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Protected: Tricky little kill switch

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Operation REPOSSESSION is in effectHave you seen TRU TV‘s original series: OPERATION REPO? It’s interesting. I wouldn’t call it “entertaining”, but because it is a direct reflection of “a sign of the times”, it is fast becoming an entertaining outlet via satellite and cable reality shows.

While surfing TWC – I landed on Tru-TV
and saw a tow truck hooking up me.

Not personally me, but my middle class peers,
because they, (just like myself) are living in the rears.

Playing catch-up isn’t fun; tapped out from rendering all of the money that you have.
So when your all doesn’t cut it — that’s when I recommend you resort to LAUGH.

It’s a game – quite entertaining – so follow the rules and conquer the lessons.
And if you should run out of monopoly cash – look forward to repossession.

Don’t let it stress you out. The world has only been this way forever.
If you know the gauntlet’s coming, recalculate your game & get clever.

Ahhhh, they can’t get you, if you get them first.
To hook you up on a tow truck is what creditors would prefer.

So I suggest living lawful and always being timely in paying your bills,
if you should become bored during your debted score,
peep TRU TV for consequential thrills.
For the Middle Class: the sad reality of entertainment is ALL TOO REAL.

God is good: I still have my car and my home — my valuable possessions in this world.
My gf said, poverty sleeps in her bed, and that I have the problems of a lofty white girl.

My gf has lost everything; she and her 3 kids live at home with her mom again.
She’s still hanging onto her rope, by the unravelling knot @ it’s tied end.

She’s degreed [BS] and has a job, though it feels like she’s working for free
I believe she only makes $300 a week, employed by the conglomerate AT&T.

Oooo weee. This is not the life I want for Qui,
still I notice the growing trend (as clearly shown) on TRU TV.

Have you had a chance to catch OPERATION REPO? It will really make you think.
Just in case you haven’t done so, grab some popcorn & click the link:

Operation Repo.
Fast becoming AMERICA’S REALITY show.