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Well, the real name of the movie is EVIL DEAD.  It’s a remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead (1981). The original film was a horror/comedy starring Bruce Campbell (BURN NOTICE), however the remake is straight horror. Blood and guts are a staple here and if you like horror movies – you’re in for a fright. On the other hand, if you’re looking to be scared and tickled at the same time, much like Sam Raimi gave it to us in his 1981 creation – get over the laughter. It’s not coming. Fede Alvarez is no comic and he had full producing support of Sam R. and Bruce Campbell in crafting the remake.

I’m a fan of the original film and I like a good horror story as well as the next, but this film didn’t need the title EVIL DEAD, it could have easily been titled CABIN HELL and have served it’s full purpose. Going into this film I anticipated that it would be comparable to the 1981 classic film by design. However, if you remove the whole “name sake” element – the film is bloody good.

The young SUBURGATORY star Jane Levy who played Mia (an avid drug user) – was awesome. The script is crazy. So many things happened all at once during Mia’s family and friends drug intervention weekend. Mia’s trying to kick her cocaine habit (again) and this time her brother David shows up to help, along with 3 of their closest friends.

SPOILER ALERT: The black cast member dies first. I just wanted to get that out and onto the table. She’s hot. Her name is Jessica Lucas but her mocha, intellectual frame doesn’t make it past ACT 2. Her characters caring nature took her down. The two white friends who were lodging in the cabin with the siblings were also taken down in slow-but-horrific fashion with the help of a hypodermic needle to the eye and an auto carving knife.

It was really good stuff, but if you’re a fan of the 1981 EVIL DEAD, this film does not pick up where Sam Raimi left off – at all. The cabin remained the same but there was absolutely nothing in there to laugh about.


So was it a scary film? Of course it was.
But when siblings reunite – I’m expecting hugs.

Instead what I got was a lot of blood.
Limbs being severed and spilling guts.

I’m quite satisfied with the directors horrific edge,
but it hardly resembled the old flick: EVIL DEAD.

It is indeed a good horror story that Fede Alvarez has set out to tell,
It’s legs are strong & could stand alone – with a title like CABIN HELL.

It’s a 91-minute spell and you’ll find no time for bore.
EVIL DEAD will fill your head with anxiety, guts and gore.

I ate way to much popcorn, invoked by the movie lobby smell.
I’m Qui
Happy Friday to thee – EVIL DEAD could easily be titled CABIN HELL.


Theres no place like home

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16-Hour Drive takes 16 Months

Gotta love a LEO on script…

After moving to Arizona by way of a 20-foot UHAUL 16-months ago,
I finally went back home to Texas to love on my familial folks.

I intended to visit for a maximum of 7-days
but ended up enjoying a 14-day stay.

Better than good, it was great – to lone star perch,
especially for 2 Sundays in a row at the ROL church.

I’m black – my gospel roots include Shirley Ceasar and Aretha Franklin.
It had been too long since I’d seen the saints praise the lord in holyghost dancin’.

I surrounded myself in good vibes and love the entire time I was there,
then Spirit Airlines delivered me back to AZ in expeditious loving care.

And I must say, it feels good to have the southwest weather back in my hair.
There’s no place like home – and Chandler is fair.

Home sweet home, I’ve returned to my HOA habitat,
I’m Qui
A southern she, who’s quite excited to be back.

Happy Hump Day baby, enjoy it with whoever you’re with.
The day is yours to conquer and score. Today: Go out and WIN!


OZ The Great and Powerful

OzTheGreatandPowerful_WitchI saw it in 3D and it was very visually entertaining, though the script itself seemed a bit plateaued at times. I think I was most surprised to see the cast of various well known television actors heading up the film and successfully carrying through to the end. Sam Raimi left us prime for the beginnings of The Wizard of Oz; the place Dorothy would later stumble upon in a whirl winded feverish dream.

On a scale from 1-10, I’d give it a 7. Only because, for the amount of time that we sat in the theater, I had way too much time for idle thought. I thought about things like: what I was going to do after the movie, whether or not I’d put too much white cheddar salt on the popcorn and from time to time, I even had fleeting thoughts of making script notes on scenes that could’ve been written more clever.

All in all, it was an enjoyable outing. But then again, I was in the company of some pretty outstanding folk when I saw it, so if I had to rate the outing, I’d give it a solid 10.

Check out a few of the IMBD member reviews,
sometimes it’s good to critic peruse.

It’s good to sit in a theater anytime
and relive the magic of childhood sunshine.

There’s no place like home, it’s the soil that connects us.
I endearingly saw this film, with my kinfolk in Texas.

Kiss Kiss
I’m a wizardly happy Ms,
I’m Qui

Make this Hump Day a childlike one filled with bliss.


Out in the field – He starts with Isreal

Picture 11

President Obama is in Isreal today
A day of work – no vacation play.

A Middle Eastern tour is underway,
and President O is having his say.

Naturally his speeches yields quotes that are remembered in grand,
like: We’re proud to be Isreals “strongest ally and greatest friend.”

Indeed, it is true. Todays visit isn’t about stretching the trace of black oil,
I’m Qui
and I dig the Pres. going abroad, but I prefer he be on American soil.

Michelle will hold the family down while Air Force 1 is on charted roam.
I’m cool with that, (though weary of next-to-succeed stats), still There’s no place like home.