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Goodness In Route

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Good morning beloved, Fall is aging and Winter is crowning. Corona is doing karaoke and the world is frowning. Corona is no Roberta Flack and its cadence isn’t one of soft strums. I’m usually chill on a Monday morn, tho today I’m a little high-strung.

I’m excited because there’s word that a vaccine is in route. The ill stand to get well and slow down the death count. Monday has the potential to amount to greatness and the sun isn’t even up. Good morning to you! I wish you peace and love. 

There’s a new film out that I’d like to see, MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM starring Viola D. It’s debuting in movie theaters and as well as Netflix’s stream. Chadwick Boseman is in this film too, I miss the Black Panther King. Viola Davis births life into August Wilson’s piece. Please be sure to  support this film; it’s on two distributor feeds:

Goodness is in route, whether scripted or otherwise. How do I know? I see it in your eyes; you want and deserve more good. Pfizer and others are coming to your hood. In the meantime, keep your mask on and keep your hands to your vest. Help is on the way, please remain safe, dear Goodness.

The day is early and the news will be plenty. — I’m ISO “good heralds.” Hast thou any? Physical storefronts are still empty inside. Digital storefronts remain open for I.T., exhibits, and write. Tis a bit of good news for my monologue-life. I am a composer; a seller of writes. What skill do you wield; how doth thou keep-on the lights?

Good morning beloved; good is what it’s all about,

I’m Qui

Waking up to thee, I’m a lover of Goodness in Route.

Where is the love

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we-are-in-this-togetherThe world is acting like “UNITY is key and we refuse to let it go,”
but collectively we aren’t blasting in-your-face coverage on #Aleppo.

The spot is violently hot and even tho
there’s been a cease fire, it ain’t over — yo.

THE NEWS… I don’t want it no mo’.
They pick and choose what they want to show

Headline RATINGS generating? — I don’t know.
But enough about me – what about #Aleppo?


Anywho yo – I was up at a leisure hour today
because yesterday started early and I was committed to #Slay.

I did. I worked all day.
So much so, I had not a thing to say
on #HumpDay.

Though when a lone moment caught me, CupCakeChique was on the vent
and expressed to me the concerns of her heart and how her thoughts are spent:

My heart is with Aleppo right now. I was shaken to the core to think
that humanity, love, unity and hatred are lumped up into one septic sink.’

Surely I parapharsed her passionate rage; for it went on and on
That’s when Roberta Flack came to mind and the “WHERE IS THE LOVE” song.

CupCakeChique is new to world events, for she is not even 21.
Her eyes wide and full-teeth smile she thought adulthood would be more fun.

She yearned to learn about lifes mysteries under the ‘grown-folks’ sun.
Instead she’s seeing tyranny and holy respect for “the bully pulpit and the gun.”

THE NEWS — I don’t want none. No satellite news is in my home.
Because I talk to the ones I love – the ‘exact sentiments’ make it into my dome.

Good morning sweetheart, I’m home. I’m grounded and vibrating higher.
I don’t accept the lose or yield defeat my choose – I am ordered by a higher sire.


No — Prayer is not magic, politics, a bill or a law
But it’s what I’ll use to talk to God, to push through the ‘hem and haw.’

You remember Hem and Haw? We talked of them a few days back.
I’m still Sniff and Scurry I move in a hurry – I ain’t studdin’ what you thought I’d lack. 🙂

Good morning dear family it is only 10:30 under the Arizona sun,
I’m Qui
Waking leisurely on this Thursday morning of opportunistic sums.

Mmmm, yum.
But can #Aleppo get some?