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School is back in session

In Griot, Movies, Politics, TV Shows on August 23, 2010 at 5:08 pm

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School is back in session
and what a blessin’

it is to have my DAY TIME hours back.
Time to myself, is a huge summer lack.

My kid is the best; Yes! The “mini me” is doing great. 🙂
She couldn’t wait for the week to start that would deliver her to grade 8.

I didn’t @ all sleep in late – I couldn’t see letting her catch the bus
When I could just rise a little earlier and chauffeur her with no fuss.
Anything for the kid…and so I did.

I’m a MONDAY LOVER & Productive Mother – who works at home with ease
Though today I opted for a PINK LADY jacket & celebrated like I was on GREASE:

I started taping AUDITIONS this morning at about 10;
I met alot of interesting characters – what a great days begin.

The PAC project is devoloping nicely – the actual script invokes ‘laughter histeria’.
Who knew Dallas was hoarding so many young “IN LIVING COLOR” fans in the area.

“MEN ON FILMS” is a gas and a lose parody of inspiration,
I’m Qui
Glad School is back in session – WORK & “me time” is my favorite vacation.