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News Peruse

In Communication, News, Politics on November 9, 2016 at 2:38 am

The DOW was shocked into plunging 700 points

America has spoken and this morning many people are crunk –
because Americas 45th President has been voted: Donald Trump.

Electoral votes were 276 – 218
Hillary Clinton lost the campaigning scene.

No sore losers here. We’re all Americans – we’ve got to stay strong.
The DOW sharply fell 700 points as the night of tallying went on.

We woke up this morning to something new and very different indeed.
Americas response is divided; we’ll continue to work on “the WE.”

I fell asleep shortly after 9pm and woke up around 2am – before day
and could not find one local or world news station broadcasting #Celebrate!


Why not? Someone won the election yesterday. Someone most people voted for.
The next 4-years are yours to love. Congrats Republicans on your score.

I AM WITH HER. I voted my conscience and heart.
America has spoken, but the world doesn’t see us as #smart.

To Hillary Rodham Clinton: Girl you did you best
to offer us a united solution to avoid uncivil rest.

Thank you for being so gracious and conceding on point.
I’m doleful that you won’t be re-occupying the White House joint.

All the same: TODAY IS A NEW DAY! Let us get up and ride this hump!
I’m Qui
On a PERUSE of Presidential NEWSCongratulations Donald Trump.

News Peruse

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Italian Cruise Captain says he ‘Tripped’ into Lifeboat & Couldn’t get out. [?]
Oh that’s what that whole”Abandon the boat with 4000 guest afloat” – was all about.

The Keystone Project had it’s neck on the chopping block…
The President has killed it and the Reublicans are hot!

ABC’s Modern Family is a show of familial modern day love.
On Wednesdays funny episode, Mitch & Cam’s daughter said “f*ck”.

Their 4 year old daughter, Lily said “the word” about four or five times.
It’s got the Parental Control Community up in arms about script lines.

Two hands were found in an LA park where a human head was found –
Recently someone cut up a middle aged man and spread his body parts around.

Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh Rick Perry done quit
And its noted he’s going to be backing Gingrich.

Rick Santorum’s on the surge again.

This GOP race is quite the show.
Thanks ROLAND MARTIN for twitting out ‘the know’.

Single Ladies new season series – will be slightly different from the past
Denise Vasi has a look that’s quite catchy & she’s replacing Stacey Dash.

I sure hate to see Stacey dash out on us,
I’m Qui
I had hoped that keeping “that gig“, was worth the fuss.
She’s young. She’s fabu. I wish her love.

PS… Stacey Dash is on Twitter.
Hit her up if you miss her. (-:

Doing BAD all by themselves

In Communication, Griot, Politics on December 19, 2011 at 1:03 pm

So Newt’s no longer new; he’s reached the point of slipping in the poles.
The entertaining Herman Cane lasted longer at reigns – truth in politics to be told.

It all looks like fools gold.
The game is to be sold and not told;

Thus President Obama’s administrative game is still in tact.
It’s about the wisdom of a man and not whether he’s white or black.

But Congress is divided down the middle in party sums.
The Dems yield compromise and the Republicans give none.

Those elephants are bent on making a wise man a ‘one term player’.
In their attempt to tie his hands – he emerges the ignorant slayer.

Well HEYA! – this morning Ron Paul is heading up the poles.
His vision is consistent… If only it could seriously be sold.

Repubs are playing musical chairs with their candidates (who are) seeking to lead:
Surging poles, deflate and swoll in likeability from week to week.
Ooo Wee. Who will it be?

Mitt is playing and still waiting to take the lead someday.
He’s hoping he’ll be the last man standing on nominee day.

However, Mitt will have to be patient. It’s all about patience y’all.
For Mondays polls clearly show – the party is now digging Dr. Paul.

Will Michele Bachmann come back around? Perhaps Jon H. will?
Do the Republicans know what they want? Really. What’s the deal?

The switching of the FRONT RUNNER title – isn’t fairing well,
and will likely shoot the Republicans chances of winning straight to hell.

They don’t need a Democrats PAC Team or anyone else to cause political campaign hem,
I’m Qui
their in-house counter attacks of character lack are being hurled by: them – to: them.


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LIFE: it’s twists and turns,
it’s propels and near burns.
Yielding lows that end high.
Bright days – brief nights.

I’m happy about it all.
I get up quickly when I fall.
Time is opportunity & Opportunity is at hand.
I heard she knocks, but waits for no man.

I’m happy about the knocking.
From me, you’ll hear no squawking.

Time is non refundable – so swing hard when you’re up to bat”.
Coach Joe G of KSU & Gordon Sports told me that.

I’m happy about wisdom and people in my life
that yield me knowledge on this journey nigh.

Life is a game – that must be played“.
A witty bio line Fab5Freddy laid.

I’m happy about diversity and things not being the same.
I’m happy about the exposure being given to Herman Cain.

I’m happy with whomever the Republicans nominate and choose.
I’m confident when they go head to head with President Obama – they will lose.

Running a country isn’t easy; the last 10 years makes the case a hard fact.
And I don’t see a nominee in the top Republican 3 that can beat Obama in that.

I’m happy about it, because progress is in the works
and to change power now, could be a move that ultimately hurts
more than we’re hurting now, and could possibly yield more doom.
Please pay attention today- your 2012 vote is needed soon.

I’m happy that we have this online griot stoop,
where you drop in and peep my summarized view.
It wouldn’t be nothing without you. 🙂

I’m Crazy about you and you know it. It’s a bi-product of LIFE.
I’m Qui
Digging you from A to Z and glad to have you on my literal rights.

I’m in it to positively add insight.

Rachel, Lawrence & Ed

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, TV Shows on April 14, 2011 at 9:54 am

Threesome: Political News Journalism Force

No — not exactly a threesome, but then again — yes they are.

These are the 3 political news journalist that get all of my televisions time between the hours of 7-10 pm. I enjoy each of them very much for creating the force of common sense that backs up our commander-in-chief. If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure where our presidents support would come from.

Lawrence, Rach‘, and Ed sitting in a tree
raised and pruned by MSNBC.
First comes love – for their country;
Then comes “fighting ignorances funky”.

Okay – Okay, it’s not quite the little love song we used to sing (word-for-word) when we were adolescents about two people going together — but back then who could say menage a trois? Yet today, I’m courting 3.

I’ve grown up a lot since the days of “under 21” and I’ve learned a lot about the world.
I never wanted to get into politics – I didn’t think I was that kind of girl.

Boy was I young and man was I wrong.
In an effort to progress in life, my political views became strong.

I remember turning 18 and my Mom telling me to register to vote;
I remember acting like I didn’t want to…I remember almost getting choked. lol!

I remember Regan getting elected, I was only in the fifth grade.
I remember politics being described as ‘a mud stick’
still I was taught to respect and to behave.
The same remains today.

I dealt with 8 years of Bush and watched Clintons deficit surplus ☛ go to the dogs.
Not to Medicaid and Armed Services but to the elite Wall Street FAT CATS & Snout Hogs.

Snout Hogs are equivalent to big banks banking. We all remember that.
I also remember investing in them until they went ‘belly up’ and collapse.

I remember Sen. Obama entering the scene and saying: “We can do it. YES WE CAN“.
I remember the fate of an entire country’s hope – had the audacity to rest on 1 man.

I remember some thinking he couldn’t do it. I even heard the Republicans vow to hinder.
It was just last night his BALANCED APPROACH Speech came to light –
highlighting points we must remember:

[Do the MATH]

In order for the richest 1% of the country to receive an extra $200,000 TAX BREAK:
We will need 33 Seniors each to pay $6000 more in health costs for the elitist to take.

That’s bad math.
Our country is smoking some bad schwag
. lol!

If you think that I’m wrong or you’re not a real good math sport —
I suggest you tune into Rachel, Lawrence & Ed for “calculation support”.
They’re each: a great help in the political sort.

Me? I’m Qui
and I’m obviously into this.
Who‘d have known when I got grown
I’d be into politics.

What can I say? Being American…DEMOCRACY just sticks!
Caveat to the young player — all sides play games and tricks.
But don’t let it make you sick…

Become wiser in this game:
If you don’t like what A REPRESENTATIVE is saying –
WRITE them and CALL them out by NAME.
It’s the only way I remain sane. 🙂

Your VOICE screams Your CHOICE!

So it is…

In Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement on November 4, 2010 at 7:22 am

So it is that the Republicans won the house and the Democrats keep the Senate. Personally…I think it’s a good thing. No one party should to control “everything”. Diversity is key. And so it is that we have another opportunity to utilize bi-partisanship. History will be told through our (individual and collective) actions…

Tuesday came and Tuesday went
You spoke out – your vote was spent.

I appreciate all who participated in the midterm votes.
I really missed the input of the “young American folk“.

And so it is that two parties will rule the governing weather
I pray we are productive and not counter in working together.

The world is watching and reaping global attention is cool.
The world is watching – let us not act like ignorant fools.

For those that don’t like Obama @ least he cares about your health.
Right now good health in many families — is a luxury that’s stealth.

And so it is that THURSDAY is upon us and I’m feeling lucky today.
Life is good in my personal hood – and that is better than okay.

This mid term election season has rendered wisdom to many – including myself.
The final turn out reminded me, it’s best we that come together for the good of the countrys health.

Let’s do it! I’m all in. I kind of dig working it out,
I’m Qui
saying Oui! I think positive bi-partisanship is what it’s all about.


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Torrential News Peruse

It’s a default of mine to keep ten toes on the ground.
Peep the NEWS PERUSE and how hard it’s going down….

First up is the rain – it’s hitting hard in the yard with no sunshine in between;
Its charted path is set to wet up TX – Welcome o’ Hurricane Hermine.

Then there’s the Tea Party, the Republicans and folks wanting to burn Qur’an books…
Ignorance is falling hard good Lawd and has non-intellectuals hooked.

Racial issues aren’t dissipating though thier surely at thier due
We’ve not moved a positive inch since President Obama was on “THE VIEW”:

So we’ve finally retreated from the war in Iraq
Post wasted lives and years we can never get back.

President GW Bush put us on this track
and now Republicans bark about getting the White House back?

…what the frick-frack?
What in the world have THEY done to positively warrant THAT?

Torrential evidence is proving that the elephant is in a violent slump,
I’m Qui
Reflecting wired news from this mid week view that we call ‘The HUMP’.

Got ‘Em!!!

In Griot, News, Politics on May 4, 2010 at 6:20 am

In the Tanker

Drill baby – Drill was as a bad idea from jump in this administrations eyes,
But the President allowed it – for the sake of bi-partisanship compromise.

And now that an off shore drill spill proves not to be productive or smarter,
Give the Republicans a bottle, and use this as a model: Oil is tainting the Gulf waters

Faisal Shahzad is the Pakistani bornrecently pledged American
Who pretended to like but truly despised “the land we live in”.

Faisal’s weekend suv bomb attempt proves, he cares not about American lives
Especially after catching a flight in the middle of the night trying to get to Dubai.

The airplane taxied from the gate, only to turn around and come right back,
Federal Agents entered the plane and removed Faisal [+ 2]— by forceful drag.
An ARREST is in the bag…

CURRENT QUESTION: Was the bombing attempt [that has gone wrong]
Part of a “terrorist group effort” or was he working alone?
While the investigation is underway- may a jail cell be his new home.

The past weekend proved to be pretty good to us.
We keyed in on two groups of unscrupulous nuts:
We’ve arrested Faisal now will the Republicans give up? 😉