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A Happy Beginning

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Let’s do it together…

No — I have not been to a massage parlor at the start of my day.
A Happy Beginning is me just waking to have my say.

Hello baby. How’s your morning starting?
It’s Saturday! Where are your skates? Rollers don’t do yawning.

ice skating-butt.gif

Put some HEART into it.

Let your skates be a metaphor for how you’re maneuvering through life.
Let Saturday be the day that you give your efforts a full hearted “try.”

Do so by committing.
As sure as I’m about this Griot spitting —
I am about giving my word and committing.


You be also.
Integrity is in that particular seed to sow.

Are you a sower?
If you are and of good seeds, then you’re also a grower

of relationships and partnerships.
You likely network well and pay for the sip.

Ah yes… I’m a social reader.
And I’m keen on recognizing and calling out a leader.

Good morning dear leader. Where whilst thou lead today?
I’m up early to chart my course; I’m up early to pray.

Shall you join me? I’d love to hear what you have to say.
This is A Happy Beginning for me, beside obvious “bed-romp play.”

You know what that is don’t you? I like bed-romping very much.
A Happy Beginning with long FX grinning – comes from human touch.

I’m a fan of it.
Communicating with you? I love it.

I’m always happy to do so,
I’m Qui
Interested in your morning glow.

Composing a script with you – is my favorite show.
The day is awake… you and I: let’s go!

ice skating-2.gif



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“5 days of work and 1 whole day to play
come on everybody, lace your roller-skates today!” De La Soul, SATURDAY


Hi! I’m Qui – XOXO

I miss the unified bounce and the social roll.
I miss the days of “self expression” and De La Soul.

There are a million things to do, let your mind run the weekend gam mot
and if you need theme music to do it – reach for ol’ Diggable Planets.

[They] be to rap what key be to lock,”.
My name is Miz Qui and I just won’t stop.

E-40 came in to fuel my win when YAY AREA dropped.
I kept it on loop, “We be to rap what key be to lock.”

This weekend is my weekend to be good to myself.
I think I’ll buckle in and tend to my health.

A trip to the gym? Or perhaps I’ll join a line dance class?
ISO something key to do – no time kick rocks or suck ash.

Today is Friday and I’m duly excited it.
Happy about the future, I couldn’t help but write it.

Life is looking good. Look for the good in your life.
Prayer beats stressing. Be a blessing. Strike the strife.

Take care of yourself and rejoice if you’re blind to sorrow,
I’m Qui
Come jam with me. I’m really looking forward to life Tomorrow…


Feeling JAZZY

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on September 24, 2011 at 1:41 pm

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m feeling carefree,
As if there’s nothing else to focus on in this big ol’ world but me.
Ooo Wee!

It feels good. I was early to rise
and thanked my creator who reigns beyond the skies.

My eyes are bright and my tail is bushy – I’m ready to play.
Besides Sunday through Friday, my favorite day is: SATURDAY.

I’m feeling jazzy and snazzy – I’ve got my hair in loose curls,
I’m feeling everything is new, a brand new entrance into the world.

Everything is fresh. Old news has long passed on.
I’m happy about life and today is my celebratory jones.

I had a birthday a month ago {LEO} to mark another blessed decade.
Having spent two of them writing Griot hymns – my QE vocal display.

There’s nothing like communicating (to me), there’s nothing like chatting it up.
Today I’m feeling extra receptive — and so I’m jazzin’ it up.

Gil Scott Heron wouldn’t stop me from doing it & Jill Scott would give me a high five.
I’m living this this thang like its golden; I do love this thang we call LIFE.

If you love it, put your hands up and celebrate like you’re the birthday girl or birthday boy!
I’m Qui
and I’m glad to celebrate life with thee. RIP to the late Mr. Davis (aka) Troy.