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When your truth is too true

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FACT: The title of this piece was provided by a person who was self-evaluating. And no, the person was not me.

Brutally honest folks who mean well should consider the following information before each honest delivery:

“Truth and honesty without compassion is brutality.”


I suppose I should know,
I’m an honesty-wielding Leo.

Yessir, and yes ma’am, -I’m confessing to you kinfolk:
with retrospection and honesty, I can impale another’s throat.

I often preface  though, “the following won’t be pretty, but it is honest reality…”
Often times the receiver is their best amen choir & believer – and may get mad at me.

Everybody wants honesty but not as it pertains to what they (themselves) do.
I cannot nourish your plight and recommend A FEW GOOD MEN for movie night –
because “you can’t handle the truth.”

I dig ol’ Bader Ginsburg, Ruth and McKinnon, Kate of SNL.
When it comes to lasting impersonations, Kate brings the judicial hail.

Still, I’ve always known that my most honest deliveries could use a little more tact.
I thank my mom for my compassionate heart and my dad for holding nothing back.

I am indeed Redd’s daughter; I am honest and I preface – please do not take offense.
I’m Qui
‘loving the honest quote that I heard on TV. I’m working on me and the quote makes good sense.

What show was I watching? Well, now that’s a good question.
This show is the best yo, it’s called MARRIED TO MEDICINE.

The truth and honesty quote is stronger than an espresso brew.
If you’re not a sugar-coater of truth, does this quote at all apply to you?

I love me some LEO’s

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Painting by REED HOUSTON © 2014

Painting by REED HOUSTON © 2014 – Click the pic to visit his work.

I can’t say enough about my Summer loves,
all of the co-mingling and all of the hugs.

Summers have always been my favorite season,
August 15th is my primary reason.

I’m a sunshine baby – don’t you know?
Meow and Prrr, I am Ms. Leo.

The weekend was great – a real sonic boom!
I’ve been misbehaving myself in the LEO’s ONLY room.

I love me some LEO’s, we are very entertaining folk.
We’re full of advice, be it warm or nice and known to yank your yolk.

We love you tho, and we love you big.
Do us wrong and it we’ll split your wig.

Oh. I kid – we’re nice people, not quick to fight, we roar.
And when it comes to reaping success, those LEO’s are charged to score!

I love me some LEO’s – it’s an all encompassing thang’,
Those Lionesses run the yard, those Leo males rule the mane.

Loyal to the bone, we prefer to rule the heart.
Quick on the take – Leo’s are known for being smart.

We’re known for being sarcastic, quick witted and quipped with words.
I’m Qui
And I love me some LEO’s. Good morning world, and now you’ve heard.

As not to be completely bias, I do want you to know,
I also love those Pisces, Sagittarius’, and Virgo’s.