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Pray, Eat, Play – Sunday

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on October 8, 2017 at 10:00 am


After six days of hump we rest on the seventh.
We pay homage to God; we focus on heaven.

Some do it at the church house some do it via streaming feed.
There are so many venues sewing the divine seed

On Sunday.
If you’re an NFL fan – it’s a bonus fun day.

I’ve got that die-hard blue and silver bleed.
The Dallas Cowboys are my NFL lead.

Rest is tops on my agenda so I won’t get too riled up.
I’ve got a nourishing dinner to cook; a kitchen to smell-up.

I’ll sip proseco as I go to and fro the stove.
I’m cooking pan seared trout, green beans and carrots – no rolls.

I don’t want my dinner guest to leave “on swoll,” — so we’re eating clean.
It’s okay to fish fry and do collard green – but we’re going lean.

Are you in?
My pan seared trout will make you grin.
Make you call grandmama and ask her if we’re kin. 😂

Let’s just kick back and chill in our team jerseys and sip our cups of juice.
Let us celebrate life today and with self, make a new truce

To take advantage of rest at every meet of day seven
To also pray and meditate as to not to miss heaven.

Even if “heaven is a a place on earth, “
Use day 7 to retreat from “the girth.”

Don’t look lost. You know your girth.
I’m Qui
Enjoying the Sabbath with thee making new memories – for all that it’s worth.

Are you good in bed

In Communication, Griot, Networking on April 29, 2013 at 6:53 am


See if you have the skills to deliver erotic thrills between the sheets. Take the


Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 9.30.37 PM

1. You gauge your partners arousal

A) Assuming its in sync with your own
B) Asking how (s)he likes what you’re doing
C) Paying attention to changes in breathing, perspiration and pupil dilation

2. The light flickering in your bedroom during
love making is…

A) The cold blue glare of the television
B) The warm glow of a scented candle
C) The play of sunlight through a curtain that blows in the breeze

3. The most important sex organ is…
A) Yours
B) Your parnters
C) The brain

4. If your lovemaking were a vehicle, it would be…
A) A bullet train — speeding in one direction
B) A tandem bike — comfy cruiser for two
C) The Mars rover — exploring new terrain

5. The sexiest stage of life is when you’re…
A) Young, hot and frisky
B) Older and bolder
C) Niether. Sexy is a state of mind

6. The nights agenda: a bistro dinner, a charity concert, a night cap at home and then some nookie. Foreplay begins…
A) When you open your menu and tell your date how sexy (s)he looks
B) When the house lights dim and you kiss you partners neck
C) Beneath the sheets after your second glass of wine

7. The bedroom etiquette you most frequently observe is…
A) Ladies first
B) No talking with your mouth full
C)Saying “excuse me” when you pass gas

8. If your lover cries out repeatedly during sex, (s)he says…
A) Your name
B) Words of direction (ie… faster, slower, harder, etc)
C) A safe word

9. Think fast! What immediately comes to mind with this cue: “Bible teachings about sex.”
A) Messages about pleasure, intimacy and fulfillment.
B) Messages about procreation
C) Messages about sin

10. Rank these requisites of great sex in proper order…
A) Engagement (ie…being “present), passion and having technical skill
B) Passion engagement and skill
C) Skill, passion, engagement

11. You tweak your technique by…
A) Discussing likes and dislikes with your partner
B) Trying what worked with your previous lover
C) Copying moves from a porno flick

12. You tell your partner how desirable (s)he is…
A) Daily
B) Occasionally
C) Never

13. Your attitude towards experimentation is…
A) Sure! Why knock it if you haven’t tried it?
B) If it’ll make you happy, maybe this once
C) You want to put what where?

Love Quiz Scoring

Are you good in bed? Are you paying attention?Are your bedroom skills worth your partners post mention?

Are you attentive and deliver? Guilty of giving your best?
I’m Qui
and I know your partner! – (s)he’s the lad with the most rest yielded from good sex.


Ref. Ebony Magazine [March 2013]

Getting my SEXY on

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 5, 2011 at 3:09 am

Suddenly a renewed energy has come over me – and it’s live.
I haven’t been to the gym nor have I been Elginized,
however sex appeal is in the air and my eyes are wide.
Production is thick as my journey is nigh.

I’m happy y’all and I ain’t gone lie
I’m taking the bull by the horns and making good times: mine!

Now don’t get me wrong, I could use a gym w/instructed aerobic reps
and a good steam room to convey my monumental sheds,
but at current: I ain’t got that.
I’ve got a BowFlex Blaze, a step box & a mat.

With this: I’m going to make it happen.
No. I’m not feeling sexy because it’s in fashion.

Howvever, when in Life you are winning
nothing can hurdle your default grinning.

That’s exactly what I’m experiencing on this opportunistic day,
so I’ve decided to abandom ALL WORK & indulge in a lot of PLAY.

I’ve accepted that bills existed long before I was born; thus
there’ll be here after I’m dead, gone and returned to dust.

In the meantime, THE TIME is mine and I intend to utilize it best
by PLAYING at every free moment and SELF PRESERVING through rest.

Recharging is the best way to keep your youth.
You don’t have to believe me – though I’m telling the truth.

I’m feeling good about life…so suddenly it’s dominating the space in my head.
It has nothing to do with Osama Bin Ladens death or me needing to go to bed.
[current time is 3:39am]

I’m feeling good and may nothing hurdle or vex me
from taking care of me and slipping into some sexy.

Refresh me…I’m up while other sleep without complaint or pout.
It’s almost 4am and I’m up, awake and ready to workout.

My name is Qui
& I’m
Getting my SEXY on while ROLLING IN THE DEEP.
Throw your mundane cares to the curb, get up and join me…