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Monday Morning Rise

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newspaper-lady.jpgBetwixt the sheets and the down comforter on top
I slept quite well, dreamed deeply and drooled alot.

Good morning Monday, I slept until 4:30.
Beginnings at their best – watching the sun crest,
with opportunity I’m always flirty.

At this very moment I’m batting my eye lashes at you.
The day is early, dear Monday. What ever will we do?

Me?  Absolutely yes! I am definitely in the mood.
Aunt Stella started something and now I’m in a groove.

But it’s not quite that mono y mono touch that’s known to make a gal drool.
I tell you, Monday, everyday is a fun day; I can’t get enough of school.

You ever have a ‘jones that not too many people understood why or how?
Well call me the milk lady because I’m exposing the cash cow

to obtain a degree of science that I know will lead to new births.
When it comes to honing a picky diet, let education be my girth.

Let it increase my lobe capacity and shape both halves with a wealth of sum.
God bless me as I eat the curriculum of this degree. God bless my cerebellum.

I couldn’t help but to get up early, I anticipate the Monday Morning Rise.
I’ve got to attend lecture class – it’s always a blast.
New info is always a welcoming surprise.

Did you see Bill Maher last Friday night?
It was almost a Frum vs. The Mooch fight.

David was on panel with Bill and Donna Brazile
and before Anthony Scaramucci joined, the vibe was chill.

Though once The Mooch took his seat,
I won’t lie, he faced quite a bit of a heat.


The Friday Night Fight

First of all, the audience members booed him as he walked to join the set.
I reckon it’s something about his last job association that folks can’t forget?

I don’t know, and still it really doesn’t matter.
The Mooch and I don’t see eye-to-eye, but I can stand his chatter.

I see his angle and he’s cool. I ain’t mad.
But David Frum embodied the spirit of my dad –

David was a verbal noose for the Mooch on Friday night.
I was wondering if you’re still rocking HBO? Because we’re still tight.

DirecTV and me… we’re alright. I keep coming back for mo.’
I’m up right now sipping and half listen to Morning Joe.

If you’re wondering why I keep dipping in on them —
it’s because I’m concerned about the way the country is being hemmed.

I take all political news with a grain of salt.
I laugh and raise a brow — but my good day is not up for halt

so I keep it moving.
I may even get online and do a little AP News perusing.

I’m still in bed.
This monologue is straight from the head.

This moment is for you and me and our capacity of no limits under the skies,
I’m Qui
Excited about life, opportunity, WE and of course a good Monday Morning Rise.

What are you up for today?
S C O R E !!


Adversity isn’t an issue.

Waking Up to Timothy Snyder

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waking-up-is-keyI’ve been with my guy for more than two decades, (since high school), so waking up to Timothy Snyder was something new to me. Good thing my guy isn’t the jealous type, because Timothy has a book that has caught my attention and demands ‘curl-up-in-the-bed’ time, so I’ve been ‘curled-up.’

How did I meet Timothy? Bill Maher introduced me to him last Friday night (I’m quick! 🤗) – he was a panel guest. Did you see the show? It was enlightening and heavy all at the same time. And by “heavy” I mean in yielding brain lobe capacity. You know THAT works for me. Oui! Meet Timothy:


I met Timothy on REAL TIME with Bill Maher on Friday
He was discussing historical tyranny; education always equals a high day.

I kept the channel locked. Here is where I wanted to play,
it was pretty good stuff. Here’s a 5-min vid of Tim’s informative say:

Heyyyy! That’s whats up. Did you get that?
Aw, you know me. I’m a knowledge hungry she,
and yes — I definitely dug that.

It was so good, so proven and so deep…
I think I’ll transcribe the conversation for “readers on ‘the creep.'”

But that will take a little bit of time.
Peep YouTube – now, before they kill the line.

Me? On this Wednesday morning, I’m feeling fine.
I’ve got a few hours pending before tackling my grind.

I’m hitting you up, because you’ve been on my mind.
Good morning baby. I’m on my lobe-lift grind.

The day is early and knowledge is a good serve anytime!
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, I’m content with spooning this book of mine.

I’m imploring you to expand your mind and to read a book today
Protect yourself, health and wealth from the tyrannical methods of yesterday!
DO Be wary of it creeping up again; Resist “the tyranny sway.”



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Okay, Okay – here I am again
with a quick shout out to a cultural friend —
Rodney King died last week, at the 20-year mark
of the LA Riots and his famous remark:

“Can’t we all just get along?”
The cops beat the man – but his spirit stayed strong.
His response was good; the verdict was wrong.
Too soon Mr. King has crossed over and gone home.

Then there’s insight from Bill Maher again.
I won’t transcribe it — I’ll give you the short end:

Rachel Maddow was on the panel and they were riding the ‘witch hunt’ shoulder
of the Republicans on The Fast & Furious case & going after AG Eric Holder.

What do you think about it? I’m really not that deep in a twist
about how the government screws-up-stuff and the casualty of bad gigs.

I hate that lives have been lost, over guns we sold “to track”.
I hate that AG Holder is on the line – but someone’s got to answer to that.

Jerry Sandusky’s trial made topic. In fact the verdict was coming in as Bill’s show started.
Mr. Sandusky [looking baffled and husky] – found guilt on 45 of 48 of the charges.

No one deserves to be violated. but Mr. S. just didn’t seem to get it.
That’s why when it came to him taking the stand, his defense said, “Forget it.”

Romney came up in the news again (campaigning against Obama).
Bill was dead on with the Hologram song – the Republicans are praying for drama.

Here’s a new Mitt Romney ad – going after the elderly vote.
You know I’m into theatrics so… I i-phoned the video:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if America had a leader that believed and cared about things that are important to you. Who asks the same questions you do? Questions like, “Is that the phone ringing? Or is that just the phone ringing on T.V.? And I have a coupon – Have you seen where I put it? What’s happened to the America that you knew? The music is too loud; the pants are too low; the guy who wipes your ass is Hatian. Mitt Romney is okay with the VCR. He doesn’t understand why they had to go and make everything on DVD.

Mitt Romeny has a better way. I say MITT ROMNEY HAS A BETTER WAY.

He knows where your kids hid your car keys and he’ll tell you where they are.
So put *VOTE FOR ROMNEY* on your bucket list today.”

Bill is hilarious and the commercial is a joke.
Bill is more interested in legalizing smokes.
Bill is so liberal, so brilliant, so cool.
That’s why he headlining my News Peruse.

Other historical news this weekend, is that EGYPT had an election
and voted in democracy to strengthen their world connections.

Life is not without hardship – many trials rue the day.
I’m just glad the peoples vote rules Egypt’s land today.
Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Arizona made the news, SB1070 went to the Supreme Court
and they kicked down, ‘they won’t be giving a pound to legalizing a racist sport’.

With 3 of the 4 provision having not made the bill –
Arizona stills claims a win. But the win is 3/4’s ill.

I’m living in the Zone, but not agreeing with the politics.
I sure hope this SB1070 is a plight that never sticks.

And so today the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is only 129 days away.
Our countrys future is on the line and the rules to play are PAY.

Don’t get caught up in the commercials – remember who really cares,
I’m Qui
Perusing the News
with you because… it’s always there.

Gotta Love BILL MAHER Pt. 2

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker[Pt.1] Let’s meet our panel:

BILL: He’s a contributing panel with the Daily Beast – David Frum, Republican Pollster Kristen Soltis, MSNBC Political Columnist Karen Finny. Okay so let me ask a question that I presented there in the monologue is that this one is a big one today, because Obama scored a big one for the latinos. A couple of weeks ago it was the gays – is he picking off demographics? Come on you’re a pollster [Kristen] right? It could be all be about demographics. Is he picking off the Democratic constituencies one at a time and is that going to really win him the election?

KRISTEN: It’s really been systematic actually. First we had the “war on women” because Democrats had normally had more…

BILL: The Democrats didn’t start that.

KRISTEN: The Democrats had had an advantage among women voters and then in 2010 election they lost them, so I’m sure…

BILL: They did?

KRISTEN: They did. If you look at the exit polls…

KAREN FINNEY: No. Not single women.

KRISTEN:That’s correct. But if you look at the polls, you’ve got women, you’ve got latinos, you’ve got young voters. These are all coalition groups that came together to help Obama get elected in the first place. And he knows he needs to shore them back up because he knows that he still needs them to turn out but still vote for him in the same way…

BILL: So it’s calculated?

Kristen But I think he needs a message that is broader than just let’s have one message for this group, and one message for this group, and one message for this group. I think he needs to have some kind of economic message that is consistent that can get across all of those groups.

KAREN FINNEY: I think the message of economic fairness has been across all of those groups and it should not surprise anybody that there’s politics in politics. Which I have no a problem with because it seems to be the right thing to do. And let’s be honest, both campaigns at this point are looking for multiple pathways to 270. You can win in gerrymander districts but if you’re going to win a national election you have to be able to get some portion of – wether it’s the female vote, single woman, (they’re calling them “WalMart Moms” (this time around), Latinos, African Americans. So everybody’s got all of their cards on the table.

BILL: “WalMart Moms”? They’re calling them “WalMart Moms”? They used to call them “Soccer Moms”. They got poorer. I think that says a lot about our economy.

KAREN FINNEY: I mean, but hat’s part of what the strategy is. Right? You gotta reach out to everybody.

DAVID: I have a theory that every campaign has a secret slogan that is broadcasting whether they know it or not. For example in 2008 John McCain’s was “More Wars for a Spanish Speaking America” and that didn’t work too well. You don’t always know the slogan…

BILL: (Laughing) We didn’t hear that.

DAVID: But this time each of the campaigns have a secret slogan, Barack Obama’s is “The Republicans the Feds, the Europeans are destroying my beautiful recovery”, but what he doesn’t know is that he’s saying, “and I’m not tough enough, strong enough and smart enough to stop them.” Mitt Romney’s secret slogan that he doesn’t know he’s broadcasting is, “Obama can’t fix the mess we’ve made.”

BILL: You know what? I have to stick up for the president a little bit. I hear this all the time “Obama’s policies aren’t working”, but he hasn’t been allowed to put his policies in place. So it’s not his policies.

DAVID: That’s what I just said, and that’s not a defense.

BILL: That’s not a defense?

DAVID: That’s not a defense because – yes – he’s faced contractable opposition often unfair and disrespectful but his job is to overcome it, and when he makes that excuse…

BILL:Oh really? How could he do that? Short of actually putting a gun to John Bohener’s and head and saying VOTE for this.

KAREN FINNEY: Which he tried.

BILL: Oh Really? How? I don’t know how you do that, especially since they changed the rules in the Senate and made it 60 votes.

KAREN FINNEY: We only had a “so called” majority for about 4 months because Teddy Kennedy got sick, another Senator hadn’t been seated, and the Republicans did a very good job of obstructing the president performance. So to my point…

DAVID: Now you’re giving me reasons of why it didn’t work. That doesn’t alter my point of the fact that didn’t work.

KAREN FINNEY: But my point is to what the president can do – We don’t what.

BILL: Kristen you tweeted recently “The idea that money buys elections is rooted in the premise that voters are dumb.”, and I’ve always been the one to stand up and say “Voters are dumb”. They hate that on the right, but you know.

KRISTEN: So there’s an excuse you hear, whenever an election happens (and the Republicans did this in 2008) and you’ll hear this kind of both sides now, and it’s like the idea that “We got outspent and that’s the reason why we lost.” I mean anytime a campaign looses you hear all sorts of excuses from the candidate was bad, the strategist was bad, the weather wasn’t good and people didn’t turn out for us. And I think a lot of that is just excuses. You never hear a candidate get up and say, “You know what, I lost because people didn’t like my ideas. People disagreed with me.” You never hear that. And I really think ideas, especially in an election when unemployment’s been so high for so long, it’s going to be an election about ideas.

KAREN FINNEY: But we’ve got two factors working here. On the one hand you’ve got, I mean considering it’s a Republican primary – you’ve got one donor shout down with his money, Shelly Addleson, the voice of republican primary voters, who did not support Newt Gingrich – so that’s what we’re seeing. Not to mention with the kind of voter idea schemes that we’re seeing, that’s going to disenfranchise voters. So the kind of money that’s being spent and the amount of democratic voters that are going to be disenfranchised – that is going to contribute quite heavily to what is going to happen in this election.

KRISTEN: Although money can’t buy everything, I think Rick Perry spent about $20 million dollars to get no delegates. So money will only get you so far.

BILL: Right. No amount. If you’re an absolutely bad candidate, take Meg Whitman out here – no amount of money can save them. But I thought it was, (I might repeat this – I said it in my monologue) but this blew my mind today “Obama has had a more fundraisers than the last six presidents combined and he’s still losing in the money race. And that’s because, let me just introduce this: People like Harold Ham, (I had not heard of this guy before, but they wrote about this week), he’s an Oil billionaire and surprise he’s one of Mitt Romney’s top Energy Advisors. I don’t know what you have to do be an Energy Advisor to Mitt Romney. I think you just have to “Fracking is amazing and Global Warming is a hoax”, that’s what he want’s to hear. So he gave $985 thousand dollars to Mitt Romney’s SUPER PAC. Why not million? That’s the first question I have? I mean, does he really need that 15 grand? I mean am being too cynical about Mitt Romney? Can you be too cynical about Mitt Romney?

So it says in his website [Harold Hamm] that he’d like to see less regulations. Maybe he’s got some personal gain in that just to guess. And it’s a good thing that he can give a million dollars, or 10 million dollars or 50 million dollars to Mitt Romney, because he’s going to be the one whose making decisions about regulations. And I’d just like to throw out a quote here from Justice Anthony Kennedy. He said, [per Citizens United] “Independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption… the appearance of influence or access [coming from unlimited corporate spending] will not cause the electorate to lose faith in our democracy.”

Really? What world? What is the color of the sky? This is a Supreme Court Justice? If this guy who is giving Mitt Romney a million dollars or maybe more and is one of his advisors on Energy, if that’s not corruption, then tell me ‘WHAT IS’ Justice Kennedy? Tell me what is corruption?

KAREN FINNEY: What I love on the flip side of that argument is you have conservatives saying that they’re “so afraid of the poor consumers and if people knew that they were contributing my God they might think retribution”. Well if money is speech then I get to use my money to say “I don’t agree with you writing that big of a check and I’m not going to buy your products. But that argument seems to get lost on Republicans.

KRISTEN: But the Citizens United, actually, one of the things that’s sort of like the headline below the headline is that there was this 8:1 vote within the ruling to uphold the constitutionality of transparency, so oddly enough it kind of gets blasted a lot.

KAREN FINNEY: But I don’t think anybody told Mitt Romney that considering that we don’t even know…

DAVID: Super Pac’s are not a creation of Citizens United – they’re the creation by another court case by the DC Circuit and (and more contended) it has a sort of weird intersection at Citizens United. But Citizens United only allowed corporations directly to speak – not to create these anonymous entities. That was created by a different case. But here, I agree this is a terrible problem. It does look corrupt and it doesn’t look like people aren’t buying things. But we are at the end of a 50-year – 60-year period in which we have said ‘the problems has been the political participants.’ What used to happen is people used to give money to political parties and since the 1940’s and especially since the 1970’s we have made it more and more difficult for people to do that. Because we thought the parties were corrupt. And what we’ve done is created this whole alternative candidate center; system of finance with a whole series of laws in each reform that makes it worst. Because each reform has another dose of the poison and the poison is: a dislike and distrust of the parties. If the rule were people gave money to the the Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, Independents, and those parties could give limitless money tho their candidates – the candidates wouldn’t have to raise it. Right now they can only give $50K each to their candidate. The election costs more than $50K dollars. This is congressional, if the election costs more than $50K dollars the candidate has to go raise the difference himself. And this law was passed in 1940 when $50K is all that elections cost. Change THAT and everything would be different.

BILL: Well what do you think the amount will be (at the end of this election cycle) that each party is going to have to spend on this election?


KAREN FINNEY: The parties or the parties and super pacs? Because remember that the money that’s spent by the campaign and committee’s is more closely regulated than the money that goes to those super pac’s like … you know…

KRISTEN: There is going to be a diminishing return though. I mean at a certain point the difference between airing your ad a million times and two million times and three million times. It eventually just all kind of becomes noise.

BILL: Carpet bombing works. That’s why they do it.

DAVID: You know what works even better, and use a platform for this: ‘there’s nothing more powerful than a knock on the door.’ What has happened in our politics is that we have substituted capital for labor. People don’t volunteer. Nothing could be more powerful and we’ve seen this in 2008 with Barack Obama and other races – that if people were more involved and participatory they would find that THAT is more powerful than the money.

KAREN FINNEY: Is that why Scott Walker paid canvassers in the last election? Paid them. They weren’t volunteers, he paid them to go knock on those doors.

DAVID: Because he’s reading the political science and if you mobilize people. Though a paid canvasser is never going to be as good as someone who believes it. Mobilize them.

BILL: Did you see what Jebb Bush said this week? Because I thought you would be particularly happy about what he said. I always talk about the David Frum wing of the Republican Party — which I call “the sane wing” and you know, they’ve had a tough time in the last few years. [David] You are aware? You’ve been trod marched out to the desert there. You may not see the promise land.

KRISTEN: [to David] I like you.

BILL: But Jeb Bush this week said, ‘You know what if my father were around today or Ronald Reagan they couldn’t get legislation passed. They would be drummed out of the party.’ Which (even though Jeb’s not running for office today) is a pretty gutsy thing to say. Gave me some hope that your wing [David] of the party might be coming back. And there was this sort of nostalgia among liberals now for George Bush (the first). HBO is now doing a documentary about him. Even Ronald Reagan – because Ronald Reagan raised taxes and he was for no nukes, he was very much for collective bargaining. I mean today, that’s Dennis Kucinich.

DAVID: But the most important difference was a commitment to the institutions of the U.S. Government. What has really changed over the past few years is an attack on the institution. That’s one of the themes of my book. It’s one of the themes of our politics – there’s an institutional attack. What George Bush and Ronald Reagan too were – above all were institutionalists. In their day they were very conservative and you would have lots to disagree with them about, but they would not have pushed the country to the edge of bankruptcy in order to make a point. What I’m hoping for from Jeb Bush is that, he started this fight, (he wanted to – he didn’t have to do it). But he was at breakfast, he was asked a question and now — I hope he finishes it. I hope he stays in and believes that he could be the voice that we need, I don’t think he’ll be president, but he could be something much better than president.

BILL: Naw. But I remember his father, you know, the nostalgia for his father? But his father appointed Clarence Thomas, you know ran on Willy Horton, Dan Quaile… excuse me, was Sarah Palin with tits before they had… I mean John McCain did not invent “the bimbo running mate”, George W. Bush did. I just had to say…

KAREN FINNEY: I’d just like to say thing about Jeb Bush for one moment was brave and within a couple of hours when Grover Norquist bitched he started walking that right back. Grover Norquist. Though the Republicans like to say “He’s not in charge of our party. He doesn’t have any influence.” I mean, so you gotta stand by what you say.

DAVID: Finish it. If you start a fight finish it. Steer into the skin.

BILL: Alright. We have something very exciting now, we have a scoop here at REAL TIME. The Romney campaign has made a hologram of Barack Obama. That’s right. Have you seen the hologram of Tupac? And now they have one of Elvis. Okay so the Romney campaign made one of Obama. Why? Because the real Obama is not cooperating. He’s not being the guy they want to run against. They want to run against a socialist who is soft on terror, but they’re running against a guy who has actually spent less in government money getting us out of a recession, (less than Bush or Reagan), and he shot Bin Laden in the eye and took out the rest of Al Qaeda in a cold blooded, methodical and extra legal way. So they have to run against the hologram Barack Obama. Would you like to meet him now? Alright ladies and gentlemen please welcome the man that the Republicans need to run against, the hologram Barack Obama:

Click here:

Watch the video QUICK, before YouTube takes it,
I’m Qui
It’s just i-phone work – but I had to make it.


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Ep. 252 June 15th, 2012

Last Friday’s episode was… quite informative, though no more insightful or invigorating than usual. BILL MAHER is quite the host personality and natural comedian. I so enjoyed yesterdays show that I’m going to do a little transcribing today to share it the contents of the show with those of you that missed it. HBO’s REAL TIME with Bill Maher is a continuation of ABC’s POLITICALLY INCORRECT and rightfully so. That Bill is a hoot. Let’s get to the shows contents:

The show started out with a “throw back momnent” with Kevin Costner:

KEVIN: We keep focusing on a crisis, but we don’t want to look back and our leadership has successfully let us down because of their desire to be elected to a second term… Just be content that history will judge you after 4-years. Maybe we don’t need an 8-year president. Maybe we want somebody that swings at the fence for us.

Friday nights guest panel included Joseph Stiglitz, Alan Thicke, Karen Finney, David Frum, and Kristen Soltis. First up, Dr. Stiglitz::

BILL: I must first start with a confession, I’ve been reading you for years so that when I went to cocktail parties, I could fake my way through a discussion of economics. The other day I read that you said, “Everybody’s worried [in this economy] about what’s going to happen to Europe.” In reference to Spain, and you said, “The Spanish Banks are being bailed out by the Spanish Government and the Spanish Government is being bailed out by the banks is ‘boo boo economics’.” That’s great conversation for a cocktail party. But what do I say after that?

Dr. S: How long is it?

BILL: Just a couple of minutes before I run away to get another drink.

Dr. S: No, I meant, “How long is the Spanish economy going to last”?

BILL: Well how long is it going to last?

Dr. S: A few months ago they poured in about a trillion dollars into the ECB [European Central Banks] banking system to bail out the government – and that lasted a couple of months. This time Europe poured in 125 billion dollars and it lasted, (maybe) a couple of days. So the likely hood of it working out is not good.

BILL: But how does that affect us? I mean, this really plays into Mitt Romney’s hands. Doesn’t it?

Dr. S: I don’t know if it plays into Mitt Romney’s hand, but what it will mean is that the economy will be weaker. But it does have another side to it. One of the reasons that we’re going to be affected is, that we haven’t fixed our banking system. Remember we had the crisis in 2008?

BILL: I do remember. I lost all of my money. I had it in Lehman Brothers.

Dr. S: Remember they said they were going to fix it [banking system] and they had this bill called: DODD FRANK?

BILL: Yes.

DR. S: Well they didn’t fix it. One of the things they were supposed to fix is the lack of transparency. But we don’t really know the extent to which our banks are interlaced with European banks.

BILL: We don’t really know?

Dr. S: We don’t know.

BILL: You don’t know?

Dr. S: I don’t know.

BILL: Then I don’t know. I’m the guy who gets my cues from you. Now, you have won a Nobel Prize, I have not, but I am a student of THE THREE STOOGES. Every Three Stooges Episode, (well not “every” episode) but they always do an episode (and also by the way there was Abbott & Costello and the Barrio Boys) where these comedy teams go to a rich persons mansion and they purposely put down vermin, (rats, mice, roaches) and then they come back the next day as exterminators to fix the problem. You see my point?

Dr. S: Yes.

BILL: You do? I’m just saying ‘This is how the Republicans seem to run for president. I mean, they cause the problem, then they come back the next day as the exterminator. I read this week that Americans lost 40% of their wealth from 1990-Present. But most of it happen after 2007 because of policies of the previous 10 years when Bush was in office.

Dr. S: That’s right and in fact, one of the underlying problems was that inequality was growing. And because those at the top spend less than those in the bottom. When you move money from the bottom to the top the inequality gets weaker. The Feds decided to address this problem by creating a bubble.

BILL: Wasn’t that Alan Greenspan?

Dr. S: Yes. Alan Greenspan and it was supported by his successor. And as they created the bubble, people did spend more. Average savings rate in the United States went down to zero. And that’s not sustainable. And one of the lessons we always teach in economics is “that which is not sustainable won’t be sustained”.

BILL: I’m going to remember that for the next cocktail party. That’s a good one. Sir I read this week that the cost of tickets at Disney Land has gone up to $87 dollars. It used to be $12 dollars in 1982. Now if they were keeping up with inflation it would only gone up to $28 dollars. But it went up to $87 which means a family of five would have to pay…

Dr. S: A lot.

BILL: A lot. As in too much. I mean not that I even want to go to Disney Land but it should be $28 dollars and somehow it got to $87 dollars. It seems to me that says a lot about where the money has gone and whose enjoying this country and why so many people should be pissed off.

Dr. S: That’s right. But what makes me even more concerned is what’s happening to student loans. You know one of the things that came out in the fed report early this week was that Americans have learned [a little bit] about the lessons of credit cards. They’ve figured out [they understood]that all of the banks engaged in abusive credit card practices. But as credit card debt has gone down student load debt has gone up. And what’s so invidious about this is that tuition’s going up very rapidly in 3 years for public state university – it has gone up 15% across the country, but in California and a couple of other states it’s gone up by more than 40%. Understandable given that the states are constrained, they’re cutting back – no help from Washington. And while income’s are going down [wealth is going down] and tuition is going up, students know that if they don’t get an education their life prospects are dim, not good. But if they forgo accepting the gap in education they’re going to be saddled with this for the rest of their lives. Even in bankruptcy they cannot discharge that debt.

BILL: But I must say, it’s not all the fault of the people that’s giving the education or stopping the money going there I read recently in 2009 [the last year they had statistics for this], there were only 39,000 students that graduated with a STEM degree [Science, Technology, Engineering, Math], and they had 2.5 time more students graduating with a degree in Visual and Performing Arts.

Dr. S: This is Los Angeles, so that’s pretty good isn’t it?

BILL: Yeah but Los Angeles isn’t America and when Obama says “We should fix the bridges.” I agree we should fix the bridges – with people who have degrees in Visual and Performing Arts? I think they’re are people around who know how to fix the f@*#ing bridges. [Close] I wish we had more time Doc. Thank you for coming on the show.

After transcribing this piece – that seemed to go on and on,
I realized transcribing more than this & the piece would be too long.

So If you’re interested in reading the rest of the show
Click HERE and technology will take you to and fro.

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Pt. 2 [Meet Friday nights panel and the “Hologram Barack Obama” – played by Reggie Brown]

Hot TV Shows this season

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and Basketball Wives if you like dirt from the West.

There’s MISSING starring Ashley Judd,
Who proves ‘the baby of the family’ is not synonymous with dud.
She’s standing strong & on her own and I’m not talking about her build…
There’s also TIME with Bill Maher – if you like to keep it REAL.

There’s REVENGE with Madeline Stowe who devilishly portrays “mean”,
Then there’s the insane comedy series DON’T TRUST THE B in Apt. 23.

Suburgatory is still running and Cheryl Hines is still at the helms.
There’s also KEY & PEELE with a mixed race feel –
Reminding us of Mad TV and ‘nem.

As not to bore you, there’s a play to the darker side
in ABC’s series: ONCE UPON A TIME.
Have you seen it? Are you watching?
There’s always an old fairy tale undertone squawking.

And if you’re seeking a show full of adulterated bliss
then you definitely want to catch LMC’s The Client List.
Jennifer Love-Hewitt is constantly winning.
She stopped whispering to ghost to give ‘happy endings’.
90% of what they do is legit and 10% blending.
Loretta Devine doesn’t mind in-house rule bending…

It’s what I’ve been watching while I’ve been home bound.
I recently had out patient surgery & it has notched me down.

I’m definitely taking it easy – to be spoiled is my chief reason
And this is a list of what I’ve found to be Hot TV Shows this season.

What are you watching and are you committed with no neglect?
I’m Qui
Up for watching anything except 16 & Pregnant.
…because my kid is already watching it.

Checking The Bill

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Sure he’s got a lot to sayFactual Wisdom garnished with a lil’ sarcastic jive…
I’m having a blast transcribing Bill Mahers Real Time interview from last weeks Larry King Live:

Larry reminds us that Christine O’Donnell was on Bill’s program after Joe Biden made his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver to which Bill says, “I still have a little 10 Commandments that she gave me“. To carry around with you? asks Larry “It’s a little replica of the actual tablets that Moses carried down from the mountain, or as Mel Brooks said, ‘I have these 15 [then drops one] — these 10 Commandments!’“ .

Bill Maher on Tea Party Movement & Sarah Palin

Larry says, Okay – Sarah Palin. I don’t have to say anything else. “Well I don’t either. You know she’s got a show on the Learning Channel. That’s like me having a show on the Christian Broadcasting Network. I think she’s going to run for president. I can not wait to see the Republican debates in 2012. When you think about who is going to be on that panel: Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Haley Barber, John Bolton, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney… How are they going to ‘out fire breathe’ each other? I mean, where this rhetoric has gone to – at this point — it’s only 2010 and we’re having Newt Gingrich as we were talking about before, calling him [Obama] an anti colonial loud tribesman. Loud tribesman. That’s the new Kenyan, Larry. And Kenyan of course was code for “Nigger”. But that’s where they are. That can’t say it out loud, but that’s where this whole campaign is going to be. You asked about racism. It’s all about racism. They can’t fathom this idea that there is a black president – and that’s what they’re going to fight about.

The other thing about Sarah Palin is that (if you read that Vanity Fair article this month – if you read the news week cover story a few months ago, or heard she was praying on the cover) – she’s a true religious nut. I know people are saying ‘Oh there goes Bill Maher. He’s always talking about religion’. Well read the article. Read about her. There’s a part where it says they were giving her books to study up on and they came back and said “did you read any?” and & she said, ‘No. I haven’t looked at the books, (mock holding a palm device), I’m just reading the emails from my prayer warriors’. Prayer Warriors. These are people (and she’s one of them) who believe that there are “demons in the world”. Everything in her world view is about demons or angels. People who are with us and people who are against us. You know when Liberals say things like ‘Well when you fight the mosque – building the mosque in New York, you’re just encouraging a war with Islam’ – they don’t understand. People like Sarah Palin want a war with Islam. That’s what it says in the Bible. ‘Bring it on. Let’s get it over with’. So that’s who could be running our country in 2 years.

Larry asks, What do you make of the rumor that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden will switch jobs? “I haven’t heard that rumor. I don’t know why they would do it. Hillary seems to have fallen into her groove there in the state department. This is a really fascinating time, because again we live in these two different realities. I don’t think it’s ever been like this. I know there’s always been shall we say passionate divide in American politics. But I don’t think there’s ever been a time when the two sides just have two different sets of reality. I mean, if more than half of the Republicans think that Obama is trying to impose Sharia Law on the United States of America. That’s just not something you can argue about. That’s just something in their view that has to be extripate“. So how do you fight that if you’re on the other side?, asks Larry. “You don’t because you can’t get through. That’s the problem with the drudge Rush Fox Access of Evil news bubble. Nothing gets into these people heads. They only listen to what they want to hear. They listen to what confirms what they believe – and what they believe is what they got from these people to begin with. You know when Glen Beck had his big rally on the mall he said something like, (at one point said) ‘Today I was holding George Washington’s inaugural in my hand’. No. You can’t do that. It’s in plexi glass. It’s 200 years old. You can’t give that to people to pass around and smudge up with their grimy fingers. But it didn’t matter, because it never matters with these people, because nothing they say is ever fact checked.

The Governor of Arizona talks about how illegals were beheading people in Arizona. And when the pressed asked her about this, because it was patently untrue – she just ran away. Sarah Palin never talks to the press, because they might ask her a question that she doesn’t have a ‘pat’ answer for. They know they don’t have to deal with reality, because they don’t have to go through what used to be “the mainstream press“.

What do make of the Glen Beck phenomenon?
“It’s interesting. It might be an act, I don’t know how much he really believes what he believes. Some of it, it’s obvious he just doesn’t is obvious he just doesn’t believe what he’s talking about himself. He wraps himself up in the book “Common Sense” by Thomas Payne. Thomas Payne was an athiest. I mean it’s like these people who quote the Bible because they read that one passage — but they haven’t really read the whole bible. I don’t think he (Glen) has ever read Thomas Payne because it has nothing to do with what he believes in or professes to believe in. It’s interesting now that he’s sort of seg’ing from a political commentator – to a preacher. Because that monument to himself that he had on the mall on Martin Luther Kings big day – he sort of moved over to the role of a preacher. It was all about religion, it was all about God, and faith. And this is the guy that said, “Obama has a deep seeded hatred for white people”. So it’s not that big of a move. He’s once again tracking in the unproveable“.

Will the Republicans be the majority in 2012

Did Gingrich surprise you with his statement? “It would more except that I’ve seen this pattern over the last year that the Tea Baggers are actually taking over the mainstream Republican party“. Larry asks Taken over Newt Gingrich? “Taken over John McCain. John McCain how long…noble service. I wanted to vote for him in the year 2000 and suddenly he was against everything he ever stood for. This was the guy who was sponsoring the sensible immigration bill in the United States Congress and now he’s talking about the border and…you know…he’s on “the beheadings” page. He was saying illegals are causing car crashes on purpose. You know, just crazy stuff, so I’m not surprised that the Tea Baggers are getting the mainstream Republicans formally mainstream to pander to them. But yeah, Newt Gingrich used to be considered “the thinker” in the Republican party. He was sort of their “philosopher”, and now he’s talking about the loud tribesman?

Bill Maher speaks out on Islamophobia & the NYC Islamic center controversy

Let’s get to the Islamic Center by the World Trade Center? It’s about 2 or 4 blocks – whatever it is – there is nothing else down there. That was a Burlington Coat Factory that is out of business. You know what they should build there? A Burlington Coat Factory Larry – people need jobs and everybody needs a coat. Why don’t they just put up a Burlington Coat Factory.

Well Pastor Terry Jones I think didn’t burn the Qur’an because he got death threats. It’s not because he suddenly became reasonable. People like that – don’t! He got a note from Muhammad Kabul and he changed his mind. So let’s not give him too much credit.

The mosque? Okay I only have 3 things to say about the mosque: One. I’m against building mosques, churches, synagogues, or temples anywhere because I’m an atheist and I think these are places that perpetuate mass delusions. Second point I would like to make is we have a First Amendment in this country which says ‘Any religion, (and I believe in freedom of religion. I believe in freedom of thought. Religion is thought.) you’re allowed to build anywhere – any religion‘. So they should allow them to build the mosque in New York two blocks from the World Center, or right on the site or anywhere else they want. That’s “Freedom of Religion”. And they have the right to protest it. The third thing I would like to say is that when people say, (and some liberals get mad when they say) that Islam is a religion that is more prone to violence. Yes- we have to recognize that too. I think I misspoke on Leno last night. I said “What would happen if they burn the Qur’an. (then answered) Nothing.” Well no, PLENTY would happen: there would be protest there would be deaths. People would die if they burned the Qur’an. That’s not going to happen if they burn the Bible. We have to recognize that civilization wise, the radical fringe of the Muslim religion is bringing up the rear. And it is the duty of Muslim people to deal with that. The sad fact about the mosque is ‘the people that are building that mosque are part of the Sufi religion. That’s the good part, the liberal part; those are the hippies of the Islamic world. We should encourage them. The people who want to build that mosque – those are the people who we should be courting. Bush used that guy. Bush’s administration sent him over seas to talk on our behalf. That’s the way to fight this terrorism. That’s the way to win this war – to get those people on our side. Not alienate them“. Larry asks, How big do you think the Muslim fringe is? “Bigger than our fringe. I think it’s sizeable. But not the majority for sure. The biggest population of Muslims in the world is Indonesia – they’re not crazy. The second biggest is India. There’s 150, 000 Muslims in India – they’re not crazy, but Saudi Arabia – they’re crazy. The Taliban in Afghanistan- they’re crazy. Parts of Pakistan are crazy, Hamas is crazy. There’s enough of them to worry about“.

How does the civilized world deal with ‘crazies’? “Well that’s a good question. I’d say the first thing is, DON’T USE THE ARMY. Because 911 was perpetrated mostly by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It’s interesting when read about this guy, there’s an article in The New Yorker this week, he was not really Al-Qaeda , he went to Bin Laden for financing. Bin Laden was like ‘the studio’. You know he gave notes, he gave financing, and he did his thing. Okay we got this guy (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed). We water boarded him 183 times in one month, he‘s behind bars. Why cant we just say, ‘Okay we got the guy who was behind 911 – now Hey New Yorkers ‘Forget About It’ ’ . Not forget about it entirely but you know we’re the land of the free and the home of the brave. We should act like it.

That fireball ticked me off, because we spent $787 billion dollars on a stimulus program when Obama got into office. Now, why he couldn’t he have said, ‘Look – there’s a lot of people out of work in this country and our infrastructure is crumbling and in need of repair. Let’s just take all that money and put those two thoughts together. Let’s have those people who are out of work repair the infrastructure? What happen to all of that money? Why didn’t they fix that? An entire town blew up. Larry do you know that we have pipes carrying natural gas in this country that are made of wood? I’m not joking. That’s why the Democrats are going to lose“.

We have this question posted on our Larry King Live FACEBOOK page and it says, Can Bill give us his thoughts on how social media is replacing mainstream media? “Mainstream media…It’s funny I was at Jay Leno’s show last night and we were talking before the show and he said to me, “You know I don’t understand in the Sunday New York Times weekly review section they always print jokes of comedians & they have me, and they have Letterman and they have Kimmel, but no you. Why aren’t you there”? And I said, “I don’t know the New York Times doesn’t like me. They never report on me even though it would seem that they would because people that watch my show tend to be like the same people that would read the New York Times. But it’s interesting, we called my publicist and found out that it wasn’t that. She said, “Well you tape your show on Friday night and that paper goes to bed for their Sunday edition well before that” and Jay said, “That’s probably true because I’ve noticed, never do I get a joke in that I did on a Thursday or a Friday it’s always Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday”. So here’s the New York Times – the paper of record, apparently for their Sunday edition – going to bed on Wednesday night. That’s when they place the Gutenberg type Larry to make sure that that edition gets out on time. I mean, this is why mainstream media is dying. They don’t have to die, but we’re living in an age where you know you get it on your Blackberry immediately. So when you tell me that ‘I can’t print your joke because we print on Sunday and you do it on Friday’ – I’m like I can’t really help you New York Times“.

Rob Blagojevich has filed a motion to toss out his only conviction in the 24 count corruption trial. What do u make of that whole story? “You know when I heard the verdict, I thought the same thing I thought when I heard the let go of Robert Blake, when they let go O. J. Simpson, the Rodney King cops… You know how many times do we have trials in the country where people just get it DEAD WRONG? They have you on tape, they show you beating the ever loving daylights out of Rodney King – and you can’t convict them. O.J. Simpson – her blood was in his socks and they couldn’t convict him. Robert Blake ‘I went back to the restaurant to get the gun‘….you know? I think at the end of the day what you have to understand is that things are not going to get better in this country politically – because of the people. It’s the people. The country can’t get well if the people are sick and the people are sick. Now I know Obama has not been the best president and the Democrats are not the best politicians but you know what – we elected him just two years ago to fix this mess of bunch of problems we have. And because he didn’t do it by football season we’re ready to throw him out on the street and bring back the guys who messed it up just two years ago. That’s a little too impatient. Yes, when he got the patient – the patient was bleeding to death. He got the patient to stop bleeding. But okay, the patient is not up and back at the office quite yet, it’s no reason to throw the doctor out and get back the doctor who was using leeches. It’s not going Arianna Huffington has a great book coming out called “3rd World America” and it’s brilliant. I’ve been saying that for years and they said, “Oh Bill – why do you hate America first”? I don’t hate America – I love America. I want it to be better. The only way we can get it to be better is to realistically criticize what’s wrong with it. That’s not what the Republicans do. I don’t want to be a pessimist,. I’m a realist. One mans realists is another mans pessimists. I am not like Mitt Romney whose book is called, “No Apology: The case for American Greatness”. Really? Always waving the big foam number 1 finger. We’re not number one in most things. We’re number one in military, we’re number one in money, we’re number one in fat toddlers, meth labs, and people we send to prison. We’re not number one in literacy, money spent on education, we’re not even number one in social mobility. Social mobility means basically, “The American Dream” – the ability of one generation to do better than the next one. We’re 10th. That’s like Sweden coming in 10th in Swedish Meatballs.

Please don’t be alarmed at Bills realistic views,
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Bills got the makings to be a great writer of ‘The BLUES’.
Shades of blue are a natural mate to the RED & WHITE pallets too.