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He’s all in your ear

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 20, 2013 at 12:52 am
The "other guy" has all the answers?

The “other guy” has all the answers?

I love you men – I really do,
but I’ve got to share a few missed truths:

Wisdom ladies! Wisdom! Please hear and understand
He is running game, If he’s “bad mouthing” your current man.

He wants to get into your pants – so he’ll say what he’s got to say.
It’s okay if you’re cool with that, but remember a “game” is in play.

It is not okay to let him think that he rules the panties,
because He’s all in your ear talking about “being a family”.

Listen ladies! Listen, you do not want to call him your own,
not when he’s just looking for a place to rest amidst his roam.

Wisdom needs to be yours. You deserve a quality life.
Please don’t think he’s without bags, if he comes with an ex-wife.


Something made him “the ex” – which is the same thing he’s trying to make your man.
He doesn’t care about you and yours – adding nothing to your future plans.

He’s talking about taking care of you and waking up to your pretty face,
while he’s in-between pads – doing bad – living at some other chicks place.

But he wants to take care of you?
Think it through.

Ask your momma, ask your sister —
he’s a common trifling mister.

Wisdom ladies. Wisdom! Please do not be in a rush
to say “it’s love”; moments later “it was” – and end up looking dumb.

Love is not that complicated. Please do not panic. Do not fear.
Please know that you’ve got to double check that yay-ya he’s putting in your ear.

He’s all in your ear, telling you that your man ain’t this and he ain’t that,
I’m Qui
and he’s heard those words before, himself. Wisdom says, it’s likely a fact.

Don’t be so quick to settle. Be patient, be prayerful and listen.
God hasn’t forgotten about you, I promise, so lean back on good wisdom.

You have been served.

I ain’t never cared

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what you think about me
or how you’ve always been free
or about your ethnic background –
if you’re of gentile or jewish crown.

I have not cared one bit
wether Governor Christi is fat or fit.

I have absolutely not cared
tho I am interested in what is fair.


Minnesotans signed a bill that’s pending in tarry
that will allow our same sex folk to finally get married.

You may not agree, that marriage is for all,
but it’s a human condition when in love we fall.

No need to continue to stall what you don’t understand.
It’s really not about the certificate or the wedding band,

but about being recognized by the law and receiving supportive benefits.
It used to be taboo, but things are changing quick.

And I ain’t never cared or called someone crazy
for watching the night skies and or being star gaze’y.

So here’s a toast to all that will
ever talk about ‘the lights in Stephenville.’Stephenvilles UFO newspaper clip

2008 is the year that still baffles many
when a UFO docked  and was seen by plenty.

I’ve not ever seen a UFO, but I really do believe,
my God reigns over all life forms and that’s okay with me.

I’m a no nonsense girl – I don’t get goose bumps a lot
but I’m concerned anytime our space is held hostage across 2-city blocks.

You know what I’m saying?  
Life is mainly for loving and playing
but with no ABSOLUTES – I just keep praying.

Which brings me back to… 

I ain’t never cared about cliques, but I do care about humanity,
I’m Qui 
And as long as you’re pushing positive – I feel comfortable calling you family.