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It’s a New Day

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement, Video on March 27, 2017 at 6:37 am

Yes! Yes! Good morning baby.
I’m that energetic UP EARLY lady.

I awoke at dusky and quiet 4am
when most were asleep and little (visual) mayhem.

Glad, I am, for this New Day,
a new griot spill, wit-willed informative say.

It’s Monday, it’s Monday and I’m back at it again.
I’ll shoot the landscape with my reel sharp friends.

I’ll edit a bit, with my eye-detailed tech crew
and on every free moment, I’ll check in with you.


Me, You, Monday and the crew…

What have you got up for today?
The weekend has come and gone away.

It was fun. Did you go outside and play?
Monday is at the door with an opportunistic score,
Are you ready for another funday?

I’m up for it and I want it all.
Love is in the air and I want to take the fall.

I’ll take it to the back – like the NESTEA Plunge.
Mondays for me are fuel for “GIDDY!” I’m up to reap some!

The first thing I heard this morning inside of my monologue head space
was Pharrell’s voice from The Clipse video: “It’s a New Day!

I rose quickly and found the video to display!
Nothing could be more befitting for Monday.

Indeed, It’s a New Day and I’m so glad to be in it,
I’m Qui
Good morning fam, let me echo “Hot Damn!,” let’s go out and win it!

Let’s Make A Movie…

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Networking, Self Improvement on July 22, 2015 at 7:21 am

Lights, camera, action!!
Here’s information for the curious fraction:


3z9Wduh - Imgur

I love filmmaking; reeling your vision to make a statement.
Here’s how to make a movie from concept to last payment.

It costs a few coins and you’ll need more workers than the Red Cross.
However the finished and telling product is always well worth the cost.

You can make whatever you want, a movie, a winning move and/or a website.
Fear not of the darkness — knowledge will bring all things to light.

SKILLS are real and if you are in need of assistance or service — then hire.
Build trumply like old man Donald without all the foreclosures and “FIRED’s!”

Success is real and the successful rarely say “SCREW ME!”
Questionable morals get the loudest orals — so I’m just ‘gone DO ME.

Sleeping on your reel dreams will not ever serve you well,
so Let’s Make A Movie about Society: Dodging The Gates of Hell.

Let’s tell a tale about people running from “the word sheep,”
right into a trap set for the flock of “Me, myself, and the green.”

What a sheep call!
Let’s reflect their ‘prideful run with no stall.’

We’ll show them in droves packing out the joint…
thriving and rallying over empty talking points.

Let’s pull the camera out to show a bigger picture,
of a society casting all others as minorities or niggers.

In the flockers attempts to better society
they alienate and divide – inciting violence and rioting.

I like action! I’m an action junky – it moves me.
But after looking over my notes, this sounds like a horror movie:

eNZLL7W - Imgur

The flockers don’t realize they are the very sheep that they are condemning…
Let’s put the script through thousands of re-writes for a more diverse hemming.

Now mind you, this is an off-the-cuff idea, I don’t love it nor am I married to it.
Whatever your creative dreams are for you, I suggest you get real and DO IT.

Good morning dear family, I woke up with the reel on my mind,
I’m Qui
Happy to kick it with thee. You are the realist find.

Today I’ll be on my #ReelGrind, what will you be doing?
If you get a minute, put your two cents in it – THINK TANK, Let’s Make a Movie.

Reel About You

Reel About You

Well wouldn’t you know

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on May 23, 2011 at 12:11 pm

There’s never a dull moment and this weekend proved to be on point.
I stayed REEL busy, because filming footage is my joint.

My guy is an I.T. worker, formerly a robotics engineer in his field.
Last week he put his resignation in, because “the pay” ain’t covering “the bills”.
It seems being an independent contractor is loosing its financial appeal.
So he’s decided to break from his technical scheme & join me in capturing reel.

Scary indeed…the two of us: WE working together in close quarters.
He’s willfully in, and will have to toughen his grin – for I am the roughest of daughters.

He has mentioned a time or two, that my tongue is sharper than swords.
He also said, when it comes to singing praises – no other Griot flows as hard.

I am picky. It is true.
I’m craftily meticulous too.
Co-working with me – the guy from I.T.?
I hope he can make it through.

He will. He will. I don’t bite — unless of course he asks. 🙂
He film schooled w/me a few years back,
so I’m sure he’s up for the skilled tasks.

I’m eager to have an engineer on my team and to have him analytically full time,
but what does that say about our economical state, when I could afford his dime?

His Electrical Engineering degree is now a relic of his prosperous past.
However, an Engineers skill is something QUI FILMS can feel,
thus I anticipate us productively having a blast!

Well wouldn’t you know, life is what you make it. I’ve been enjoying it since the day I was born.
I’m Qui
Encouraging you to do what makes you happy in life – go for it – take the bull by the horns.