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Humping Good Fashion

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a-lion-is-like-a-LyonThere are a number of fashionable women that showcase on my 55″ flat screen weekly that I love. There’s Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating, the women on RHOA: Phaedra, Porsha and Kenya to name a few, and of course we can’t forget that diva at the top of EMPIRE. My goodness — I’m surrounded and because I’m a workaholic I rely heavily on my DVR to hold the 411 until I can dedicate an entire day to going through 3-4 episodes at a time to peep garment styles. It’s a necessary.

So let’s review a pic or two where hair, make-up and wardrobe all came through. Ooo! Nothings excites me more than:


Besides being an attorney and a funeral home owner Phaedra Parks is “hair and makeup.” I don’t care what this woman is wearing her hair and makeup is always on fleek. Eyebrows, lips and her fabulous eyeshadow color blending is always stunning. Watching Phaedra give me face makes me miss Married to Medicine’s: Quad Lunceford.  I can’t wait for the new season to fire up.

RHOA Kenya

.The USA twirls every time Kenya Moore is doing her thing. Have you ever seen a woman so flawless in action? If you haven’t check her out on BRAVO: Real Housewives of Atlanta every Sunday at 8/7c. I’ll never forget how flawless she looked when she took that lick from Porsha during a reunion episode. She recovered like a true diva with a mouthful of damnation — that played out royally for Porsha at the start of the following season. Kenya is the real deal. I like everything about her. As for those who feel otherwise — they will just have to get over it. I have a feeling she’s on display for the long run.

RHOA_PorshaWhat can I say about this lady? She’s just so darn pretty. Porsha is a member of the RICKY SMILEY MORNING SHOW in addition to being a fashionable, eye candy cast member on the RHOA. From head to toe, this lady knows how to work it! Check out her INSTAGRAM view too: OooLaLa! Porsha lends fashionable insight every time the camera is pointed her way. THANKS Porsha! #ShineON.



.Life is a SCANDAL and you very well know it, but good God I love the way ABC’s Olivia Pope shows it! I can never miss an episode of ‘a day in the life of Olivia Pope.’ The writers, hair, make-up and wardrobe designers are spot on – episodically. And while different retail outlets claim to have an Olivia Pope fashion line,” unless I hear it from the lips of ABC’s Scandal Wardrobe Director that this is her choice, I’m not buying it. Recreating a similar line at an affordable price is a nice try, however, Olivia’s look cut’s no corners and is not cheap. Let the spending scandal begin. #CopTheLook

htgwm_annalisekeatingHow to get away with staying on top of the fashion chain is much tougher than learning HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Yeah? Sometimes it feels like it may be, but Annalise Keating seems to have no problem staying on top of the a.m. fashion conquer regardless of what mayhem the midnight hour throws her way. Fashion, make-up, stunning shoes and the right wig is crucial. Annalise knows how to “put it on” and get away with it. I like that.

But wait! Don’t nobody move until Cookie comes in!!
Those shoes, that bag, that hat — that grin.

Whenever I feel edgy and want to start a fire,
I channel the fashions of that Diva Cookie, from EMPIRE!

Bossy & Bad — her attire fits the bill.
I resort to Cookies wardrobe for any battle that may be uphill.
Never thwarting the hat or the heels.

Humping Good Fashion is for real.
If you can’t own the streets — you know the deal:


Today is Wednesday and I’m Humping GOOD FASHION.
A guide to what’s right is all I’ve been asking.

I still cop the magazines in the checkout line,
however the RHOA girls make it all come alive.

I DVR a few shows and suddenly my fashion thrives.
Using fashion as revenge is enough to make a girl cry.

I love it. Clean shoes and a nice hat always compliments sweet,
I’m Qui
Visiting the MAC counter for the flawless face of me.

Clothes works wonders,
but the right face brings all the thunder.

Odd Couple of shows – that I’m digging

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I’ve been watching a lot of shows, but not necessarily at their scheduled times.
I’ve been getting-it-all-in via my DVR rewind.

I caught up on quite a bit this weekend — there was no serial room for dull;
I sat down and wore ‘the homebody crown’ starting with THE ORIGINALS.

I was about 3 episodes behind, though at the moment I’m all caught up
I was shocked to see the rivalry of 3 against Klaus up-in-the-cut.

Alas the Mickaelson click quietens the ruff blooded mutt.
They daggered o’ Klaus, then watched him quicken-up.

The scene was rough, especially considering
Klaus didn’t kill Aiden; he’s been “defense pandering.”

Meaning when others came running, gunning for the ruff,
He accepted the charge — throwing caution to wind and Dahlia.

He knew he had killed no one, and sensed an evil connect –
so to protect his family, Klaus stuck out his neck.

But he did not confess to anyone except Camille, his (bar) home girl
shortly before his kinfolk surrounded him and took him from this world.

It was starting to feel like SCANDAL‘s “Command” was on the scene.
Command is Olivia Pope’s father — Command can be ruthless and mean.

On the last episode the writers put ‘the fear of the unknown’ in our mouths
as we watched Olivia’s click go down, one-by-one as if being picked out.

A good dose of un-clout revealed that Olivia’s father owns this fight
but was unable to execute the fatal root for Jakes life.

In fact, while Olivia was loving on (what she thought was) a random bar muscle
she was indeed knocking boots with her daddy’s henchman — Russell.

Yes! The sexy black man, we’d known as Russell who was creeping in Olivia’s bed
At the conclusion of the last episode was lying on his back with a gun to his head.

Do what?!?
Child hush.

Liv was holding the gun – an automatic glock,
she was pointing it at his head, but was the hammer clocked?


We don’t know.
The gun to Russell’s head – ended the show.

So off I go
to another show
That is reflective of today in its reeled time –
who could refuse not relating to the views that are played out on AMERICAN CRIME?

The writers of this show are into dropping bags full of dimes
As it pertains to”domestic insight” — kind of like my griot rhymes.

However this time after my DVR shined off 3 episodes from the digital books
I was forced to see that prejudice is a crime that is accepted and overlooked.

The reflection that we are getting from this show, story-after-story
is that everyone who is offended leans back on “the blame game” glory.

Matt was a 20-something year old vet
who served our country and retreated to sell meth.

He duly married the county’s crowned “Ms. Modesto,”
and in addition to selling drugs he rented out a [betrothed] hoe.

Ohhh and Uh-oh.

You didn’t know? Well I just told ya.
American Crime reflects the grime
in the lining that did mold ya!

Matt’s Mom is beside herself and content with laying the blame on any other
As long as we can prove the suspects ethnicity is from a minority mother.

Matt’s mother doesn’t care if the killer is latino or black – it really doesn’t matter
as long as it draws media headlines that injects her lop sided banter.

A real offended ranter, Matt’s mom doesn’t want to come to terms or admit
that the trouble her son was in, may have been behind his own ‘bit.’

I understand the plight of the mom, but wrong is wrong.
When you find out the crime is yours – don’t sing that victim song.

Entitlement runs rampart in this script and is subject to impale
anyone who sides too soon, in an effort avoid a personal fail.

The throws of creating this script must be hell – as it closely parallels real life.
I am thrown with every minute shown; American Crime reflects that trife.

Are you watching yourself? Are you watching the crib?
Are you drooling at the mouth? Do you need a bib?

I’ll get that for you — and off I go
to another show; this DVR is pulling me to and fro

exposing me to no shortage of conflicting banta’ —
with scarf in hand I am tuned-in to the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA.

The broadcast season is over – still there’s enough left over confusion
that would preface the very reason this show needs an off-season reunion.

Part I. of this 3-part reunion started out on the stage
being hosted by Andy – he’s all of the “reel gossip” rage.

We flipped back and forth through past shows scratching up flakes
of controversy between the women during film and outtakes.

Porshe admitted to “sleeping with a married man” & the benefit of “the gift” reap
when she was out with Claudia and the girls in the Phillipines.

Kandy held up her own when Ne-Ne came at her with “I see you,”
Kandy replied, “We see each other” and that scene was through.

Cynthia looked pretty in part 1 and even though she didn’t say much,
I look forward to part 2 of the reunion and Cynthia yielding a little more love.

She’s beautiful, but not heavy on throwing shade.
Should as much be said about Kenya? God forbade.

I am a fan of Kenya Moore. You don’t have to personally like her.
But she’ll always have a view as long as there’s someone to film and mic her.

She’s way more than a pretty face, a voluptuous pair of girls and a bouyant butt,
Kenya is beautiful, creative, smart, proactive, professional and rough…

when need be,
i.e, when facing Porsha or NeNe.
Ooo wee.

I love ’em all, I really do.
If you get a minute next Sunday – drop on through.
The ladies will be much thicker in reunion – in part deux.

This weekend I worked my way though my DVR list on the double
and ended up laughing at that that duo in THE ODD COUPLE.

Have you been watching Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon?
Clever situational writing is what keeps me grinnin.’

Who knew I’d dig The Odd Couple – it has invoked a thirst
that I knew nothing about during the run of its successful first.

The first Odd Couple television series remains yesterdays beloved hit,
when Jack Krugman portrayed Oscar and Tony Randall birthed Felix.

At the shows conclude I was two years shy of six: broadcast 1970-1975.
The Odd Couple is new to me today. I pray it well on its new thrive.

My DVR is alive and I am diverse in culture in its wake.
I’m Qui
The caught-up she, ready to take on this creative day.
Starting with a )))HUG(( a kiss and a “heyyy!
Have a fantastic, show-stopping day.

NEWS PERUSE – Glued To The Tube

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Cute Guys glued to the tube

I know your television has been on – what have you been watching?
I keep the DVR full, I’m always show clocking.

I’m into #HTGAWM and la bella Analise. You may have heard of her?
She’s that chocolate chic, whose knowledge is thick on HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER.

how to get away with murder FLIRTABC is out of control, they’re demanding my attention without cessation.
I know I am not alone based on the viewer alert tones I receive from FB nation.

If you are watching this show, then you know that we’re down to the wire,
the season finale is soon to come, yet, so many irons are still in the fire.

The creation and writing fulfills my desire to get more from “my comfy-couch time”.
Shondra Rhimes is growing a “David E. Kelley vine” and yields a great deal of my sunshine.

I love it, still my DVR has many slots available – increasing my capacity for “handle,”
so dare I miss an episode of Olivia Pope and them folk on ABC’s SCANDAL?

scanal FLIRTI shall not. The writing is hot and I do dig it very much.
I’ve got a thing for Hulk ‘ – because he’s got that “down-for-Liv” love.

Ride or die. Hulk said he’s a rider now, and that he is no longer “the killer.”
Still, the way he chooses to incapacitate one – belongs in a psycho thriller.

He’s the real deal’a, yo – and I can respect that.
NEW 411: I’ve got eyes for Mary Jane’s new cat.

BEING MARY JANE can’t be easy,
but a ride on her latest boy toy ‘sho makes it look breezy.


You can B.E.T. me every Tuesday from 8-9, because I will be in the cut.
The writers of #BMJ have got-it-going-on in scribbling out “grown folks stuff.”

Being Mary Jane w Brandon

Unfortunately, Mary Jane and Brandon don’t talk much…


I tend to like it rough and they don’t sugar coat too much.
I love that they encompass a lot of insight: the good, the bad, the love…

I’d love to give Mara Brock a big ol’ )))HUG(((!! I appreciate her
for contributing to facilitating our cheesy sitcom past – into a blur.

empire FLIRTThen there’s that awesome hustle and flow of business and lyrical fire —
that exists within the hip hop frames of Lucious and Cookies EMPIRE!

The writing on this show calls out and really speaks to me;
birthed from the same hands as The Butler – it’s the handy work of Lee.

Lee Daniels is the creator of this show and he did not at all miss
when he ‘took it to the head’ and casted Henson and Howard in the mix.

The other actors in the cast roster, are largely faces I do not know,
and that’s part of the hook that keeps me glued to this action-packed show.

The music is pretty good too. The score is composed by sir Timbaland.
He produced Missy Elliott and the sill beloved Alliyah. Remember them?

Blackish-PosterThen there’s the creator of that show BLACK’ISH – he’s got his hands full pulling this duty.
He’s taken-on introducing blacks to the world, via Anthony Anderson and Tracie Ellis’ booty.

Kenya Barris has once again proven that when it comes to show producing – he can do it.
I learned about this show via Exec. Prod. Larry — from The Daily Show with Stewart.

Speaking of Jon Stewart — he’ll be ending his show’s broadcast this year.
The man who divvied us the 411 via laughter-to-tears.

It’s been real funny, indeed. May his exit cause no lumps in the throat;
let us move on and laugh well with those folk on FRESH OFF THE BOAT.

My brief research on the shows creator left me feeling diversely strong –
the creator crafted this from a life of his own: the creator’s name is Eddie Huang.

FOTBI’m a passenger watching #FOTB and I must say based on the noted behaviors,
I have duly been missing out on laughing with my Asian neighbors.

My direct neighbors are of Asian decent and from 3-years passed to this day,
We are cool, with no friction to invoke fool — everyday we just smile and wave.

Digging Eddie Huang’s mind, makes me want to interact with them more.
This is a direct cause and effect from televisions diversity score.

I love it – I love it! Therefore, I remain intently in tune,
I’m Qui 
Rending a channeled view in this NEWS PERUSE – happily Glued To The Tube.

What are you watching?

Falling into something a little more comfortable

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It Feels Good...

It Feels Good…

Like The QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW. Have you been tuning in to the daytime flava? It’s pretty good. Queen is a pisces, so she’s a chameleon by sign rite therefore, that makes her a natural at talking to anyone about anything.

I love the show. This week she had Zoe Saldana on the show, which is interesting because I’ve been wondering whatever happened to the Nina Simone biopic project? I have always been a fan of Zoe’s work and was very verbal about not agreeing with her choice to play Nina Simone in the unauthorized biopic, sometime back. I’m not sure whatever happened to that project, but I want to be clear, that I absolutely love Zoe Saldana as well as Queen Latifah for “putting her on” (giving Zoe a social conversation platform) this week on The Queen Latifah Show – it was some good stuff.

Zoe is preggo with twins! Did you know that? Well, I did not. Did you know that she is starring in THE BOOK OF LIFE and that it is in theaters right now? I did not know that either. Not because I’m not keeping up with the beautiful latina actress from Queens, but because, well… these days, movie trailers get far too little advertisement time on television. When did we decide that movie trailer enticement was no longer necessary on tv as much as it is online and on youtube? Nothing is worse than being force fed a random movie trailer, while desperately trying to get clarification on how to fix an editing software glitch via a youtube HOW TO video.  However, I would love to see a movie trailer on television during a commercial break of SCANDAL, EXTANT, or HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Bring back enticing movie trailers to network television dear Hollywood. If for no other reason than to increase your bottom line.  After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

There are a lot of things we would not know of unless it were advertised or unless someone told us, which is why I watch The Queen Latifah Show, The View, The Talk, and as soon as I’ve an additional free daytime DVR slot, I’ll be recording The REAL TALK on BET. Are you watching it? I happened to drop in mid episode one morning during a channel surf and saw Tamar Braxton, Tamera Morrow and Loni Love sitting at the table and it caught my attention. BET is boldly going where no other talk show has gone before and has added a 3rd black woman at the talk show table format. The View was the progressive shiz when they put two black women on deck, but 3? BET is serious about definition. 😉

Daytime TV is doing alright
Diversifying the view beyond mostly white.

I see Rosie Perez is poised pretty nice
as Whoopi continues to serve insight.

It’s important to have diversity within ‘talk show glory,’
or I might not have come-up on Zoe Saldana’s rooted story.

No one has been interviewing Zoe on any kind of show,
so when I think of The Queens courtesy, I yell a resounding “YO!”

Zoe is beautiful, Zoe is bright.
Zoe’s a huge talent in the incoming tide.

Zoe is being offered all types of roles,
some lack match, but most are gold.

The game isn’t free and by all accounts it must be sold.
The Queen did her thing on daytime tv and hosted the talk of Zo’.

The season of FALL is upon us and I’m happy to be Falling into something more comfortable,
I’m Qui
always glad to talk-it-out with thee, because news stations be on ‘that dumpster bull.

You know what time it is

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Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 1.42.17 PM

Whatchu know ’bout them DANCING DOLLS from Mississippi?


Oh my goodness gracious are you a Lifetime channel watcher?
I’m watching Ms. Diane on BRING IT and nothing seems to stop her.

I’m hooked yo – I’m hooked! I l love the feel of competition.
If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a clip that’s worth the mention.



You know what time it is, It’s time to go hard or go home!
Or at least that what I heard around the MARCH MADNESS Zone.

I’m not a big sports stats person, but I love to cheer from the stands,
I don’t do brackets or betting rackets – I’m just a TEXAS Longhorn fan.

However the thing that got me this week and put me to the test
is when  MARCH MADNESS trumped in broadcast over the Young and The Restless.

I mean, I know there’s no hot storyline brewing,
but between 11-12, Y&R is what I’m (usually) doing.

You know what time it is, It’s time to hit the DVR.
And BRING IT was the favorite line up by far.

However, SCANDAL, SUPERNATURAL and The ORIGINALS kept me on-edge and occupied,
and the occasional WIFETIME movie, kept the tears welling in my eyes.

I had drama, suspense, SyFy and even a little comedy.
You know what time it is, yo! Today is time for Qui.

Happy Weekend baby! We’ve made it once again.
What is it that you have planned? What fun is on the pend?

You know what time it is!


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be yourself ladiesAre you watching BEING MARY JANE? As much as I like a good drama scene, I am so very glad I am not Being Mary Jane at this point and time in my life. The whole ‘doing the-dirty-dance with a sexy married man’ whose being portrayed by Omari Hardwick is not a scenario that I’ve personally been in.  However, Gabrielle Union makes it look so very succulently good. Free-Sprited Realest

Now, I’m no advocate for extramarital affairs, nor am I relishing in the fact that the extramarital affair is the basis for the steamy romance that is at the very core of the principle vixens life, because, well… it’s pretty repetitive stuff. I mean, isn’t this the same basis for the steamy romance work on SCANDAL, or in your co-workers personal life, or in the infidelity details of any number of US Congressional members, that have been caught cheating in the last so many months?

The Cultural Question

But why? Why are Olivia Pope and Mary Jane two black women glorifying this type of behavior? I mean, just when I think it’s time to stand and do the wave with my sisters I realize that we’ll be doing the wave to the triumph of a successful black woman breaking through glass ceilings just to land in the lap of another successful woman’s man. Why? That was not on my bullet-list of celebratory moments in the history of African American women.

Free-Spirited Realist

Thank God I snapped out of that – quickly – and came to my senses! This moment-in-time is not about “the rise of black women in power” on television or anywhere else. That is not what’s winning over neilson ratings, however, it does have everything to do with a relative and steamy storyline – hands down.

Cultural values- cultural schmalues! That all goes out of the window when advertising dollars come in. I learned early on in this business that you can’t have it all. You can either have role diversity and visual representation, or you can have cultural morals that propel (ie..pigeonhole) you to re-occurring guest roles whenever the demand for a “black traditional role model” comes up in storyline.

Oh wait! That’s exactly what Hollywood has been doing for decades. And while I am indeed a COSBY SHOW fan, I don’t know when the next COSBY SHOW-like script will be coming along and in the meantime pending minority talent is aging — we can’t have that.

BEING MARY JANE — gives us exactly what we have been crying about – role diversity. It showed up looking a lot like HBO’s GIRLS, with all of its inclusively rich story lines and platonic love leiaisons but in fact, the story is being told via a largely minority cast. To be honest, this show could be a success with any race of cast at the helms- however, having an African American family as its principle centerpiece speaks volumes about the evolution of Hollywood.

Gabrielle Union and Keri Washington are doing an outstanding job at representing successful black women who are at-the-top-of-their-game on mainstream television during primetime hours. The  view may  not always be pretty, but it sure does bring in the figures. The numbers win every time. Don’t fight it. Learn from it, use it as a teaching tool – if you will,  and by all means, be you and celebrate the view. Ooo! I’m loving it.

blu corset-divider

Move over 007, there’s a leading woman in town She’s playing a mans game driving counter parts insane & the woman is brown.

She doesn’t fit the mold of just any woman – she’s a woman hard at her game. She’s a style variation of Olivia Pope and the sharp-edged Mary Jane.

SCANDAL comes on the ABC network and BEING MARY JANE airs on BET,
I’m Qui
saying Be YOURSELF Ladies – it’s good to see a girl like you & me on  tv.

Be strong and be sexy – Walk tall, with a purposeful sway. Don’t be scared, be witty and prepared, then let your femininity rule the day. Hey!

I’ll see you in the boardroom.

Is your favorite show on the chopping block

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Fall TV Preview tag

Even though I’m always on the go
I do make time for those prime time shows.

Speaking of ‘on the go’ – none are permanent in broadcast stay,
thus it’s time we put on shine, whose @home and who must stray.

Eonline put in the footwork – but are you watching television at all?
Kristen Dos Santos is the chica relaying the winners and the stalls:

FALL TV PREV.We are six-plus weeks into the new fall season and now have our first official cancellation (Lucky 7). So who is next on the chopping block? And which shows are worth actually getting attached?
Here’s our take on the biggest winners and losers so far. Plus, a complete rundown of our “Save It or Sink It” megapoll, where thousands of people who watched each show weighed in with whether they wanted to marry it or kill it.

READ: ABC cancels Lucky 7


Sleepy Hollow. Already renewed! Despite the show’s bat-poop-crazy premise (Ichabod Crane is time-traveling? Say what now?), this early ratings winner has held its ground, becoming the first official pick up of the season.

The Blacklist. Sure, those ratings from Monday night lead-in The Voice have helped, but the ratings have held strong in week two, dropping only 5 percent in the core 18-49 demo to 12.1 million viewers. Plus, have you seen James Spader’s hats? Win. Win. Win. We are in!

The Crazy Ones. CBS’ Thursday night is cleaning house, thanks in part to the ridiculous ratings this season for Big Bang (20 million!? Maybe they should start tallying who isn’t watching?). Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are luring in plenty of viewers, even in week two. (Confession: We are just tuning in hoping to see James Wolk sing about sex and buns and ketchup again.)

Agents of SHIELD. A winner for now, but the next episode could make or break it. Joss Whedon’s Marvel-inspired new ABC series started off with record-breaking audience, but dipped an alarming 34 percent for week two, despite a cameo by Samuel L. Jackson. We also found it sort of a snooze. Bring it back around, Joss!

Super Fun Night. Again, a winner for right now. The premiere ratings were big, but we have yet to see if anyone will come back for week two. Our prediction? No. In our “Save It or Sink It” Poll, this Rebel Wilson starrer got a cringe-worthy 49% approval rating.

READ: Is American Horror Story getting a spinoff?


  1. Lucky 7. Canceled! The first casualty of the fall. But thanks for playing.
  2. Ironside. The drama—a remake of a ’60s-’70s show—premiered Wednesday night as NBC’s lowest drama premiere. Stroke of genius: Move Blair Underwood to Blacklist.
  3. Dads. The Seth MacFarlane laugh-track comedy (just…why?) has dipped in the ratings to 3.7 million up against NCIS and The Voice.
  4. NBC’s Thursday night. Sean Saves the WorldMichael J. Fox and Welcome to the Family simply haven’t pulled in the ratings NBC was hoping for on Thursday nights.
  5. Hostages. Dipped to 6 million viewers, making it the night’s least watched show on the big four networks, despite critical support and a 73% approval rating in our poll.

SPOILER CHAT: Exclusive TV scoop!

Fall TV IMG1 Fall TV IMG2

green divider

Okay, I’m a little sad, I rather like Betrayal on ABC,
but it seems it’s in the lower half & could be cancelled on me.

I’m digging Mom, Hostages and Brooklyn-Nine-Nine.
I’m a comedy and thrill seeker – and so far, the view seemed fine.

TV line-up-space is tight – no room for eves or slighted-slot wedges,
still I can’t believe Dylan McD & crew aren’t a shoe-in with Hostages.

Hostages is indeed a tricky one. It has it’s sudden twists and sharp turns.
But if Hostages tanks, is Dylans role on American Horror Story still firm?

American Horror Story is doing well. I don’t watch it, but the numbers prove
this show is in-it to win it; thier numbers show rising grooves.

I guess Scandals life line wasn’t in question – because it didn’t make the list.
But who can get enough of the rigamarole-stuff that exists under President Fitz?

I am indeed a fan
of those roller coaster rides on Shonda Land.

Is your favorite show on the chopping block? You’d better tune in quick,
It doesn’t matter your personal likes – only the digital numbers stick.

Have a happy weekend Word Press kin – it’s Friday already,
I’m Qui
and it’s raining in AZ, still I remain sunny and steady.

WHITE is the New SEXY

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The WHITE HOUSE that is. And no – I’m not saying that because I like the Obama’s swagger, but rather speaking about that of (crisis manager) Olivia Pope and President Fitz Grant. Talk about action in the white house – it’s on fire.

Scandal - Olivia & Pres.Grant

ABC’s SCANDAL is in its second season and its awesome. Last season ended with President Grant getting shot, by an assassin and clinging on to dear life. While he lay in a coma, Olivia Pope was proposed to by her ex-and-current beau Senator Edison Davis.

The White House is a breeding ground for hot couples.  All of our 44 presidents have been married upon entering the residence  (except for 1) and none divorced while in reside. President Grant proposes to be the first commander in chief to suggest as much when he asks Olivia to marry him instead of Edwin before Olivia ever had a chance to respond to Edwin.

President Grants wife is a pre-packaged deal. She’s married to the Leader of The Free world and has birthed three of his children. She’s also aware of the torch he carries for Oliva Pope.

Romance eludes the first couples bedroom because President Grant wants Olivia; thus the name of the series.

It’s gripping, it’s good. It’s really, really good.
I partake of it weekly in my soap-loving hood.

6-days out of 7 I am on that satellite view
but on Thursdays, I exhibit a SCANDAL’ous hue
that yields me over to the ABC network
when I can voyeur the intriguing “her.”

Dangerous and on the edge, yet all is in control.
In the arms of a Mustafa; Who else could but hold?
A power two on the horizon, but the pair does not match.
A Scandal is in progress. A naught egg is in hatch.

No one is pregnant, but a secret is kept.
For a series like this — a sister has wept,

then I lept at the chance to follow along,
I’m Qui
Digging ABC and their hue of the Washington dome.
That place where the power couple: Obama’s call home.

Scandal broadcasts THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC.

Basic Rules for Being A Side Chick

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I could not help but repost this awesome piece from It is so befitting in the face of General Patreaus’ side chick(s) scandal. Speaking of scandal, the whole debacle seems like it could have easily fitted into this seasons SCANDAL series. ABC writers have been relentless in scripting juicy filth for the primetime soap opera. Have you been watching? Wether you have or not, General Patreaus’ scandal trumps. For it is real life. Without further ado, clutch your pearls and enjoy the Basic Rules for Being a Side Chick, as reported by Demetria L. Lucas:

I’ve published this with a bit of trepidation. Years ago, a fellow writer-friend wrote a similarly titled post about how to be a good jump off and hell fire and damnation rained upon him from across the Internet.  To be clear: in no way am I suggesting that a side-chick is a role to strive for (nor is being the “main chick”, the implication being that there’s you and others). I am, however, suggesting if that Girlfriend Number Two is the role you have settled upon, then you must stay in the lane you chose or leave the “relationship”.

It seems like everyone and their mama is talking about former CIA head David Petraeus, who resigned on Friday due to an extra-marital affair. It was on the front page of most newspapers and their accompanying sites, and every commentator has been ready with talking points, which can be loosely summarized as “what the hell was he thinking? Petraeus was the head of the Central Intelligence Agency and some baffling way how thought he could send letters to his mistress and they would go undiscovered.

The affair – with married biographer Paula Broadwell —would have likely gone undetected a wee bit longer, if Broadwell hadn’t sent anonymous and threatening emails to Jill Kelley (also married), a woman she believed was romantically involved with Petraeus. (Kelley denies she any romantic involvement.) Kelley reported the harassing emails to the FBI, they traced them back to Broadwell and in the process discovered her affair with Petraeus. Womp, womp.

Broadwell’s actions make it clear that some side chicks are confused about their role in relationships (or, er, not. recently ran a story about a mistress of 15 years who was uncomfortably cool in her lane.) In the spirit of helping all the “other women” out there, I offer the following suggestions:

Do Expect Him to Cheat With Other Women

I know he’s told you his “situation” is “complicated”  and maybe he’s even said “I love you.” If he really did, you would have already been Number 1. It’s all lies (which for the men reading, ya’ll have to stop doing. Filling women’s heads with fantasies, even if she should know better, is how you get the windows busted out your car). Maybe you two really do have some sort of bond. Fine. It’s still completely unreasonable to expect someone who is demonstrating a penchant for infidelity by being with you, to be faithful—sort of because he’s still having sex with the woman he’s claiming—to you.

Do Use Condoms

Don’t be in denial. He’s not just having sex with you. At minimum, it’s you and the woman he’s still claiming. Your situation is bad enough. There’s no sense in bringing a kid into it (and that’s also no guarantee he’ll leave his woman or that she’ll leave him) or contracting and sexually transmitted infection.

Do Not Contact the Main Girl

You knew when you took up with him—or shortly thereafter– that there was already someone in the Number 1 spot. You may not have liked it, but by staying, you accepted your role. Her position doesn’t change because you caught feelings and now you want him to be yours alone. And too, she probably knows about you—you’re likely not the first or the last—and for whatever reason, she’s chosen to stick around.
Even if “wifey” were to leave, opening up that main slot, you’re unlikely to get promoted to the position. Plus, do you really want it? If he cheats with you, he’ll definitely cheat on you.

Do Not Contact the Other Woman/Women

You have no leverage as you’re not his wife/woman/girl. How do you even identify yourself on that call? “Hey, this is Jenna. I’m Malcolm’s… uh…” What do you ID yourself as? …click here to continue reading the 411.


So now you know General Patreaus (and possibly General Allen) is a decorated stunner.
Kind of reminds me of Democrat John Edwards past troubles with Rielle Hunter.

She was the side kick that turned into the scandalous baby moma
around the time his wife was dying & we elected President Obama.

Remember that?
Democrats wore the infidelity hat.

Before that it was Monica Lewinski and President Clintons show,
He utilized a cigar and she utilized ye ol’ blow.

But a stain on her blue dress made it a much bigger mess.
Now it’s a conservative generals test.

God bless. I truly dig General P. He’s a military rider.
But this scandal bears the magnitude of ol’ Samson and Delilah.

The wench brought him down in an attempt to scare off a rival wench.
This has resulted in a resignation and General P. taking the bench.

General Allen ain’t resigning. He stands that he has done nothing.

And that Jill Kelley is just a friend – there is no side kick (swinger) loving.

I believe him YO. We need him on duty. I hope it pans out,
that this scandal is not his. THIS – he knows nothing about.

I pray to God he’s right. Because Paula Broadwell has started a fire.
And I for one am upset that General P had to retire.

Most liberals have no quams about folks having affairs
But the conservatives put rules in place long ago – that still reside there.

Rules about being faithful when serving in a decorated coat.
Rules they now struggle to meet & has trapped a few of their goats.

It’s all on them YO!

Who knew a scandal this size would surface in the GOP and be so wench’ly thick?
I’m Qui
And I guess it’s high time to share with all: Basic Rules of Being a Side Chick.

The bus came and…

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So I wake up this morning to a couple of people gone.
Donna Summers and RFK Jr’s wife have exited for home.

One died of the lung cancer and the other asphyxiation.
Though crossing over on the same day is their current relation.

I don’t know what Mrs. Kennedy’s reason may have been – or what in life she couldn’t handle.
But there are many reasons to hang thyself/or be hung – per the ABC series: SCANDAL.

Have you seen any of the episodes? They’re certainly good to go!
No one navigates the political scene like Ms. Kerry. Woah.

Life is but a stage – each man his entrance and his exit;
Thus Donna Sommers and Mrs. Kennedy are in the same neighborhood nexus.

We’ll miss them both. I knew not of Mrs. Kennedy, but I do remember Donna S.
The year was 1983 when she and her daughter MiMi entertained us best!
No I didn’t go to the concert, but I was fortunate to catch the taped show.
Life was good in my suburban hood, I grew up on HBO. LOL!

So the bus came and the two ladies entered to reach the other side,
I’m Qui
Celebrating the moment
, because death is a normal in this game called life.

Word to the wise: Don’t accelerate your exit. God’s will won’t fail.
Besides if you believe the Bible– Suicide is a ride into hell.

I really and truly hope not….
Though suicide should never be your go-to opt.
Plan not ever to make it your final bus stop.

Live long. Be prosperous and always smile.
Life is no crystal stair but it gets better by the mile.