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Vintage Kindred: SUPERFLY

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The film dropped yesterday and I was quick to secure a movie pass.
SUPERFLY must be Shaft‘s nephew – because he kicked a lot of ass.

I’d like to think that he is kin to PROUD MARY; perhaps a nephew?
Though producers and editors really saw this project through.

The dialogue was real and the action was tight.
Superfly may even be kin to Rudy Ray’s Dolomite.

He had a no-nonsense style, Sammy Davis Jr.’s hair, and a winning smile.
He walked smooth and held no punches. Minus the cursing, he’s Samuel L.’s child.

superfly1971_gif.gifHe had a lot of structure in and around the hood.
There were chickens, strip clubs, and clip-ins;
as well as police officers up to no good.

The chickens are what steadied Super’s game.
Those chickens were cocaine.

Superfly had a mentor, his name was Scatter.
The way the cartel did him, equated to “life doesn’t matter.”

It was a reel hairy scene; in fact, there were several.
It was a non-fiction thing – so no vampires or werewolves.

tenor.gifTrevor Jackson. Who, in the name of fly is he?
He’s the actor who portrayed the principal lead.

Good looking and skills on poise.
I’ve seen Trevor in a few other things,
tho SUPERFLY heightens his talented noise.

Outkast’s Big Boy is in the film
He’s strong in character and keeps it real.

I like the 1970’s remake; it’s taken on a 2018 appeal.
Sex, drugs, and strip clubs — the situational composition was real.

The dialogue and story-line were easy to follow; Superfly moved with intent.
Though we didn’t see much of his family or how his pre-teen years were spent.

The film does, however, take a brief look inside
of Sup’ slinging jeers in his teen years
rendering the spoils to Scatter’s car – outside.

The flow of information is live and the cast comes through easy.
Rick Ross plays a local chickens boss — his performance was breezy.

Chris Brown was in the film but he didn’t sing any hits last night.
He was in an all-white suited gang; he danced at his characters exit of life.

This is not an upbeat film; it’s action-packed and entertaining.
It doesn’t glorify drugs but reminds us of what’s remaining.

Before Oxycodone took the spotlight, folks were getting high and horrifically locked up.
Superfly stayed in the cocaine game a little while, but not long enough to get boxed up.

In that sense, his journey was a sketchy one that delivered him like many real-lifer’s, I’m sure.
Morris Day - hair.jpgSuperfly did his thing — but selling chickens isn’t a successful entrepreneur’s cure.

And his hair? Oh dear God, Trevor Jackson has duly learned
that his fly hairdo was inspired by Morris Day  – The Time crew.
Kin to Sharpton and Brown, he sports a perm.

I loved it. Superfly is a hustler and the soundtrack did not disappoint.
I’m Qui
The jams of this film were by one of its producer’s; they are FUTURE anoints.

Untamed at Unchained: Tarantino

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With his controversial slavery-themed action flick toping the box office charts, the eccentric oscar-winning scribe proves that no subject is off limits

With his controversial slavery-themed action flick toping the box office charts, the eccentric oscar-winning scribe proves that no subject is off limits

Quentin Tarantino isn’t afraid to start some ish. The director who scalped Nazis in Inglorious Bastards and destroyed Japanese mob bosses in Kill Bill is tackling American slavery by unleashing his brand of wildly imaginative storytelling on audiences once again with his new film, Django Unchained.

Set in pre-Civil War South, Django, starring jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington, is part dramedy, part love story, part spaghetti Western and a whole lotta badass.

And as is the case many of his previous films, it is not without controversy. after all, despite Django’s gritty and James brown-squealing trailer, portraying slavery on the big screen is no lauging matter. On the other hand, if you think this is a Roots remake, think again.

Tarantino set down with EBONY to discuss popular misconceptions about the film and teaming back up with Jackson:


EBONY: What was your vision for Django Unchained?
TARANTINO: I set out to write a really heart-wrenching story of slavery in the antebellum South combined with an operatic, mythical spaghetti Western story of a Black man who is a slave. then [we] see his mythical rise to not only become a man, but to also become a professional bounty hunter who would literally go into the mouth of hell to extract his princess.

EBONY: A lot of skeptics are critical of your taking on slavery.
TARANTINO: I haven’t liked any of the representations of slavery that I’ve seen on film. So being touchy about what you’ve seen in the past and what could come out based on the past, [the skepticism] is totally understandable. I get that.

EBONY: Are you more confident about Django after doing Inglorious Bastards?
TARANTINO: One of the characteristics of my work is that I madke you laugh at the f—ed up shit. I show things that aren’t funny and are f—ed up, then all of a sudden, against your will, I get you to laugh, you’re a co-conspirator. [Laughs]

EBONY: How do you make slavery humorous?
TARANTINO: To me, there is no humor in slavery. there is no humor in the Holocaust; however, there can be humor in the course of the situation of the story you’re telling.

EBONY: On a scale of 1 to 10, how many n-bombs are viewers in for?
TARANTINO: Since the n-bomb is just the parlance of the day, there’s no limit.

EBONY: Is the mojo still there with Sam Jackson?
TARANTINO: Completely. Sam is such a theatrical beast. He really is. He just devours everything in his path. He’s the bull in the china shop, and everybody else is the china.

EBONY: Any reservation about making this film?
TARANTINO: Asking a lot of Black folks to do something very painful. I thought about getting non-Americans to do it. What stopped me was [going] out to dinner with Sidney Poitier. I was telling him my thoughts, and he said, “For whatever reason, I believe that you were meant to tell this story. You just need to not be afraid You just need to not be afraid of your own movie. You need to get over being afraid.”

EBONY: Favorite scene?
TARANTINO: It’s the sequence at Don Johnson’s plantation when Django tracks down the overseers who f—ed over him and his wife. To actually see a slave wipe out overseers is crazy characteristic. click here to continue Ebony’s interview with Tarantino

The sound track was a traditional and non traditional weave;
the song A HUNDRED BLACK COFFINS was a FOXX & ROSS collab seed:

I rather enjoyed Django Unchained,
I’m Qui
feeling like Quentin T. —> completely Untamed.
It’s my literal claim to fame.

What about Jeremih

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20111125-204142.jpgOkay, his real name is Jeremiah Felton, but he sings under the name JEREMIH), and his birthday is on July 17, 1987, (he’s a Cancer), and his voice is an absolute turn-on. Absolutely! Ooo.

Do you know him? One of his hooks that absolutely speaks to me while driving (that 32hour round trip drive from Az to TX and back), can be found on a Wale joint – the name of the track is “That WayJam it with me: featuring Jerimih.

The hook resounds in a melodically sweet voice:

“I apologize, I don’t recollect your name,
But lemme tell you that them heels really compliment your frame.
Girl let me get them ‘ooh ahhs’ – then I gotta catch my plane.
Say ya’ miss me and ya’ wishing for some private time…
Girl how could we get that way?
Girl how can we get that way?”

The beat that he’s singing over is dope so kudos to Wale for implementing Jeremih all over it. I’m listening right now. I’m liking it too. I think it’s a mood enhancer. (-: I think it’s the little vocal notes he inserts in between the lines of the chorus – that help make it sexy. Ow!

I was just beginning to miss the days when songs would instantly woo a girl.
Then the young and good looking Jeremih stepped into my craving world.

He’s not bad looking either, and quite easy on the ear.
When you’re crossing the lands like me & my clan –
He’s quite the treat to hear.

I’m diggin’ his tempo – he’s only 24 – that’s a fact; I researched no rumor.
So I’m thinking to myself, ‘This young man is reason to become a cougar.LOL!

I kid you. I kid you. But I am diggin’ his flavour.
He’s in radio rotation a lot – which I think is quite hot,
because his sounds are right for the savour.

A full bodied sweetness, I am a harmony connoisseur,
I’m Qui
If you’ve been missing LOVE SONGS as of late – JERIMIH is your cure.
Yes ma’am & for sure.