision having not made the bill –
Arizona stills claims a win. But the win is 3/4’s ill.

I’m living in the Zone, but not agreeing with the politics.
I sure hope this SB1070 is a plight that never sticks.

And so today the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is only 129 days away.
Our countrys future is on the line and the rules to play are PAY.

Don’t get caught up in the commercials – remember who really cares,
I’m Qui
Perusing the News
with you because… it’s always there.

Meet the IOWA NICE Guy

In News, Politics on January 2, 2012 at 10:16 pm By Matt Woolbright

Native Iowan and the host of Iowa Outdoors on Iowa Public Television, Scott Siepker, teamed up with his friend Paul Benedict to make a popular YouTube video dispelling some of the common stereotypes about Iowa.

“The main objective was just to make people laugh,” Siepker, 29, said.
The video, titled “Iowa Nice,” does have more serious purposes as well. Because there is no Democratic challenger for President Barack Obama, a one-sided perspective of Iowans is being highlighted with the national media in town for the first-in-the-nation caucuses, Siepker said.

“The ideal outcome is to get people to know Iowa as it is, and not what you think it is,” said Siepker, whose favorite stereotypes are that Iowans are all just a bunch of hillbillies and that Iowa is where all the potatoes come from. Click Here to continue the 2012 Iowa Caucus feed.

I first saw of Scott on The Rachel Maddow Show
And I knew I had cop it and share it with you – Yo.

So the next time you see me, by all means: WAVE.
I’m Qui
A ‘friendly she’ for I’ll wave back. Hey-ey. lol!

What’s this vibe?

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Good morning online kin – life is fine,
I woke up this morning with THIS on my mind:

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Singing the chorus over and over (with no kill switch)
Does it mean that I’m feeling ol’ Newt Gingrich? 🙂

Nonsense. Newt’s never been a part of my winning scene,
I’m Qui
doing the Rachel Maddow – jamming Newts DANCING QUEEN.

Happy Sunday Morning – Take it easy with no jive.
And do what you feel – even if it’s jamming an ABBA vibe.

I do love a new day. I do love being alive.

I feel 17.

About those UNEMPLOYMENT Numbers

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Unemployment is at 8.8 percent – which is down from a steady (and constant) 9 percent.
Recovery is slow for the middle status quo – who are still being foreclosed on ‘for (more than the) rent’.

Corporations have gotten back to thriving — and that is so very good to know.
Rachel Maddow‘s divvied out a profit list for heavy hitters with even ‘heavier financial shows’:
GOOD TIMES today – is their ‘Green Light’: GO

—Strong corporate profits amid weak economy–

GE $14.2 Billion
Goldman Sachs $8.35 Billion
GM $4.7 Billion
Google $18.9 Billion
Exxon $149 Billion

The bosses of these corporations made 27% more than last year than they did the year before, when they were already making an unGodly amount of money while the average workers pay grew only 2.1% last year.

The stock market is healing up though still far from ‘a middle class nifty’.
Truth be told, the market hasn’t been this strong in growth since the 1950s.

Rachel Maddow also adds:
The rich guys are getting way richer. Think about this, the CEO pay is up 27% in a year while you, my average friend — not getting way richer. Average worker pay is flat (2.1% increase).

I’m not trying to start a cost war here, I’m just saying this is what’s going on. The CEO’s are doing way better. Average workers not.

But today we got what passes for ‘good news’ for the congress: The governments new jobs report said that unemployment fell down a tick to 8.8%, the economy added 230,000 private sector jobs. And it sounds like a lot and it’s better than nothing, but we didn’t lose 8 MILLION JOBS in The Great Recession, and we have a lot of ground to make up.

Ezra Klein writes in THE WASHINGTON POST

At this rate, getting back to the 5% unemployment rate we saw in early 2008 — will take us until 2018

We can’t wait that long. We are in fact in recovery. It’s just an incredibly slow recovery after an incredibly frightening fall. While all of this is happening: the stock market is recovering and CEO’s are making bank, it is regular people who make a living, and cash paychecks that are being told it’s time to sacrifice.

Politicians at the state and federal level keep saying “We’re broke – we’re broke – we’re broke. We have to have some shared sacrifice”, but when they share sacrifice, what they mean is: CUTTING TEACHER PAY by amounts that really matter. They mean laying off half the school district staff in Philadelphia while all of the state works to shovel a huge new bigger hole in the states deficit in order to give hundreds of millions of dollars to corporations. They mean raising taxes on the working class families and the elderly in Michigan.

Raising taxes?! on working class people and the elderly in Michigan in order to finance hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars to give away to business. That means cutting programs that help poor people keep their homes. That isn’t an Obama’s Administration proposal, by the way – they mean declaring a financial emergency, making the deficit way worse with a bunch of corporate give aways and then cutting money from programs for the Disabled…like they’re doing in Florida.

This economic strategy is costing this nation a bundle. All we hear about is cuts right? But it’s one thing to talk about ‘cutting spending’ the thing is lost in translation is that this is not just cutting. This is a transfer of wealth – of wealth that specifically might otherwise be able to close a budget deficit. Instead it is being shoveled out the door to corporate interest and to the people who frankly are already doing great right now in the economy.

The national deficit Republicans keep worrying us about it – the serious world threat they say it poses: that deficit would be cut in half if we let the republican Bush-era taxes for the richest people in the country expire. The deficit would be cut in half if the Bush-era tax cuts expire.

Rachel continues…
The other big thing we could do to fix the nation’s deficit is to start making corporations pay their share. Senator B. Sanders posted a list this week of what he calls the 10 worst corporate income tax avoiders.
#1. Exxon Mobil made $19 billion in profits in 2009… received a $156 million rebate from the IRS.
#2. Bank of America (paid NOTHING IN TAXES) received a $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS last year, although it made $4.4 billion in profits.
#3. General Electric has made $26 billion over the past 5 years in profits in the U.S., it received $4.1 billion refund from the IRS and due nothing to UNCLE SAME in 2010.

When you pay your taxes, it always hurts right? But you think, “I’m doing my part”. Imagine what PART you could do if your income was 26 billion dollars over 5 years…if you actually paid any taxes on it. IMAGINE.

Other COOL NEWS: The U.S. has been sending concrete pumps to Japan, to help out with the nuclear reactor situation over there. The concrete pumps have been retrofitted to pump water instead of concrete. Putzmeister is the company responsible for donating the pumps and has already sent over two smaller concrete pumps [58 meters each]. Bigger pumps will be shipped out on April 9th, each one pump is 62 meters. The combined weight of the pumps that the US will be shipping out is 200,000 pounds. They’ll be transported by a RUSSIAN ANTONOV 225, which is the largest cargo plane in the world.

That’s a lot of BIG NEWS: The size of the plane, the nations deficits and the mass of those pumps,
I’m Qui
Hoping to have enlightened thee, though if you’re middle class you may feel dumped.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to transcribe “The Rachel Maddows Show” [4.1.2011] word-for-word.
You may not have known prior; however, post this read…YOU HAVE HEARD.

Poverty is not yours solely to own.

You did not rightfully inherit it – it is being shoveled.
the middle class booty is duly on their duty,
but ‘not being respected– on the level’.

How’s your VOTE looking?